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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Roshen, Apr 29, 2016.

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  1. Qelyn Augur

    While most people don't *like* it, a majority seem to be of the understanding that pushing Luclin/PoP out a couple weeks makes sense in order to get it right.

    But I have yet to see anyone say that the idea of GoD/OoW being released together is a good idea. And people on this forum disagree with others just out of sheer principal. So that should really tell DBG something about how horrible of an idea that is....
  2. bodes Augur

    A strict project manager would have never even taken on the Phinny project or instancing in the first place. They did take it on and look at how popular the server is.

    Fair point as nobody asked for POTM or Luclin MOTM and it is clearly consuming resources.
  3. taliefer Augur

    combining god and omens is a horrible idea
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  4. Fungal New Member

    DB all this hate will go away if you give us beastlord now :)
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  5. Ladysoth Augur

    I'm going to try to express this in as non-hostile or confrontational manner as I can manage. I actually like this change.

    I played EQ back in 1999 when I was 15, and back then mostly because of high school I never got to experience the thrill of killing dragons and gods until at least Luclin, and then very rarely. Phinigel has allowed me and dozens of my friends and people in my guild to experience that for the first time, and I like it a lot.

    GoD was, for me, an awful expansion. From what little I can remember of it, all it was was horrible wipes, CR's and wasted time. GoD was actually the expansion that caused me to walk away from EQ and not look back until about 2013 or so. I was pretty good, (I think) but raiding was always shut out for me. I never had the time to keep up.

    Here I can schedule raids and do them with other people like me who have families and jobs that limit their playtime severely. I don't have to batphone if I don't want to; I can enjoy the game at my own pace, thanks to instances, and thanks to RW mobs, so can more hardcore guilds. If my guild gets to race and beat another guild to a RW spawn once in a while, bonus! Lots of fun. But we're not required to do that every time.

    The point of this is, I want to get on and raid for 2 to 4 hours and have some fun with my friends and not have to worry about us semi-casuals wiping on something for four weeks to the point people start to get disheartened and quit the game. I know I'm not the best player on the server or anywhere close to it. I'm not trying to be. I just want to have some fun here.

    I know how you feel, because, as lame as it might sound to you, that's what's happened on this server for me and lots of my friends the first time we killed boss mobs since most of us have never done that before. It's an intoxicating feeling, I agree. But I guess my point is, you had that once; we never had it. I would never tell you you shouldn't be allowed to enjoy the game in your way, but making content too hard to the point the casualish people like me all get discouraged and quit is, if you think about it, just a mirror image of making content too easy to the point more hardcore people get bored and quit. I don't see what makes hardcore people any more deserving of seeing the game than the casuals. Nor do I see why it should be that someone who's better at EQ has an opinion that matters more than someone who isn't as skilled. I'm not asking to be swimming in best-in-slot loot. I just want to experience it with my friends.

    So whenever discussions like these come up, the more casual players get concerned that people in your corner, the people who have been playing this game for many years and know everything about the game inside and out, who can devote a lot of time to it, will get their way and in so doing, shut us out. We get buckets of scorn heaped upon us for not being as good as you and your friends, which I concede that we're not, and told to go play WoW, but I don't know why that means even 17 years later we should still be prevented from enjoying a part of the game we all loved from the past that we never experienced before. Because keep in mind, giving you what you want is, I fear, going to lead to us never having it.

    I know you want to experience GoD that way again. But I want to experience it for the first time. I don't want it to be so difficult it's going to be just plain unrealistic for us to beat the expansion. I don't want to feel like I'm still, even 17 years, a family, and a career later, being prevented from enjoying one of my favorite childhood games unless I make real-life sacrifices I simply can't make.

    Perhaps I'm wrong and it would be easier to accomplish than I think. But from my memories, and all the people who are ten times as hardcore as I will ever be excitedly talking about how much they loved the difficulty of it, somehow I doubt it.
  6. taliefer Augur

    to be blunt: yes, you are wrong. GoD was retuned and is not nearly as brutal as it was upon release.
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  7. TheTick Journeyman

    Ragefire will now launch Luclin sooner than any other server.

