September Patch Preview

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Aristo, Sep 15, 2015.

  1. Reht The Dude abides...

    Gives us time to get used to the changes and them time to balance it in advance of beta/release.
  2. sojero One hit wonder

    I had forgotten about the swap mechanics for warriors/MT, RIP MT, rez inc :(
  3. Cass New Member

    So by changing content that already has existed for who knows how long, ya'll choose to make the game harder instead of more fun? I'm not sure I follow that logic, but I hope you don't loose subscribers over it.
  4. Derresh Augur

    I hope they've put a requirement of having the clicky item in your inventory or bank or you lose the aa, otherwise i see future abuse if any tradeable items are added to this. For example, if ancient flames from ACoF is added, you could just get the aa then pass the item around till everyone has it devalueing it. etc.
  5. Raynrace Augur

    Im sure itll have to remain in inventory or bank to work.
  6. mackal Augur

    From what Aristo said, we can assume the current Fading Memory spell will be rank 1 of the new AA line. The current FM spell has a base1 of 100 and a base2 of 75. That's a 100% chance on mobs 75 and below. The 105 rank will most likely be base1 100 and a base2 of 110. 100% chance on mobs 110 and below.
  7. Agrippa Augur

    The list of buffs looks like a nice start and I hope to see that list increased, as well as having auras become permanent.

    Ouch to the fade changes, though. Looks like it's time to dedicate a full bag to cloudy potions just for traveling.
  8. Riou EQResource

    Why not? Some classes are tuned around Pulling and this role is actively used against them for any gains anywhere else in the game, when pulling has been a joke for the past like 8+ years since anyone can do it easily.

    Personally I don't like this change because I hate the old way of pulling, it is slow and stupid, it is so much better now that it is fast and all that. But it is also currently too easy for people who aren't pullers. The non-Pullers should just have their effectiveness be massively reduced to where they have no tools to assist in it and 1 mistake = they wipe out.
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  9. Zaviere Augur

    I've played a Bard for around 2 ish years now, ever since I came back to the game after a loooong break. I've learned to pull a certain way, and have gotten really good at it. These "fixes" ruin everything.

    There is still plenty of skill involved in pulling nowadays, especially in the tightly packed zones you gave us in TDS. Now I am going to have to start from scratch again learning how to pull well using tools that have been altered.

    I could ramble on and on about why I don't like these changes, but I know it won't be read and/or taken with much more than a grain of salt, so I'll just leave it at this;

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  10. Brudal Augur

    Doesn't clicking the item to cast the buff attune the item; that would be expensive to unattune each time.
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  11. Naugrin Augur

    Monks have been held back for their survivability. Rangers have been held back for their versatility. Bards have been held back because the Devs hate them ever since highsun lol.

    My reason "why not" is that I have seen many ideas and requests shut down over the years because they would require too much (or sometimes any) code work. Unless there is a lot more folks furious over the lost art of pulling than I think, it seems that there would be things far more beneficial and/or pleasing to players than this.

    Many things have changed to make the game more accessible to small or non ideal groups or to a player with a merc. These changes seem to run contrary to that with a very small gain. In my opinion anyway.
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  12. Derresh Augur

    It was just an example, but unattuner costs 432 loyalty tokens. If it did work this way im sure many of your friends guildmates that dont have acof would be more then willing to pay that small cost compared to 2-3million plat or whatever it goes for these days. Not to mention FV server would have a field day with an exploit like this.
  13. acxsasx New Member

    I just came back to the game last week after a 2 year break. I play a bard.

    Sure wish you would let us test this instead of just dumping it on us.
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  14. Raptour_MT Elder

    I hope you adjust the cast times for non bard fades. Getting 30 feet away from a mob that runs faster than you will be hard enough without having to stop and cast your fade just to get interrupted.
  15. roth Augur

    I like the clicky changes.

    The Fade/Fling changes, however, were obviously not thought through. These tools were given to players for a reason. I do not see anything at all here to address the reason those tools were given to players.

    Roshen, address the reasons those tools were given to players. That is something that needs to be done before those tools are taken away. Otherwise, we will be effectively in the same position before those tools were provided, and will be in need of working pulling tools again. And, you will be in the position of having to provide us with new pulling tools, tools that will wind up being just as effective and "overused" as the current selection of working pulling tools.

    Rather than hopping onto that vicious cycle, just leave things the way they are. Remember the bit of bug fixing that was impending, I forget which expansion, SoD or UF? - the bug fixing about the SoF Riposte AA's? Remember the reasons you all chose, in the end, to NOT make those bug fixes : the hue and cry against the bug fixes, all the tuning that it would have required? You may not be looking at as big a hue and cry now (if only because the overall playerbase is not as large as it was back then) but the pulling changes you are putting forth would require a ton of tuning to be sure that level-appropriate groups can still handle the content effectively.
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  16. Kaliko Augur

    The problem is a ton of mobs are mez/snare resistant and out of level range on lulls. And with everything being like selos run speed it's kinda hard to outrun mobs to fade.
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  17. Silv Augur

    Isn't it possible to make things more challenging without nerfing longstanding techniques and abilities? :confused:

    We went from "We're adding POK clickies in the marketplace because travel is hard!" to "You're [supposedly] not having fun so we're revamping everything to make it harder and more "enjoyable"." ...


    At least the clicky thing is cool? I guess since people will be dying so much more it's only logical that they are passive buffs.
  18. Warpeace Augur

    PLEASE................... add class Auras to the list of passive buffs.
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  19. acxsasx New Member

    Hey could you fix the summon when I am in melee range of the mob? You know, since you are "fixing" everything and all that.
  20. Jordis Augur

    True, and many of them can't be mez'd or stunned either. As an enchanter I am hoping this gives us more opportunities to do some crowd control and coordinated pulling efforts as were done in the past.
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