Server Discussion - Non Truebox rule set.

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by dreamweaver, Oct 25, 2019.

  1. dreamweaver Community Manager

    Hello All,

    This thread exists for the purpose to gauge interest in and discuss the possibility of a server with a Non Truebox rule set. That being said, servers exist that fall out side the bounds of this discussion including Miragul which is launching soon. So please keep conversation below relegated to whether or not you would be interested in playing on a server that launched with a Non Truebox rule.
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  2. Oakenblade Former ForumQuest Champion

    I think some of the other threads in the TLP section here should be a pretty good indicator of how people are feeling about this.

    Edit: But I hope this one is productive
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  3. Tinytinker Augur

    Yes, please!
  4. Dythan Ban Lev in Plane of Fire guy

    0 interest.
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  5. Gana Augur

    Non True Box with AoCs...yes please!
  6. dreamweaver Community Manager

    They are but the intent here is to put everything in the same place.
  7. Ecko Elder

    Yep, I would be very interested. Personally I'd be playing 2 or 3 accounts, maybe 4 at a stretch.

    It would be nice to know what type of server it would be also however, if it was starting at classic, that might be a bit of a slog for me, I'd prefer similar to Miragul, although with AoC's for the older raid content for those clickies you know we all need :)
  8. That0neguy Augur

    I think the underlying interest for some people is they equate that non-truebox will allow them to use certain 3rd party apps. Which may or may not be true that those apps would be available on a non truebox server.
    The appeal is to be able to automate running 6+ toons because honestly that is the challenge for people today on truebox servers.
  9. Serona Elder

    Would definitely play a non-truebox TLP.

    I see the market for both from DBG's perspective, but, there have been 5ish Truebox servers launch since the last non truebox (Ragefire/Lockjaw?). It seems like a reasonable request for another non-truebox server.

    I think it could also help alleviate all of the people who currently are finding different ways to circumvent the truebox code and box on those servers - there will always be shitheads, but, this could help take some of the pressure off!
  10. xmPradah Not a dude

    1000x YES! Non-Truebox with AoCs and Freetrade, ideally starting at PoP
  11. Blart Lorekeeper

    I would happily pay for multiple accounts on a non-truebox server.
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  12. qweasy Augur

    Very interested. But with no other info it's impossible to say if I would change servers just for no truebox.

    Selo clone without truebox? maybe
    Selo clone without truebox and free trade? 100%
    Phiny 5.0 without truebox? lolno
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  13. VandilIzer Augur

    With what ruleset? Classic start? Thule start? FV rules? PVP? You need more than just "a server without truebox".

    There is clearly a group of people who would want a server without truebox, many psots have been made and the community as a whole seems split on the idea, but without more information about said server you can't know how many people would be interested in playing there over their current servers or the new one coming. This question seems silly since you already know based on other posts there are people who want non true box.
  14. Morthakia Augur

    I’ve been hoping for a non-Truebox server since Fippy folded years ago. I’m generally pretty flexible with any other rules that are implemented — Truebox is the sole deciding factor in the matter. I would hope that the server would have AoC, FV loot rules, and start in an era later than classic, but none of those is a deal breaker. Love the 3/2 unlock style.
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  15. HoodenShuklak Augur

    What about simply removing truebox when a server hits sometime around DODH'ish?

    By that point, the vast majority of EQ is instanced and player attrition is significantly outpacing new players. Then that is further coupled by the fact that new TLP's are constantly coming out, adding even more strain to the population.

    To be sure, Truebox is a wild success in early EQ, but just as back in the day, EQ has some diehard players that want to continue on their server and boxing allows them to continue.
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  16. Rayvorn Elder

    Yes but I do not want it to start at classic. The 85 server was perfect but now I feel like that ship has sailed. If you plan to release another non-truebox like ragefire or lockjaw and start it from the start I am not interested. I think many of us..if not the majority are tired of seeing the first 6 expansions over and over again.

    I would be interested in turning off ONE of the 6 Truebox servers like Coirnav or mangler this way we wouldnt have to start from classic.

    I am also not interested in a FV loot style paired with Non-truebox. If you are going to do a FV loot style server in the future that should be the draw. Please dont pair a non-truebox tag with it and then say "we made a non-truebox server" because many people do not want FV loot so linking something we do want to something we don't isn't fair. (Not saying dont make the FV loot server Truebox or not..just want another normal loot server with non-truebox).

    Lasly, if this server is going to be released 6+ months from now I am not sure I would be interested. Of-course only time will tell but the excitement will fade over time. By then I will probably be well involved into something else. Right now I plan to play the new server for the initial push to see how I like it but I once the population drops off I feel like it will be one of the least populated servers because it really shouldnt of been made since there is already another like it. So I hope the new non-truebox server will come before the end of the year and After POP...because I actually think Truebox is nice and needed prior to POP. Once everything starts to be instance, non-truebox is the way to go.

    Thanks for making the thread, hope good choices are made.

    P.S. My perfect server would be truebox released at classic (opened back up after PoP) BUT with a loot system handicap. Meaning you can't use the current expansions loot (it wouldn't drop). An example is you would have to beat Planes of Power ONLY using Shadow of Luclin armor/weapons/loot ect ( You still gain levels and your new spells...just not gear). This would drastically increases the difficulty of the content. Raids would be fun and feel more like they did when the game was originally launched. Right now if you have a full raid and half the people know what they are doing bosses fall without much resistance. On this style of server teamwork would be required and boxes wouldn't be very useful due to not being able to just zerg through content (boxes would still be useful for getting AA's). Increases difficulty would be my preferred server because it would be closes difficulty to original game as possible IMO.
  17. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    Please give us a non truebox server that doesn't start in classic. Thanks.
  18. Rakan New Member

    I would love a non-truebox server but agree with many others that I dont want to start in classic. I think truebox is valuable in the eras before OoW / DoN / DoDH when content isnt instanced. From that era on I really dont think truebox adds much. Every major raid is instanced, most the group progression is instanced. Box armies really cant block anyone or cause too much trouble.

    My ideal would be a non-truebox server using 51/50 character templates and TSS unlocked, I think TSS is a great launch point for a server and hasnt been done before. I would also be all for a clone of the Miragul server but non-truebox.
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  19. Kadazic New Member

    Yes to a server without truebox. Yes to it starting in an era well past classic !
  20. grodobaggins New Member

    Yes please. Please include AoCs as well. Focus on fun/accessibility and try to align it with live server goals (i.e. not something less than when it catches up).