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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Roshen, Apr 29, 2016.

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  1. Ducreux Augur

    It's funny because it's true. Non MoTM PoP era PoHate Innoruuk was a joke compared to Gorenaire and some of the harder hitting VP dragons.
  2. Barudin_Phinigel Augur

    There is no reason for GoD to be merged with OoW. I understand the making of certain expansions longer. That's fine. But please don't merge God and OoW. Or at the least let us vote on it.
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  3. Realitycheck Elder

    Bundling expansions isn't a bad idea, what is a bad idea is bundling ones that supersede the one(s) they're bundled with. If they bundled Velious with Kunark, that'd be great - maybe even throw Luclin in there. If they bundled DoN and DoDH together, that'd be great - maybe even throw OoW in there.

    A level cap increase is effectively hitting the reset button so if you bundled expansions that have that, you're effectively making the lower level cap expansion completely irrelevant.
  4. Kartas New Member

    This is a horrible way for DBG to have people log in for the weekend.

    1. Phinny was promised an 84 day unlock cycle ... no vote just happens. the population on phinny is such that if you are short staff ... you hire people.

    2. People can talk all they like about "oh we need more time in such and such expanstion" ... no you don't ... Phinny less then 30 days from Velious and a good chunk of the harder-core people are already geared and waiting. The only thing to do in Velious is Raid ... point blank period. At least with Luclin we have AAs. Do not stick us in an expansion where some rando guild can just awaken the sleeper and kill the expansion gearing for the rest of us.

    3. There are people , my wife being one of them, that are waiting on beastlord to subscribe. I'm pretty sure she's not the only one.

    4. GoD and OoW ... DO NOT DO THIS. Phinny needs the expansions split. PoP /LoY is expected. LDoN and GoD is a good compromise ... but to trivialize a full expansion that I specifically came to phinny to experience because I missed It in era .. just BS.

    Daybreak the player base is screaming on this one for good reason ... you wanted a discussion ... you may have a riot.

    TL;DR ... Luclin needs to be on time. GoD and OoW should be left independant.

    --- Check the Account .. was made in 1999.
  5. Vexed Journeyman

    100% agree with this user.
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  6. AlmarsGuides Augur

    They are doing that for later X-pacs or they at least seem to be planning to do that.

    What they're doing (theory) is bundling together future X-pacs to decrease burnout. They know the public will freak about this so they add in 1 outrageous change, GoD + OoW to let them get their panties in a wad over, then they change it back after public outcry to let them cope with the other changes better.
  7. Friday Augur

    Deal me out. The ONLY thing predictable about these TLPs is that DB will consistently and completely violate its own published "rules set"s. It is sad, it is tragic, I love this game, but can't wrap my head around a gaming company who can't for the life of them deliver on the promises it makes. The solution would be so simple; DON'T PROMISE WHAT YOU CAN'T DELIVER.

    I'm not even done being steamed about the voting/unlock debacle with RF and LJ and the complete castration of mages, and now this. It's not even EQ anymore, but more like some mutant bastard step-child who continues to mutate at the whimsy of a dev team completely out of touch with its player base. I have concluded that the chief of the development team HAS to be a magic 8 ball. It's the only thing that makes sense.

    Balance the classes for once and for all, balance the content for once and for all, publish a rules set and stick to it, then ALL you have to do is patch for bugs, maintain course and speed, release xpacs according to schedule, and collect our money. The only, and I mean THE only positive changes/concepts to have come from DB dev team have been instancing and the one box code, both great innovations. I just wish they would stick to what they do well and then just let the game be the game. I will be back if and when DB looks like it is able and ready to deliver a stable and consistent TLP; until then the only recourse I have is to pack it in each and every time they fail to deliver.
  8. Realitycheck Elder

    That would be PR 101, yes, but I've been playing TLPs since Day 1 Fippy and I have never seen a decision that was made public get rescinded, no matter the outcry. What I have seen is them try and productize every solution with a new TLP.

    e.g. Don't want GoD and OoW to launch at the same time! No problem, come join this new TLP that goes live in June that starts from Classic!
  9. Filnydar Journeyman

    The roadmap is OK all the way to the end of the PoP/LDoN era : I wasn't too happy to see Luclin launch by the end of August, and we'll have enough to do with 18 weeks of Velious+Luclin.

