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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Roshen, Apr 29, 2016.

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  1. Kragin Augur

    If they don't merge lockjaw, eventually it will become vulak 2.0, but maybe that's ok.
  2. Adonhiram Augur

    To merge or not to merge...That is... not... the question ;)
  3. totalimmortal Elder

    Please do not release GoD and OoW together. Please!!

    Secondarily in order of importance, I also think the majority of Ragefire would prefer to align our timeline with Phinigel's starting with Luclin release.

    And. Instances on Ragefire! Pretty please!
  4. Lonye Augur

    GoD and Omens will be released together.
  5. Varisath Elder

    I still fondly recall so many people taunting Ragefire/Lockjaw players by saying stuff like "Enjoy your dead server, we'll be in Luclin this summer, ha ha ha suckerrrrrs!" You're still over 90 days away from Luclin and when you get there, half of the stuff is going to be broken. 8 more months still to PoP? Yowza!
  6. Storytimebros Elder

    Promises were broken. Questions still go unanswered. Quarm might get some of them answered once we see how fast a guild can get to and defeat OMM. After all why was Omens of War chosen to be the playground for the achievements? While you are bored of waiting for luclin to unlock why not try out some Omens of War in the meantime during this slow downtime?
  7. Skipper Augur

    Agree, why screw around with this? Just don't!
  8. Styboss32 New Member

    Don't know why you are all complaining, the game starts dropping after velious and rises again in pop by a little bit and totally drops off after Ldon, so I will be expecting a new server after Ldon, no one wants to do the the rubbish what follows.
  9. EQcleric Elder

    Only because im bored, but ill bite.

    You're wrong. That's all.
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  10. Gremin Augur

    DHS wants and will do the content past PoP which is some of the best in game. Sure, there may be another server by then but thats another 2 years out roughly.
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  11. AgentofChange Augur

    Gates of Discord had some of the best content in the game, and is tuned perfectly fine now. It was only overtuned when it was initially launched many years ago, it's very beatable and enjoyable now. Unlocking it alongside OOW would be a great disservice to the TLP community.
  12. ColumbusOG New Member

    Omens + Gates is terrible. I'm playing here to progress through content not skip an expansion.
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  13. Semah Augur

    I do, because I never saw it. I don't think an endless classic->PoP treadmill would be fun.
  14. Aenoan Augur

    Except your not skipping content, it's a completely foolish idea to think just because content is released together it would be skipped. Considering how powerful some of the quests and items are in GoD are for progression in OOW.
  15. Trackanon Elder

    All guilds will focus on levels/AAs and OoW progression. If they have extra time they will start to focus on GoD with their extra time and off days... But generally speaking that won't work out for the vast majority of guilds. GoD will just be skipped.
  16. Gremin Augur

    If Daybreak does not see the light by then you will find some guilds like mine will take a purist attitude and self impose restrictions to the best of our ability to do GoD first until we beat it. No level 70, no AA from OoW and no gear etc.

    We shouldn't have to do this but we will see.
  17. Batbener Augur

    No, it's getting skipped. Maybe dozens of you will be ok wasting time trying to get gear that is 100hps short, but I doubt it.
  18. AgentofChange Augur

    We have a long time to go before GoD, but I think it's pretty safe to say that if they unlock OoW with GoD then you can say goodbye to the progression servers.
  19. Ragging New Member

    I have 9 accounts all access. I am prob going to let them expire...

    I do not want to start over and want to play on rage fire, but the server is in a slow death spiral.

    We need a merge with LJ, and or instances put in.
  20. Corydon Elder

    So many posts. Almost everyone is in the same boat. Still DBG is not giving in it seems. Go figure.
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