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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Roshen, Apr 29, 2016.

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  1. AgentofChange Augur

    It's still a year out we probably won't hear an answer until we are in PoP on phinny, at which point I expect them to realize releasing both at the same time completely defeats the point of the server and will come to their senses and release them separately like a TLP server should.
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  2. Machen New Member

    Which is a shame, because players are already quitting over it and waiting until PoP is far too late.
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  3. AlmarsGuides Augur

    Finally someone with some sense. To read that people are quitting about changes that are a year away and not even set in stone is pretty funny. Do you have your financial future planned this well a year in advance or your life?

    If you don't know exactly what you're going to be doing or where you're going to be in life in a year (you don't - you may not even be playing EQ. Your mom/wife/child/relative may get sick and need your attention, or may just get bored of the game by then...) there's no sense worrying about it. You could even be banned in a year - maybe one day you'll get trained and curse someone out and YOU get banned too for foul language. You never know... It's a game, a hobby - worry about more important things like your LIFE. If two expansions being released at once causes you stress you may want to google local therapists and try and find a job. Hey, maybe go back to school!

    Focus on making something of yourself or doing something fun not stressing out about what may or may not happen in a game you may or may not be playing a year from now.
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  4. Pikallo Augur

    I hardly think you are in any position to tell people what should or should not be important in their life. DBG made an official announcement, and people are going to have their opinions about it. I hope you realize it is quite possible to have an opinion about the direction of a video game and still maintain some semblance of a life. It is also perfectly reasonable to care about a potentially terrible decision regardless of how far away that decision may be.
  5. Machen New Member

    I quit, cancelled six subs, at least in part over this, have about three days left before I lose my forum access. And I do have my financial future and a lot of other things planned over a year in advance. Is this really an issue? Thinking about the future and making appropriate plans is wise. Why would you scoff at people who do so? Should I not get to make my own decisions about what I enjoy, even a year in advance, and spend my money appropriately on entertainment that will support those decisions?

    Of course no one knows exactly where they will be a year from now, but to suggest people should just throw all planning to the wind is inane and terrible advice.

    Two expansions being released at once doesn't cause me any stress at all. But it does completely negate my confidence in DBG to make decisions that will result in my long term enjoyment of Everquest -- in coordination with many other similar recent decisions. I chose to spend that $90/month on other things that I'll enjoy more, in my current estimation. Why shouldn't I be free to do so?
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  6. seveian New Member

    A little late to the game here and only had a chance to read about 5 pages of this thread BUT I have to join the ranks of people I saw in those 5 pages who strongly disagree with pairing the GoD and OOW release.
    DBG - in the exact same breath (thread) you're telling us that you need more time to get PoP ready, so why put yourself in a position to be on a deadline for releasing 2 raid content heavy expacs at the same time? That is more work and less time to test.
    Again, GoD has a bad rap but I actually have some of my best memories of grouping from this era. OoW was fun too, but the idea of basically 'skipping' GoD which is what this basically amounts to.... is a huge mistake.
    Could you not release GoD on its own, keep an eye on what is getting killed, and if noone clears Tacvi then put it to the players to decide whether or not to open OoW early or not. Otherwise put it on the regular 12 week release schedule.
  7. AlmarsGuides Augur

    A hungry man only has one concern, a fed man has many.

    That was essentially the basis of my point. If you are so fed up with the game and company and are willing to quit and abandon everything over something small then the game was probably becoming more unhealthy than enjoyable for you anyway.

    Do you think everyone on these forums that browses them on a daily basis enjoys their life? Do you think people that browse forums and rant about issues in an online mmorpg on a daily basis are happy? I don't. I have noticed that whenever I am online and browsing forums it's because I am bored with nothing else to do which usually means I am unhappy (FV is down for maintenance). I have also noticed that people who browse forums on a daily basis are usually the toxic and/or unhappy players in game. When I browsed forums a year ago actively 5 hrs or more a day during the Lockjaw drama I was unhappy each and every day. Now I got something to do again and whatdya know I never browse the forums anymore except once or twice a week to see if anyone has answered my random posts. Or I got one of those super cool important "likes" for something i said ;P

    I have always noticed in my personal life when trivial things bothered me, it was time to take a break from whatever it was. You seemed to have made the right decision.
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  8. Storytimebros Elder

    Is it such an inconvenience to have some critical questions answered about something you invest your free time into? Why is this post stickied if they won't respond to it? Any time some real discussion about these issues comes up on other thread's they almost immediately get locked. We already know that most will quit before gates of discord anyways. They can only hold the majority of players hands for so long until they have to actually play the game and not just show up for attendance. Those that have never played beyond discord know nothing about the mid tier raid content. Their entire experience to this game has been the same old rehashed grouping and alting. When the going gets tough its easy to just throw in the towel and find some other phone game to play. They seem to not want to respond to these issues cause they know it will have financial impacts. Every decision thus far has been to increase long term revenue. Gates has limited group content but more raid content. Omens is a mix of both. The only logical explanation here is to keep both happy. If it means breaking the integrity of the game so be it. They figure you will be addicted enough to continue playing since you already invested so much time into your characters there is nothing they can do at that point to drive those that want that content separated away. Those that have done this content know it's a terrible decision from a raid point of view. We could have a new server by then cause it will be next summer who knows. Exploiting the beginning of the game through the release of new servers seems to be the company thing now. The servers are not meant to be long term. It is up to the player base to create that environment.

