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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Roshen, Apr 29, 2016.

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  1. Machen New Member

    I'd rather see them shorten than bundle. ~1.5 months oow, 1.5 months don, 1.5 dodh, 1.5 PoR would keep it to 6 months for the level 70 stretch but keep something new coming constantly and also give each expansion at least a little time to shine. Especially for DoDH/PoR, progression for those are difficult enough that guilds aren't going to want to be doing both at the same time I think. A lot of the guilds that have made it through everything so far will struggle to finish content starting in DoDH if not before.
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  2. PathToEternity

    This is really the only kind of acceptable bundling. The current plan is ridiculous.
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  3. Revarund New Member

    I hope we get a "Roshen" response and not the Radar X blow off.
  4. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    Roshens dead bro.
  5. PathToEternity

    Alright boys, having a little too much productive discussion here, a little too much server consensus.

    Gonna go ahead and close this up now.
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  6. airez New Member

    i rather see god open with ldon that way we can keep working on aa we get no aa in ldon or any lvl increase be better to put god with it instead of opening god with oow because if you do other way we get double stack of tons of aa to get plus need to lvl up i rather see it separate or put god with ldon. that way we can keep working on aa plus have a fun change with god
  7. MabbuPhinny Augur

    This thread has run for a while, so we're going to go ahead and close this up.
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  8. Hdizzle Augur

    I've never seen people get in their own way so many times Lol

    Edit for clarity* By people I don't mean players
  9. Machen New Member

    At least we'll always have that stickied thread at the top of the forums, so the devs will have something to ignore.
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  10. Kyel Journeyman

    To be honest at the point I feel they are just going to "pocket veto" GoD/OoW bundling with the "We are discussing it internally" right up until it drops and then they will post about how great the server is doing and guilds are doing GoD and OoW content... or conversely how much of a good idea it was due to GoD still being too challenging because people skipped it.
  11. Machen New Member

    It is hard to think of what there might be left to factor in after they have already had a year to think about it and hundreds of negative feedback posts to read through. The longer it goes on, the shadier it seems.
  12. Kyel Journeyman

    I mean if you think about it things can get pretty complicated. While we know that g on Earth is around 9.8 m/s^2, but on Norrath we don't know this information. While for us on Earth the moon is only drifting about 3.8cm a year away from us, but on Norrath we know that the distance between it and Luclin that distance is decreasing, but in roughly 500 years after PoP due to some catastrophic event the moon explodes. The debris and lack of gravitational force of the moon being there would wreck havoc on the Norrath. That doesn't even take into account the electromagnetic force, which is something like 10^36 times stronger than the gravitational force. If you remember back in the day on Norrath your compass would move all over the place instead of pointing the correct direction and if you dropped a sword on the ground the force would always pull it so it landed pointing north. Now it seems the electromagnetic force has become much more stable, but it still needs to be accounted for. And those are just a couple of the factors we are aware of imagine all the data we don't even know that we don't know.

    In the end all we as players have to go on is anecdotal evidence of actually playing on a past progression server and beating GoD and OoW separately and that's not even taking into account the power increases since then. No it's probably better if the people with the hard numbers and information keep discussing this for at least another 6 months and two weeks.

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  13. Ryak Augur

    On a more serious note, someone recently pointed out its been 261 days since we have received any feedback on this besides thread closings and "we are thinking about it".

    The community consensus is more than clear and there really isn't much to think about. The only reason provided in favor of doing this by DBG or anybody has been thoroughly debunked, leaving us in an uncertain limbo of wondering why they would make such an arbitrary decision that goes directly counter to the premise of a progression server.

    I would like to contrast this to what they are doing with LoY, which nobody has complained about because it was a reasonable decision, which clearly the community supports.
  14. Kyel Journeyman

    This. It's not that people are opposed to combining expansions. It's the combination of expansions being combined that create the problem. With the exception of MAYBE Classic and Kunark, it's just a terrible idea to combine a lower level cap expansion with a higher one. Kunark/Velious could have worked. PoP/LoY works because LoY doesnt "take away" from PoP. Even Ldon/GoD would work because GoD wouldn't take away from Ldon. OoW/Don and Dodh/PoR would work also. These combinations can work because there isn't a massive power gap with level increases by releasing the second expansion in the grouping. In fact, with those combinations you NEVER have 2 expansions of AA and/or levels to grind out in three months with lowered exp like you do with a GoD/OoW combination.

    Obviously the above is just my opinion and I don't speak for the server or others, but from reading the forums it seems a couple other people feel the same way.
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  15. snailish Augur

    Is a tiny part of this a Ragefire/Lockjaw 6 month vs. Phinny 3 month issue?

    6 months of GoD for R/L has the devs worried it will kill the servers?

    Phinny can handle (and by sheer numbers saying so on forums and in game wants) GoD for 3 months not with OoW. I do think Phinny would be fine with LDoN/GoD.

    So if the R/L factor is actually in play... just release OoW halfway into their GoD 6 months and leave Phinny with both separate. Then go back to 6 month or 3 month pure unlocks as the rulesets state.*

    *unless doing the other logical combos already mentioned in numerous threads
  16. Machen New Member

    Guilds that cleared GOD in era on live = 0
    Guilds that cleared GoD in era during Progression Round 1 = 1
    Guilds that cleared GoD in era during Progression Round 2 = 6
    Progression Round 3? 0

    Only one thing to be done to make the current round the greatest in the history of the progression servers.
  17. Polekn Augur

    I do not see any point in combining any expansions. Why not reduce unlock timer drastically for expansions with little content? It would not increase unlock timer between bigger expansions. Every expansion unlock is a big event on any TLP, the more expansions you combine the fewer events we get.
  18. Lanadorm New Member

    Is there a single player on Phinny that thinks this might be a good idea?
  19. Ryak Augur

    Questions to Roshen which will 99% likely never be seen since its on page 32 of a thread he isn't reading and they keep merging our threads into it as a sort of graveyard for all our hopes and dreams of GoD:

    Do you understand that nobody in the community wants this?
    Do you still think this merger is a good idea for Phinigel?
    If so, why?
  20. Gragory Journeyman

    They are not going to change anything. Once Pop launches they will start work on new event server. That will probably launch end of March. Then it will be LDoN on Apr. 26th followed by the next Progression server (Early June) and then the GoD/OOW on July 19th.

    I don't see them deviating. One thing I have learned from watching DB is that delays are not going to happen. I would guess they have already put in some work on merging GoD/OOW and starting over is not an option. Unless I am wrong on Progression server date and they do it end of Aug/early Sep instead. My hunch is 3rd event server at this time, since end of year is for expansions
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