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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by dreamweaver, Oct 25, 2019.

  1. Indrik New Member

    I would be interested in early era start like Kunark at level 50 or 55 and include a 1 time account claimable start package to receive some gear equivalent to level 50 gear worn in the Old Man Mckenzie missions and an epic token that can be used to turn in for your epic 1.0. Include a quest NPC that gives a quest at level 60 or above for turning in for your 1.0 and it flags your character for all the required flags to start your 1.5 when OoW opens.

    Open Velious 2 weeks later
    Open Luclin 4 weeks after that
    Open PoP 4 weeks after that
    Start 8 week unlocks until SoF and then move to 12 week unlocks.

    AoC spawn 1 week after expansions launch to promote some competitiveness
    Include quality of life things at the start.. clickies from bags, vet rewards, etc.. but obviously lock some things like mounts to their respective expansion.
  2. ExoticCheese Journeyman

    At an unlock speed like that, nothing would get accomplished, you'd just be better off starting in SoF or SoD... but they tried that with Miragul and by then should have considered making that server a non-truebox.

    They also used to have a 51/50 server (level 51 with 50 AAs) but I'm not sure what happened to that server.

    Start with your epic in Kunark? Keep dreaming :)
  3. Machen Augur

    51/50 was a huge flop. Not as bad as Miragul but close.

    8 weeks for the leverl 70/75 expansions is plenty. We already had 8 week unlocks on the non level increase expansions on Phinny toward the end and it was just fine, if not too slow. Anything that gets through that stretch in a fairly quick amount of time will help keep pop.

    I think just starting in TSS would be better, but we already have that server currently for the most part with Ragefire. No reason to start a new non-truebox server in TSS.
  4. Gobrad3 New Member

    I'm sure it's been said already, but if DBG wants a cash cow, make a TLP server, non-truebox, AoC raids, FV rule set. You really want to spice things up? Find a way to make a guild based instance for highly contested dungeons. So guild XXX could have their own pick, ONE SINGLE PICK for the guild, of Lower guk, Seb, whatever, for their own camps that. Or simply allow the guild's raid AoC's to have a full trash spawn that would spawn rare camps, etc.

    This provides guilds to be able to avoid boxers, boxers can avoid everyone else and camp their own limited camps. FV rule set is totally self explanatory.
  5. Machen Augur

    This would only result in guilds being formed of six people to farm.

    The problem with unlimited picks is technical, rather than by design. When too many picks are launched, the servers start to lag and eventually crash. Until they fix this, don't expect them to allow picks for single groups, or even significantly more picks than currently exist.
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  6. Gobrad3 New Member

    So make a requirement of 18-24 people to make a guild pick.
  7. Machen Augur

    Those are exactly the sorts of numbers that they revised the pick system to prevent.

    And besides, if you just need 24 members in guild to pop a pick, I can do that easily enough with 6 accounts, 4 toons per account.
  8. Gobrad3 New Member

    No, 18-24 currently logged in characters as a minimum.. One instance and only one instance.
  9. Groans Augur

    Yes for non truebox FV type server that starts in TSS
  10. Old Man Elder

    You like non-Truebox servers? Come over to Ragefire and join Yukan's guild, Cor Tempus. Main-focused raids 3 times per week at 8PM ET on weeknights, 7PM ET on weekends, box crew-focused group stuff and late night shenanigans.

    Box crews are welcome. Toxicity is not allowed. Relations with other guilds are, for the most part, good or great. Currently in TBS. Ask in-game during evening hours for a Cor Tempus recruiter.

    CT currently has high need for bards, zerkers, clerics, monks, shammies, & wizards.
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  11. obblivious New Member

    I would not play on a server that drops truebox but hey if people want it why not make 1 with truebox and 1 w/o when you launch the next tlp. I think it would fail pretty fast since most the casualish players wont play there, at all, and when all the box armies have to fight each other and have no one to sell crap too they will leave as well. I would really like to see something significantly different then the "basically" same tlp launching each year. The new 85's server is interesting but I was way to lost last time i tried a heroic character in eq i'm not going to bother trying to figure out all that crap.
  12. code-zero Augur

    You're dead wrong, casual players who like to box one or two other characters absolutely hate the idea of using multiple computers.
  13. Machen Augur

    Right, because the last 8 TLP's have been made up of mostly casual players....
  14. Machen Augur

    Even if he's right, the 10 casual players he's talking about will just not play till the next truebox server, and no one really loses anything. Except DBG for about ~100 dollars a month in their subscription fees.
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  15. Imbetterthanyou New Member

    lol all of eq is casual now. Never haves trying to seem important since original ubers are progressed beyond "eq". My goodness these forums are hilarious.

    None of the forum posters here besides myself were first to do/loot/win/key for anything gamewide. Nor have ANY of you EVER been top gamewide of their class on magelo/eqplayers etc. I have...because i am good at eq. You havent because youre bad at eq. Move on from this game and laugh at forum posters like i do. The truth i speak is considered some false word "trolling", a false word that had no context to this game beyond the race when EQ mattered aka when i played. My truth isnt in "fashion" in todays eq with players, who looked up to players like me, as the remaining population.Toodles~
  16. sauron69 New Member

    This has relevance to the

    Regardless, cringe.
  17. Supermain New Member

    Classic Start please,
  18. Indrik New Member

    I wasn't asking for 51/50 as starting in Kunark, you wouldn't have AAs. The unlock speed isn't anything unusual if you start with the gear I suggested and at level 50.

    As for 1.0 when you ding 60, is that really a dream? We've all done countless epic grinds and while they're great, some classes obviously have it easier than others.. a one time claimable token isn't anything too unrealistic to ask for and would leave you more time to get through the content with the aggressive unlock pace.

    Having AoCs not spawn until an event is completed in open world would actually be interesting. As soon as the server wide of the first kill goes in, the AoC pops?
  19. Accipiter Augur

    LOL, nice one.
  20. ECrack Elder

    Feels like a wish list thread from the responses I'm seeing. Here is mine then.

    Non-truebox: Yes
    Starts in: Classic
    Expansion unlocks: 8 weeks.
    AoC: Yes.
    Free trade: Yes.
    Pick Zones: Yes.
    Exp rate: Selo's

    That was the tldr. ^^^

    Here is my line of thinking. I honestly love truebox, but I've had a coming to Jesus talk in the mirror and I realize I am the minority when it comes to guilds with good raid times. (I am mountain standard, so EST guilds don't really work for me. And for the life of me I can't figure out why EST is so popular for EQ but West coast isn't?)

    The classic start is the nostalgia factor. The 8 week unlocks.. I find I have all content dead by this point in time at least a couple of times over and rerunning content gets stale. I will also clarify, I play VERY casually and accomplish this even on the servers who have had very slow exp rates.

    Free trade and AoC with Truebox means people can clear the content they enjoy at a pace they can enjoy. Free trade is for those casuals who can't or don't want to raid will still have access to raid loot. This is why FV is so popular.

    Finally, if this was implemented. What do people think replay timers for instances should be? As cool as 2x a week is, it's also hell on casuals trying to have family time as well. I think with this ruleset already giving so much to the casual player it would make sense to keep timers at once a week.

    Anyway, flicking a gold piece into the wishing well now.

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