    I think I'll retreat to Ragefire!
  8. Ladysoth Augur

    Good, I'm glad to hear it.
  9. Vexed Journeyman

    The first guild I ever raided with decided to skip the content in Gates of Discord for the very reasons that is mentioned in the original post. It caused a rift within the guild and ultimately the guild disbanded shortly after entering Anguish.

    GoD is the primary reason why I started playing on Progression: to see content that I never saw while it was current. If you merge these two expansions, people will just skip all the content in GoD. Nobody is going to even bother when there are better alternatives in Omens.
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  10. malaki Augur

    Also with the changes to combat and the skillcap boosts that happened with TSS, characters will be significantly more powerful than they were the first time around. Uqua and Tacvi etc will be challenging but will not be unbeatable.
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  11. Mashef_8013 Elder

    I was super excited to finish GoD this time. Guild crumbled right after we finished Uqua due to WoW and EQ2 launches originally. Kind of a boner killer. Now everyone will rush pates GoD and go into OoW. If anything make GoD like at least 6 weeks by itself .compromise!
  12. Dragonlover6969 New Member

  13. -wycca Augur

    FYI, Luclin is already mostly done - the instances are on test now. This is mostly about them taking 3 more months to do PoP (ie they now have 9 months to do it), and 6 more months after that to instance the outdoor content of GoD/OoW. This comes 6 months after they announced Phinnie's timetable and ruleset, so it sort of suggests something has changed inside of DBG to warrant such a huge resource withdraw from Phinnie after they originally committed to it.
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  14. Realitycheck Elder

    PoP won't be ready in time because of their decision to attempt to instance everything. It's a huge undertaking (it is, nobody is denying that), what everybody is saying is that they're creating wayyyyyy more work for themselves than they need to (they are) because 90% of the flagging mobs are irrelevant once you do them 2-3 times. Having spawn timers sped up would solve the problem with significantly less work involved, and thus PoP would be out on time. If they really wanted to instance stuff, instancing bottlenecks (say, elemental gods, RZTW, and Sol Ro) would be the best bet. Stuff like Grummus, MB, Terris, etc, etc, is completely unnecessary and takes away resourcing from actual problems that do/will need resources.

    And that's a whole paragraph dedicated to something that doesn't really even matter. Not that many people are up in arms about an extra month of Velious/Luclin - it'll get boring (and goes against what everybody signed up for), but whatever, it's only a month, two months cumulative. The real issue is 6 months in PoP - which was the main reason Fippy died - and GoD and OoW coming out together, the latter making the former virtually completely irrelevant.
  15. AlmarsGuides Augur

    I really like the idea of this honestly. I think less time in the future X-pacs & bunching them together will decrease player burnout rates later on.

    If we bunch together every X-pac that is a certain level then players will probably burn out a lot less playing throughout the entire game.

    This may seem like a controversial change but I think it's a great decision.
  16. Ducreux Augur

    Something like 4 or 5 guilds out of the 7 or 8 active raid guilds(Machen prolly has the exact #s) cleared GoD on Fippy before OoW was released and they didn't have the luxury of 12+ weeks of full uncontested raid instances in PoP/Luclin to gear up in.

    GoD is already set up to be the easiest incarnation yet on a TLP server because of loot saturation and the idea of skipping it due to difficulty is comical.

    In the words of the content you want to abandon, "awaken me from this nightmare".
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  17. taliefer Augur

    thing is, that's not what they are doing. they are bundling a level 65 expac with a 70.

    they should release god earlier in pop/ldon/loy timeline, then bundle the level 70 expansions
  18. Holybeard Journeyman

    I'm a fan of all of these adjustments.

    Smart thinking DBG crew.
  19. Girth-Matters Lorekeeper

    Current Gorenaire with POTM is tougher than Uqua will be at 65 with 6 months of Time gear.

    POTM was a horrible idea and so is adding MOTM to Luclin or anything after. Stop thinking, you are ruining the game.
  20. Barudin_Phinigel Augur

    Bundling God and Oow is an insanely poor decision. Makes it easier for me to not stock around for it.
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