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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Roshen, Apr 29, 2016.

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  1. Realitycheck Elder

    Did you even read what I said or do you not know what "productize" means?

    Because you literally just validated my point. There was outcry about 1-2 guilds monopolizing content on previous TLPs so they productized the solution by creating Phinny instead of addressing it on the existing servers. But hey, if you can find an example where DBG took a stance on something only to rescind it (on the server(s) it affected) due to outcry after making it public, please let me know.

    Why don't you think it will? Do you really think guilds like AoS and OGC and whoever else are going to be killing junk mobs like Grummus every day just to prevent others from progressing? They probably should instance a few bottleneck things but instancing the elemental planes, Tactics, and Sol Ro is a helluva lot easier than instancing literally every single mob involved in the progression map.
  2. Kittany Augur

    I'm in the camp of letting those classes unlock in the appropriate era. However, that said, I would lobby heavily for the expanded race selection on classes regardless of era unlock.
  3. taliefer Augur

    it literally only takes 1 person to blow some of the PoP progression events. there are plenty of people on the server who would get their jollies by purposely blocking and griefing others
  4. SomethingWitty Augur

    So why is it ok to change the timeline on Phinigel so dramatically, but adding raid instancing to RF / LJ would change the nature of the servers so much that you aren't willing to do it?
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  5. Kyel Journeyman

    I'm in agreement with the others saying not putting GoD and OoW together. If anything drop GoD on it's own and then do OoW/DoN together and then do Dodh/Por together.
  6. Bandok Augur

    I wasn't on Vulak, so I can't speak to it directly, but PoP was a big problem over there due to flag blocking. Certainly, you're correct that instancing elementals, tactics (at least RZtW), and Sol Ro would be an immense help.

    But I'm more speaking to the fact that 10+ guilds all trying to flag simultaneously? Only one guild can kill Grummus at a time. And he's (currently) a 3 day respawn. Which guild is going to be willing to wait a month to get that flag?
    Ok, cut it down to a 1-day respawn. You still require some guild to wait at least 10 days. And that's assuming nobody grabs it twice or more in that span.
  7. Silinius Augur

    Ok I have to admit I giggled at this even though I don't necessarily agree 100%...
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  8. Aegir Augur

    Thank you for the update, Daybreak.

    I understand and accept that you need more time to release Planes of Power on Phinigel Server.

    However, I do beg you reconsider releasing Gates of Discord and Omens of War at the same time! >:-(
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  9. Azurulia New Member

    If you were to ever listen to the playerbase, just once, now would be the time.

    Releasing OOW and GoD together is a very, very bad idea.

    Now this...

    This is a good idea. This is how it should be handled.
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  10. TL_KRONOLORD Augur

    Many of the guilds on Fippy did not like each other whatsoever and flag blocking was almost a complete nonfactor within days of PoP launch. I think that OGC folks who were there will more or less tell you the same thing.

    Instead of making a bunch of stupid instances for mobs people aren't even going to waste time doing after two weeks, just accelerate the spawn times so guilds can get flagged quickly. The Fippy version of TL was probably the most cutthroat iteration ever and we expended absolutely no effort trying to prevent anyone from getting to PoT. Loot off the EP gods is pretty much worse than everything after phase 3 of time. I can't believe development effort is even being wasted on this garbage.
  11. uk6999 Augur

    My only feedback right now is. Release Berserkers with Beast Lords in Luclin. I think you would win a lot of people's praise by doing that and help ease over these changes.
  12. Weverley Augur

    When i decided to move to phinny i would have prefer 4 months between expansions so having velious and luclin lasting 6 weeks more each doesn't bothered me whatsoever.Having PoP and LoY together doesn't bother me much either.LDoN seems too long to me so it would make sense to me to release GoD earlier and give it like 6 weeks before OoW.My recall of raiding during GoD reminds me of how hard those mobs we're hitting and how many times i died trying to do kod'taz in a group at low 60s but it was a long time ago so maybe people are right when they say it's easier now.
  13. TrinculoDarkblood Journeyman

    This might have been mentioned already, but on Fippy four guilds cleared Tacvi before OoW launch (Tl, Citi, Ascendancy and Darkblood) and a number of others (Rosengard, Austerity and maybe Qabal) had cleared Uqua so they could farm Qvic goats for PoTime-equivalent gear.

