(Serious) What can we do about the lag pile?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Dre., Apr 8, 2020.

  1. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Where does your server have the lag pile. I would suggest behind the large bank in pok. Far enough away from everything. That is where we have it on Xegony and where I do my MGBs. Seems to work out well.
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  2. Baradorn New Member

    It looks like their lagpile is located at the spot with trees, between GL entrance and small bank ?
  3. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Yeah we had Xegony's there but it was far from optimal as it is too much in the way of everything so we moved it to behind the big bank. Where it currently is will affect those zoning in and out of lobby, porting in and the tradeskill area by the small bank.

    I suggest they move to where Aura NPC Lunya is at (behind the big bank)
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  4. Kukaw Augur

  5. Celephane Augur

    That is correct, this picture is Bristlebane
  6. Xanbar Lorekeeper

    uncheck show PC names, uncheck show NPC names

    i always have those unchecked. having floating text over avatars makes the game much less immersive to me. but hey, to each his own ...
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  7. svann Augur

    FV was more than just your rig. The mobs there rubber banded alot back in the day and that means server lag.
  8. Tatanka Augur

    What you say is true, re: immersiveness (immersivity? LOL). However, I would have missed so many hilarious and creative character and guild names, I'm glad I've kept them on :)
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  9. Jumbur Augur

    OTOH, it does put an emphasis on hilarious and creative visual customizations for your character.
    Everyone can be an all pink fashion-disaster, not everyone can create an unique look others will remember...
    That said, I do have first-names showing though. :)
  10. DruMund New Member

    quit complaining, this is part of eq. WELCOME TO EC tunnel 2020
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  11. Dre. Augur

    Already do this, but good info, thanks for posting it.
    I just ran a test with /shown off, /part off, /showsp off and there was literally zero difference in performance. Makes one pretty skeptical about how much effort really went into that suggestion.
    I highly, highly doubt most players in this game are running monitors that support 144+ framerates.
    i7-6700k, GTX 1060 6GB, 16GB system memory
    1920x1080, hw vertex shaders on, shadows, adv lighting and AA are off.

    PS. Thanks for actually being constructive, even if it's not in the direction I'd like to see this thread going (see below) My replies to some of the snarkier low-effort comments in this thread are not directed at you.
    Already posted that. Thanks for reading closely.

    Pretty amusing to see this thread get tripped up on tweaks to graphics performance when I already said I run 144 frames in many areas. I wanted this thread to address the root cause - people who leave their characters standing around for buffs for hours-days-weeks at a time in a way that's disruptive to other players. It's rude.

    So let's try to get things back on track with a few suggestions:

    1- Don't sit in the lag pile to mooch buffs
    2- Don't buff the lag pile
    3- Shame the people who do 1&2.
    4- Treat the lag pile as a deliberate zone disruption.
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  12. Koryu Augur

    The lag pile is disruptive, even if you aren't near them for the visual lag. It's the reason for latency when trying to buy/sell at vendors in the zone, and why auto-combining for tradeskills just stops. Do not buff or encourage a lag pile anywhere.
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  13. Allayna Augur

    DPG is missing an opportunity here:

    Buffing NPCs that cast whatever you tell them to, charge overseer currency!!!

    But seriously, Xegony has had the lag pile in 3 different areas, behind the large bank is the least disruptive.

    Other suggestions:

    Pick zone POK, set the threshold low.
    Allow us to purchase tradeskill vendors, like the one in ToV or TBL or those in PoK to place in our guild halls.
    The lobby is similar to the bazaar, maybe allow /buffmode and you can set a buff cost and then go offline. People would come pay for buffs that way, since the free buffers are a problem for at least 2 people in this thread.
    Really crazy novel idea...make longer duration buffs permanent, kinda like how item click buffs are...

    Roast away.
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  14. Lannin Elder

    2hrs , auto kick afk peeps to character select , would solve a ton of server lag I bet as well. If u cant get your heroic toon free buffs in that time , your probley not getting them.

    /buffmode , I like this idea , as long as this was enabled in say Nexius or some old zone no one needs.

    The problem with the BB pile , its right where u zone into Pok , either from a druid , wizard port or the door click from the lobby.

    quit complaining, this is part of eq. WELCOME TO EC tunnel 2020

    EC tunnel was NEVER this much of a lag fest and if I didn't want to deal with it , I didn't go to EC , PoK connects almost everything, has a ton of TS vendors and things that makes life good that u cant always easily find somewhere else.
  15. Dre. Augur

    I think you're really on to something here.
  16. Dilquan Elder

    ToV is sooooooo laggy.

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