    6 months of PoP+LDoN is fine as well

    But please reconsider that awful idea to skip GoD completely : it wasn't that bad on Fippy, and, with 6 months in PoP+instances making backflagging much easier, we can expect to see a fair number of geared up players to face GoD at 65 !
  10. taliefer Augur

    this is exactly what I'm afraid of.

    I don't mind bundling expacs, as the drawn out level 70 era was detrimental on fippy.

    but bundle ldon and god and release it halfway through PoP, not with oow
  11. Bandok Augur

    I'm not on Phinny, so I won't say much about their timeline changes. However, I would presume the "stick to the original timeline!" outcry is less than the outcry would be if people can't get through first-tier planes in a timely fashion -- and I don't think faster spawns will sort that out.

    But add me to the crowd asking for GoD and OoW to be kept separate. For reasons others have already stated, so no point restating them.
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  12. Girth-Matters Lorekeeper

    100% agree with this post. Do yourself a favor devs and listen to people that actually have experience playing your game on these servers.
  13. yerm Augur

    I don't understand why a brand new mechanic is being developed and implemented (potm) if there is not enough time to do basic changes (make pop instances). Just stop trying to do things and go back to doing the bare necessities and you won't create a time hurdle for yourself.

    POP could just be a 6.5d lockout instance of each zone complete with respawns that lasts 6 hours as usual, wouldn't even be THAT bad. Don't even need to add anything special to it - kill literally anything = lockout and have them be copies so no tricky mechanics are scripts are worried about being left out. All you'd need to do is mark a few gods and just sniff test that the base instance with its motm gods = the instanced one and it's done. If people use these instances to xp in, that's fine, it's a crowded expansion and that may even help. There's no need to add anything to it really. There's really not much that can be ruined there unless you actively try.
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  14. AlmarsGuides Augur

    Phinigel was made because of public outcry

    I am sure there is more if I put some thought into it =P
  15. Gumby Augur

    GoD + OoW is bad.. so bad.

    The fact that you all would do this just proves how completely awful the decision making within DBG's Dev team has become.

    So bad.
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  16. Ryak Augur

    I would prefer if the GoD and OoW were released separately. I thought the whole point of having the super short 3 month time span is that these expansions which maybe were less popular are over quickly, but people still get at least some chance to experience them.
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  17. TrinculoDarkblood Journeyman

    Yup. Pretty sure TL, Citi, Ascendancy and Darkblood all cleared Tacvi before OoW launch. And that was with some degree of the Txevu keys (remember that drama anyone?) which wouldn't be an issue on LJ.

    Plus a bunch of other guilds (Rosengard, Ascendency, Qabal...I think) had beaten Uqua and were farming Qvic goats.

    It seems especially ridiculous to bundle the first expansion that will require basically zero effort since it is already instanced (with the exception of Txevu).
  18. Radien Elder

    Releasing OoW with GoD completely trivializes the content.

    Luckily for Daybreak, they have (4 + 4 + 6), damn, over a year, to understand how flawed this logic is.
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  19. Thrash New Member

    A lot of us are disappointed with the longer unlocks, while some are cool with it. Fine.

    But a lot are also really playing our "mains" until we can main change to BST/BER.

    Please consider releasing them early, because we are just tolerating our current classes!
  20. Radien Elder

    Unfortunate but not unexpected news regarding the delay of expansion releases.

    I don't think it is entirely necessary to reiterate what everyone else has said about GoD/OoW, but this logic was incredibly flawed. Holly, time to flex your producer muscles and fix this mess before you lose too much of the player base (again...).
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