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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Roshen, Apr 29, 2016.

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  1. Earendil New Member

    He stealth moved the thread that had all the requests to launch Luclin as planned since it is ready, and just extend the duration of the Luclin expansion vs Velious, giving them time to prepare PoP instancing, and giving us something to actually do so we all don't burn out and quit with no AAs or levels to grind. (Trend can be seen towards the end of Kunark and Velious expansions on every TLP to date).

    Keep giving people something to log in for, and they will. I sincerely hope the devs are listening to all the constructive feedback, and show willingness to modify their plans. Most everything in this announcement looks OK (or we can understand) aside from packaging GoD and OoW, and not releasing Luclin while it is ready.
  2. Demoncrusher Lorekeeper

    I'm feeling a little disoriented myself while reading this. There were several threads merged.

    Either that or the thread is completely normal and I spontaneously developed dissociative identity disorder.

  3. Weverley Augur

    I personally believe if they release ldon with PoP here goes your chance to have separation between GoD and OoW so i would take the less evil because i think their thinking is that GoD will please raiders and ldon please casuals so they don't want a lot of casuals to leave phinny.Personal opinion but to me it put a light on the subject.
  4. TowerDefense Augur

    This happens with most threads
  5. Heartland Augur

    Can't we extend Kunark a bit longer, and then Velious? And leave the rest of the expansions alone?
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  6. Machen New Member

    I mean, we could, but why would we want to?
  7. Your_Ad_Here Augur

    Honestly, i thought you guys were gonna change the Sense Heading skill in some way . LOL
  8. Rovell Elder

  9. Fancy Elder

  10. PathToEternity

    Some of us in BW have tested Luclin twice now, but have focused on Velious. We did notice work had been done, several expeditions had been populated and others fixed (Ahkeva, AC).

    Last we checked the UP agent was still in VT which doesn't make any sense. There may have been some other stuff I wrote down, will have to find the notes.

    Any chance at getting Ring of Fire in AC to work again...?
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  11. Starklen Journeyman

    Looks like another "I want a longer PoP" from someone that didn't play on Fippy. Guess what? Fippy had PoP bundled with LDoN and it didn't come close to lasting 6 months. You want to know what happened? People left in droves because the one end game raid makes 90% of the others obsolete. PoP progression is not what anyone is remembering it as, it happens very quickly because the fights are no longer as challenging as they once were, especially after turbo farming gear in Velious and Luclin instances. It'll take one week for the initiated, two weeks for the incompetent, and 3-4 for the casual who don't care that much how fast they get there. That is about as fast or faster than where we are at right now with VP, except the leveling in PoP is substantially shorter.
  12. Redik2 Augur

    I wrote out a long post in agreement about how our 2016 characters are massively more powerful than our 2003 characters.. but then I remembered 2016 Internet forums are just as stupid as 2003 Internet forums and logic doesn't have any affect on them. :(
  13. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    I do not want GoD to unlock bundled with OoW, I feel that post re-tune it's raid content was entirely viable for Plane of Time equipped Guilds without a level raise.

    I think I see that the developers would like to have the pace of the TLP be such that they are eventually caught up with expansions & then become current expansion purchasers, which is all well & good but that aim can backfire if rushed too much, or if not moved along quick enough to counter boredom/burnout & create interest at points where EQ lost subscribers in the past/live timeline game. The idea of a level-raise expansion being unlocked on the TLp's each year or however often serving to catch players up more smoothly.

    In my opinion I would be happier to see PoP open up with LoY, and for 3 months later there to unlock LDoN along with Gates of Discord then OoW to follow a further 3 months later than the plan laid out in this Sense Heading proposal.

    I would much prefer the voting system actually do its job & decide when a server gets unlocks of major expansions & I do not think major expansions should get bundled, the bundling of LoY with PoP & LDoN with GoD make sense & compliment each other given that each of those offers either a solid amount of raid or of group content.
  14. TheTick Journeyman

    I'd like to cast my vote for super extended Luclin as well, and not extend Velious at all.