    What is the purpose of these forums if we can't have discussions about the very game we love to play? Just close them up and post news updates. 3 servers all with one flaw or the other and no responses about content that matters to raiders, because we are too busy with live content. They do have enough time though to moderate, delete, and suspend anyone that comes off as hostile to either them or someone else. If they would respond with yes this is happening for sure no changes planned or the generic we have no plans at this time to do anything, it would have a financial impact one way or the other. There's already people quiting over this issue and still no response. This post will probably get deleted and/or me suspended again cause it just looks bad on a forum when someone calls them out. We can't have new comers to these servers looking at post's like this and going wtf is really going on here not knowing anything about this game. So we sit and wait for a response only to be strung along till the last minute decision as usual.
  9. MoveFastRZ Bloodsaber

    To be fair to DBG, the average quality of discourse on an EQ-related forum has historically been pretty garbage. I'd say if it were an either or proposition, shutting them down as you suggest is probably a better way to go than letting them continue. But if you're going to let them persist, I can definitely see where DBG is coming from moderating everything that looks like it's about to spin in any kind of bad direction.
  10. Pikallo Augur

    Its hard to take someone seriously who genuinely thinks he can make assumptions about a person's real life happiness, solely based on the fact they regularly browse the EQ forums.
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  11. Machen New Member

    Yes, this describes me to a T. :rolleyes:
  12. Behee Augur

    I assume we should read that in your most toxic and unhappy voice. :p
  13. Sleppen Augur

    I gave you one of those super cool important "likes."
  14. AlmarsGuides Augur

    It is hard to take someone seriously who takes another persons word for law when they said clearly in their post "In my personal experience someone is unhappy when they post/browse forums daily"

    Life is an adventure, there's millions of things to do that are more fun than browsing the forums.

    Pikallo, you're one of the people I have had on ignore here apparently forever, I only managed to see your post because I read the thread unsigned in. You are definitely one of the people I had in mind though when I made that statement so you were right to get on my case about it. Quite ironic that you did though, I got a healthy chuckle.

    In my personal experience those who say they aren't unhappy and feel the need to declare it are usually the ones who are most unhappy beneath the surface.

    Looking back at your life 5 years from now, if you can say "I loved posting on the EQ forums and ranting daily. I got a lot of enjoyment throwing my opinions around" - then good for you dude. I'm glad you are getting some enjoyment out of this. Most of you folks have dedicated 1hr? 2hrs? a day and I have seen your names here since the TLPs opened. You've all dedicated DAYS of your life to complaining on these forums. As did I at one point.

    I feel like I didn't get anything out of it in life. Looking back, I feel like posting here was a total and is still a total and complete waste of my time. I could be learning something new, dedicating more time to the person I love, actually doing work like I am supposed to be doing right now.... And the list goes on and on.

    If you're so adamant to defend that point, I'd sure as hell hope you've gotten at least something out of spending so much time here in life.
  15. Pikallo Augur

    You are an odd fellow lol. In an effort to not further derail the post, I'll just state one more time on topic that I think it is a poor decision to bundle OoW and GoD together.
  16. Bumamgar_Phinny New Member

    Please, at the very least, put the decision of unlocking OoW/GoD at the same time to a player vote.

    I, for one, think that it is a very bad decision to unlock both at the same time. As others have pointed out, this would have the same effect, essentially, as skipping OoW. No one is going to do MSha's and farm Tacvi etc when they can simply do MPG Trials and Anguish.
  17. Silinius Augur

    Would still love to see Lockjaw get a vote on server unlock times you know... since we never did get one. The early unlock vote for Kunark was all we got (no unlock schedule moving forward) and that was "Pre-Phinny". Good survey sampling methodology says that you should re-sample after major events which impact the population of your customer base.

    Also on a side note to Brad Wilcox - I keep seeing all of these posts on Twitter about how DBG is hiring. Just a thought but maybe invest in a Director of Customer Experience role that lives OUTSIDE the marketing organization. It's actually best practice in almost every industry to do so.

    Check out Amazon, Expedia and other companies at the top of their industries. All have dedicated customer experience organizations, survey and feedback management platforms. Some actually put processes and disciplines in place because they understand that customers have options. In the video game industry, I can see that being even more of an issue.

    Anyway, my 2 cents.
  18. Funky Cheese New Member

    I'm an old player who stopped after Depths of Darkhollow. I just wanted to say the Progression Server has actually peaked my interest. A non-transfer, truebox server, without the EXP bonus, instanced dungeons, that unlocks expansions as previous expansions are "beaten" would be ideal. Only the last part is missing from I'm thinking I might give this a try. Thanks again.
  19. SqueeshSqueesh Augur

    Why is Phinnigel going to stay in PoP+LdoN era the same time than Ragefire?
  20. Zanarnar Augur

    The problem I see with GoD + OOW is that basically noone will do GoD. By releasing them this way everyone will just get to 70 and work on OOW content. There might be a few token GoD raids for a spell or drop that is still relevant at 70 but otherwise...

    Since GoD was released player power has grown significantly. Unlike when GoD came out the vast majority of players will be in raid gear going into it, at least far more then were in the day. PLUS you made some passes to de-tune the GoD raids. All of that taken into account I really don't understand the desire to push past some challenging but fun raids.

    Might I humbly suggest if you insist on bundling something with GoD that it be LDoN? Releasing both at the same time would add content for raiders and non raiders alike.
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