    On top of that, the four that cleared Tacvi were the only ones that had cleared PoTime in era, in large part because of competition over flagging mobs. If more had been able to access Time, more would have probably beaten Tacvi. On top of that, there was a fair amount of drama over Txevu keys that also limited access to Tacvi.

    Point being, in an environment where PoP is instanced--and one in which Txevu is presumably instanced--I'd expect even more guilds to clear GoD in era.
  14. Chanaluss Can spell Doljonijiarnimorinar, Iqthinxa Karnkvi

    well i wondered when this was going to happen. I wanted this server to live long enough to get to play Berserker and play my favorite raid expansion again. I had a countdown timer and everything, patiently waiting while playing a class i didnt really want to play until then. Another 12 weeks to make sure you do PoP right? Thats fine, whatever.Gives me time to work on a beastlord alt or something.

    Another 12 weeks for LDoN? Immensely dumb idea. Changes the original plan you mentioned on the Progression FAQ for Ragefire , and while it was never mentioned for Phinigel, it was assumed that it would be tied in with PoP as well. Adds another 12 weeks to my Berserker timer, but okay, fine, you do what you do.

    Neutering my favorite raid expansion to make it stupidly easy, plus giving people an out to not have to do it at all thanks to Omens? SERIOUSLY, this is an awful awful idea. Its called a progression server, and now you dont even have to progress through ANY of the expansion before the next expansion comes out. BIC? Who will waste their time with that, since it involves content we will never raid since its irrelevant. Zerker 1.0? ignore it, its useless, just get your 1.5 that came out AT THE SAME TIME!

    Im probably way more mad than i have any right to be, but this is just so baffling to me that i cant grasp what caused anyone to think this was a good idea, especially after the immortal velious raid mobs on Ragefire and stupid Presence of the Mighty crap.

    This was not thought through.
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  15. Aaramis Augur

    I remember this was quite a heated topic when Ragefire first opened. IIRC the numbers were split fairly evenly between the "stick to era unlock" and the "what harm would it do to release early?" camps.

    I used to be an era unlock person; now, I'm probably leaning towards release early. Many BER and BST on live never got to see a Naggy or Vox raid, for example, since they were implemented well past the glory days of those raids. Let them experience it on Phinigel - I don't see the harm.
  16. Numiko Augur

    I do not mind the extra time added, I'm a slow leveler anyway! .. but I have to agree with the others, that combining GOD and OOW is a mistake.

    They should be separated.
  17. woo woo Journeyman

    They are mitigating player loss at the typical expansion where player loss occurs on progression servers. What they do not and cannot seem to understand is it is lack of instancing on required raid progression mobs in PoP/Luclin that starts the decline. Don't trivialize GoD. It is a great expansion.
  18. woo woo Journeyman

    And another thing.....why make classic so painful with stupid buffs that don't work correctly then trivialize content that was the real difference maker between "casuals" and "raiders". You guys are backwards FFS.

    Really trying to figure out the thinking.
  19. Quasimojo Elder

    As someone who's gotten a bit of a late start (not to mention missed all the bonus xp events), I was thrilled to see that some time was being added to a few unlocks.

    I've got to agree with others, however, and voice a resounding "please, no" to the notion of bundling the unlocks of any subsequent expansions. I have to wonder why you might feel we need to revert to the originally planned schedule after Omens. Is there some reason you feel that the originally planned date Phinny catches up to live should not change?
  20. Giles Trainbringer Journeyman

    I am ok with expansions taking longer to unlock,

    but for the love of all please do not bundle expansions together that would adversely effect the experience. Gates of Discord was a great expansion and to see it watered down by diluting it with omens would be yet another instance of going against the players wishes on things that don't need to be tinkered with.

    +1 Vote to not unlocking Gates of Discord at the same time as Omens of War
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