    The community seems pretty much in agreement on this issue. You need a win DBG, make it happen!
  15. Shoe New Member

    Hi, I'm not going to say anything everyone else hasn't already, but some posted that it's the "same 20 people" with these opinions, so I'll make it 21.

    -I'm against GoD and OoW releasing together, makes OoW obsolete etc etc.
    -Although I don't think early PoP raids need to be instanced (as others have said, Fippy was much more hostile imo and guilds still got into Time in timely manners, also griefers don't have 10 other box accts to run to if you ban them for messing with the raids) add me to the "it makes more sense to extend Luclin then Velious" train. I like grouping! but there's no reason to when you're max xp with no AA's to be had.
    -PoP votes failing is where the Fippy population took huge hits. I know many people who quit the server for good after the no votes passed, and I was one of them. Too much time in PoP- and gosh, especially without LDoN- is very boring when you remove the rose colored glasses, for all the reasons already listed.

    Also, someone mentioned extending Kunark... I think I'd rather punch myself in the face repeatedly.

    Edit: not a new member, just never wanted to add an opinion on forums before.
  16. Scornn Lorekeeper

    I'd also like to weigh in on the preference of more Luclin rather than split evenly, Luclin does not by any means take away from velious and in general gives the population something to do! Especially if you're needing more time for PoP, give us that extra time to work on BST alts, AA's, etc..

    I think that'd be a better route to go, since it was stated that Luclin is completed already!
  17. Vaclav Augur

    Re: "Low PoP wasn't toxic before..." stuff - one could say the same with Drusella on previous servers... Or Hate when the instance was borked... (early VP key parts and shady/angry are similar too on a smaller level)

    People will be toxic when high value targets are only available a single time per long timeframe. Period.

    Every example we've had so far of long timeframe targets thusfar on Phinigel has turned toxic unless an alternate method (instancing) or massive speeding of the spawn methods (i.e. VP key stuff) has occurred.

    And personally - to weigh in on the primary argument as a whole - something I'd suggest is for the "lengthened" eras to stagger some new content early and late throughout the era.

    i.e. for Velious being extended the first half of Velious could be pretty much as expected - second half of the era unlocks the 8th Shawl quest, Sleepers and Skyshrine switch to "released" form, perhaps some minor AA open up, etc. - giving some progression for the server with things changing as they should through the eras.

    Similar could be done with the GoD/OoW plan - if you're worried that people will find GoD too hard without OoW levels - let us do the first half of GoD without adjustments - with OoW levels/AA set to open up at the halfway point of GoD. Not obsoleting the content with better content already open.
  18. Semah Augur

    Ok, I'll admit it. I regret voting for long unlocks on Ragefire. Confusing wording aside, I failed to sufficiently consider the impact of bugs + content-clearing + voting period.

    This is basically the only time I will ever apologize for anything on the Internet*.

    * That's a lie. I'm also responsible for lobbying the devs to insert Rick Astley lyrics into the "journey to luclin" response in SoL. But that's the point---I want to get there sooner. I'm never gonna give Luclin up.
  19. Catashe Augur

    It can also be said that they were also tired of all the mage armies KSing everything or 1 big guild server monopolizing EVERY raid target in era til said guild decides to throw the rest of the server a bone... Problem is you and the rest AoS came to Phinny for the short expansion releases... ALOT of the rest of us came to Phinny for the instancing so we didn't have to compete with YOU for every raid target and the bigger draw to this server was the instancing of the raid targets.. And while AoS and a few other "New Members" on the forums will whine and complain about having to play in a expansion 6 weeks longer.. I'm sure the rest of us either don't care or would rather let them take their time and get the PoP instancing right
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  20. Shoe New Member

    It was many pages ago that almost everyone on this thread started thinking of ideas to make the wait for PoP better, whatever that means in their opinion, instead of asking for it to be changed. So, your arguments kind of invalid. Majority of the complaining is about GoD&OoW bundling, and really if you're against the change of course it makes sense to speak up and hope that your opinion is considered!

    This thread has been very very considerate, more about voicing opinions and suggestions then "whining and complaining".
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