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  1. Syylke_EMarr Augur

    Sometimes it feels like it's ages...
  2. Schadenfreude Augur

    Mobs aren't suddenly going to see through FD from what has been stated here.
  3. Kolani Augur

    EXACTLY. Fling and fade are only overused because they're the ONLY THINGS STILL WORKING. I wish I had a pulling tool other than fling or fade that worked as intended on level appropriate mobs that it should work on. I really think you should walk this back and get feedback from everyone who you intend to be pullers. Like the Thulisaur mission - it's a guaranteed deathtrap for some pullers without fling and fade, only because the mobs are immune to EVERYTHING. They're set as yellow on purpose so lull doesn't work, they're randomly runspeed immune, so one of my usual tactics is to fling one and run them down until flusterbolt memblurs that one, and they're Selo's speed.
  4. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    In that case can wizzys get an update to their agro reduction spells and AA's that we were told we couldn't have as we had fade. I jump in my hole to reduce agro when getting high on the agro list, if fade isn't going to work anymore we need upgrades to our other abilities.

    As fade isn't going to work the way is has in the past can we get the AA refunded? Exodus is going to be far more effective that fade now.
  5. Naugrin Augur

    Please don't tell me that many things "waiting for code" or not possible "because of code" have been ignored to screw around with making pulling more meaningful.
  6. Annette New Member

    any chance you will be adding a 2nd mercenary available to players? I have trouble finding groups and would pay extra to have a 2nd merc up at the same time. ((I am not skilled enough to box)) Please if your not working on that please think about it.
  7. Stumphobbler Elder

    We are at 105 levels now and Fading Memories AA came in with the Planes of Power expansion back in 2002, and after 13 years and suddenly you feel the need to fix it ??

    Since Fading has been the same way for years and has become the "norm" (regardless if it was how originally intended). Now all of a sudden your putting pulling bards into a new learning transition that they need to learn how to pull all over again.

    "By adding challenge back into the pulling game we can allow skilled players to once again separate themselves from the unskilled"

    Trust me, there has always been a significant difference between a skilled bard player and a non skilled one. It is very noticeable! The skilled ones don't mess up and rely solely on fading as often as the unskilled ones.

    If I played a bard, I would be not happy to say the least.
  8. sojero One hit wonder

    If I am reading correctly, the fade part (agro reduction) still will work on A hole in space, it is the invis part that wont if you are within the 30 feet. So you still have your agro reducer, you just cant do a fade and invis within the 30 feet of a mob that is on your agro list.
  9. Zarakii Augur

    my one thing... PLEASE stop the nerfs already do something productive like making shadow pets so a million bard pets on arx3 dont lag some people out to the point they cant even turn!
  10. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    I agree that many pulling tools have been made ineffective and should have been dealt with at the same time or before the pulling changes.
  11. Derresh Augur

    RIP berserker endurance on raids
  12. Zarakii Augur

    lol i just told my guild Boost dps and nerf jolts... Winning!

    if its still the same as when my zerk was my main and there jolts suck as is yeah i feel bad for you guys
  13. Jiggs Elder

    Will the stacking issues Ancestral Memories had with player made potions like Alliance Elixir and Arx Mentis Medicine no longer apply?

    39895] Arx Mentis MedicineTarget: Self
    Resist: Beneficial, Blockable: Yes
    Casting: 0s
    1: Increase Current HP by 4000 (Random: 4000 to 4000)
    2: Increase Current Mana by 2500 (Random: 1250 to 3750)
    3: Increase Current Endurance by 2500 (Random: 1250 to 3750)

    [38542] Alliance ElixirTarget: Self
    Resist: Beneficial, Blockable: Yes
    Casting: 0s
    Duration: 5.2m (52 ticks), Extendable: Yes, Dispelable: Yes
    1: Increase Current HP by 1221
    2: Increase Current Mana by 1221
    3: Increase Current Endurance by 1221
    4: Increase Current HP by 53 per tick
    5: Increase Current Mana by 53 per tick
    6: Increase Current Endurance by 53 per tick

    If so, that would be nice for melee that use a lot of endurance.
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  14. Tour Augur

    ...making the expansion mentioned in the other announcement today?

    May not like the fade change, but doesn't mean they're not being productive. They're plenty busy and with less staff.
  15. Zarakii Augur

    its not about liking or disliking the fade changes but IF it is how im reading it this will effect every class that gains aggro a lot also not just pullers so i would say thats a pretty hard nerf
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  16. sojero One hit wonder

    I guess I might be missing something but zerker fade should still work enough to drop them out of combat so you can hit rest and then go back in. Raid mobs always saw through invis anyhow.
  17. Ghubuk Augur

    It looks like its just the invis portion is changing if I am reading this correctly.
  18. Zarakii Augur

    For berserkers it only works on mobs 2 levels higher now and at 30 feet away

    Or if 30 feet away will drop you regardless of mob lvl still not sure
  19. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    except it will now only work on yellow con mobs, last time I looked raid mobs were red.
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  20. ShadowMan Augur

    Please don't go through with these fade level cap changes. You guys haven't thought this through very well.
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