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  1. Sheex Goodnight, Springton. There will be no encores.

    Their model should be pretty simple.

    1. Look at how Argin-hiz was setup
    2. Don't mimic what was gleaned from point #1

    I like these changes but the root/snare/mez immune point is super, super valid.
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  2. Repthor Augur

    you swap with taunt not fade bro =)
  3. Ghubuk Augur

    chuckle, tank swapping via fade is a good way to get a lot of casters killed.
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  4. Syylke_EMarr Augur

    That's what makes it the best way to swap. Figured that was obvious :p
  5. sojero One hit wonder

    Not really, Taunt is agro + 1 then the other tank fades, you coordinate and no one else will ever die, makes it easy and can do it timed for mechanics. There are other tools to use as well, that is probably just the close to the easiest to make some tanks understand.

    Also easy if the other tank is already second on the list, all they have to do is hit flash and tell the raid to heal them. then they dont have to use anything else so they can save for if something happens
  6. Zaknaffein Augur

    If the next tank doesn't take agro when needed (this happens a lot where I raid), I'm hitting flash/fade. I don't feel like dieing because other tanks are bad ~ Though I guess now I will :(
  7. Repthor Augur

    You taunt then use other abilitys , you cant be this out of touch with how the game works
  8. Repthor Augur

    i feel sad for you sir
  9. sojero One hit wonder

    Not at all, that was just an easy way to do it, as I said there are other ways, Many tanks I know use this method so the first time after the patch they use it, its gonna be hilarious. I might warn them, I probably wont and take a shot each time they die till they figure it out. Many people don't read the boards and don't read patch notes.
  10. Dornie New Member

    That sounds like a problem with the tanks you raid with, not the proposed changes.
  11. sojero One hit wonder

    I understand this all to well. Not everyone has cream of the crop players, you make due with what you have.
  12. acxsasx New Member

    Ok, so I just finished a messy pull where I got stunned, got too close to mob. It is beating me to a pulp. I hit "Fading Memories" to stop the beating, stun wears off, I run away.

    So after these changes, I will be calling for a corpsedrag. Great. Thanks for changing my pulling that I did for an eight year stretch before my 2 year break.
  13. Zalamyr Augur

    I just don't understand the pulling changes. Every attempt at getting interesting spells or AAs that can't just be copy/pasted from another class have been declined because "they require too much code time." And this is what code time is being used for? A change nobody asked for. A change most people don't want. Changing the function of abilities that have existed for years, some of which date back to Luclin... that's what we're doing with code time? What's even more laughable is these changes will almost inevitably introduce numerous bugs, the most minor of which will be ignored for years because "they're waiting for code time."

    When time is spent on the game, it should focus on making the game more fun. I don't see how making the fade skills of some classes read, "Has a 3% chance to kill you" makes the game more fun.

    The time management of this game has become a complete joke. It's clear that staffing is limited. Yet somehow the leadership sat down at a table, hashed out their best ideas for using code time, and came up with this. I guess it's not surprising. Their previous meeting regarding code time resulted in the 101+ exp nerfs.
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  14. Tarvas Augur

    Meh, I think people are worrying too much. People will adjust. They always do.
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  15. Swiss Elder

    This change won't make gameplay better. You will just end up with less groups in higher content and more killing easier mobs that don't require long pulls because everything is immune to flings/mez/snare/lull. What community was asking for hard pulls on higher end content or more time sitting waiting for the pull?
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  16. Lifeshriek Augur

    A few other clickies I would like to see as permanent buffs if possible:
    Ancient Flames
    The buff from familiar clickies
    Requiem of Remembrance
    Spinecoat (this has a DS so probably better as a permanent buff that can be clicked off)
    Call of Fire/Frightful Aura (would probably prefer these to be set as permanent buffs that can be clicked off due to mechanics on certain raid events)
    Essence of Bertoxxulous (this has a DS component so probably better as a permanent buff that can be clicked off)
    Storm Guard (this has a DS so probably better as a permanent buff that can be clicked off)

    Thanks :)
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  17. Zunnoab Augur

    The game is over a decade and a half old. I do not see a massive attack on key class abilities that have existed for over a decade as a smart move.

    Our raids start now so I can't comment more in depth, but this sounds horrible. Moreover, when Song of Highsun was nerfed there were empty promises to make sure it was still useful in some conditions. The net result was like one event were that was true, then the addition of anything immune to stun being immune to highsun as well.

    Unfortunately all the clicky news is totally overshadowed by this. Massive nerfs to fade abilities and flings are definitely not the answer.

    Also, someone mentioned pacify/lull no longer works ever. This is a case of "big chain on baby elephant, then the big elephant doesn't try to break the small chain." Lull/pacify have been useful again in many zones for years.

    Other than the catastrophic misguided assault on fade abilities, especially disappointing is the fling thing though. These abilities are useful and more importantly fun. Attacking them is not the way to go.

    I'm not usually one to be vocally critical, but this has to be put on hold. It's too radical a change and it WILL make people quit, no question.
  18. segap Augur

    Couple thoughts on this. First, Fear and Hate were zones that pulling was a central part of (at least when level 50 was still the cap). Perhaps in working on the updated raids, they realized how trivial pulling had become and how that trivialized that content. Second, the game really has become too easy. To the point that I can watch tv while four boxing. Heart pounding o's*** moments are near non-existent. I welcome putting back some skill checks and thrills. My concerns are around unintended consequences. The pulling and fade tools are very ingrained parts of the game now. Significant changes could very well break things or classes.
  19. Zunnoab Augur

    They don't have to adjust. They just might not bother anymore. They had to back down last time they tried to attack fade. Now I fear not enough vocal people are left to protest, or they just have their minds set on it.

    Edit: I don't want to understate the fling thing either. Fling, while very useful, is also extremely fun to use. Ripping out a fun utility is not a good choice.
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  20. mackal Augur

    EQ Resources already displays the chance of fade abilities.

    Ones without the chance not being 100% are getting fixed to not always work.

    Quickly looking through TDS zones, Arx Mentis has 4 NPCs that the 105 Fading Memories won't work on. (Monks, Rogues, Shadowknights, Rangers fade abilities also won't work on those NPCs either)

    Out of the 5 classes that were listed as +5 level range only rangers have one that isn't 100% effective.

    I'm not sure why everyone is crying. Besides for the BER and the whole endurance thing, but hey, gotta nerf their DPS some how. I would also be more worried as a BER (and ROG) when they nerf Furious Rampage. (I'm hoping they change it in a way that Destructive Force doesn't get nerfed, but who knows!)
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  21. shiftie Augur

    The writing is on the proverbial wall with this patch.

    They are adding content via raids in the plane of hate and plane of fear. Most of the challenge in these zones revolved around "breaking into" them. I'm pretty sure the player power with fling effects and fade has a lot to do with upcoming additions to the game including but not limited to these specific raids. You could literally cherry pick the names in these zones without clearing any of the trash and basically ruin the experience of raising the zones.

    They do this all the time. We have to nerf splash because it is too powerful. Also we need to use these debuffs on x raid. Totally unrelated game "updates"

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