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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Roshen, Apr 29, 2016.

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  1. Weverley Augur

    Let not get some illusion here.Many people posting on this thread just want everything accelerated.Despite what they say that Luclin is better then velious as soon as Luclin launch they gonna say samething they are saying about Luclin to release PoP asap so we have people that are here because they want beastlord and aa and we have some just hijacking this thread for their own purpose. Don't forget those that are feeling that the first few expansions are the best of EQ and gonna leave as soon as those are past and for some Luclin is where they get that feeling for others it's PoP and for others it's GoD.I personally gonna stay much longer then that so i'm just saying it for those that never comes to the forums. We don't want phinny to experience what all other tlp have experience and it's by the time GoD launch there is half the population we have now.That create a brand new problem on his own.
  2. Chanaluss Augur

    difference is, we know for a fact that we cannot have PoP until February. We're not trying to accelerate anything. we dont want Velious to be any shorter than the original intent of the server. We are just trying to make our required wait a little more convenient for those folks who are waiting for AAs and reasons to log into their characters after theyve hit 60 and finished what they wanted to of the Velious content.
  3. Redik2 Augur

    Where I don't necessarily disagree with you about some of the intentions people have.. it does make a ton of sense (on Phinny specifically) to give us a longer SoL as opposed to SoV. Velious provides more raiding opportunities. Luclin provides even more raiding opportunities, a new class, AA's, and a new tool for selling gear farmed in previous/current eras. The logical choice (if we're solely operating on the "how do you want your time in SoV/SoL split up" idea) is to tilt the scales toward Luclin.

    I'm not saying people won't complain during Luclin about speeding up PoP (and future expansions) - but it's kinda silly to on a really great opportunity to get AA / BST / Ssra, VT, Seru in the game - based solely on the argument that people will complain about faster unlocks in the future. People are going to do that anyway...
  4. Majicpanda New Member

    I won't hit 60 by the time Luclin would have opened, but for the health of the server I want to agree to open Luclin earlier than planned. If XP was higher I could see people at 60 rolling some alts which would help the server, but as it stands right now I think most people just want to focus on their mains and grinding some AAs, so my fear is some people might just leave completely until Luclin and PoP are released and we will see a big population drop... even if temporary could cause ill effects.
  5. taliefer Augur

    noone is trying to get anything accelerated. everyone has accepted that PoP is going to be pushed back. the debate is where/how to split that extra time.

    i havent seen anyone suggest shortening the original 84 days of velious. they just dont want extra time added to it, and added on to luclin instead.

    even a non even split would preferable. add 2 weeks to velious, 10 to luclin for example. theres just so much more to do in luclin.
  6. Morgen Elder

    Add my vote to the "Don't bundle GoD/OOW" camp. And if you all are unable to release a finished PoP product on time as promised, fine, but would be nice to have at least general AAs to do during Velious, or shift the time more towards Luclin rather than Velious.
  7. Varisath Elder

    How do you think they would have enough time to go implement general AAs for the Velious expansion, when they are already so cramped for time and resources that they have to extend on the "84 day unlock" promise that the Phinigel server was founded on?

    Please don't be like Grug and at least try to use about 1% of your brain before you post.
  8. Kiani Augur

    Of course he doesn't know how long it takes, it was a suggestion, "it would be nice". It might take 10 minutes or 3 days. No harm in firing suggestions out there, they might not have thought of this possibility.

    Along similar lines, how about being able to earn up to 30 AAs in Velious (assuming that's still the unspent cap) without being able to spend them until Luclin? Just an idea to think about if it doesn't take too much dev effort....
  9. yerm Augur

    I and many others have argued repeatedly and often for putting any delays, or the bulk of future TLP expansion timers, in the latest zone in each level bracket. Expansions that do not raise the level cap by and large do not hurt previous expansion content. If you want to extend the time spent at level 60, you do it in Luclin.

    There was mention about 70 lasting too long. Same concept but in reverse. If you want to shorten the time spent in a level block, in the case 70, you merge DON with OOW and/or cut into them, while keeping more time for DODH (lots of group content) and POR (trivializes nothing before it really).
  10. yerm Augur

    You have no idea what's involved. None. It could be as simple as changing an L to a V somewhere, from SOL to SOV. It could be an insurmountable obstacle nobody dares want to think about. Meanwhile, flaming people in a stickied Dev thread is really poor form. If you don't like Grug he gives you plenty of opportunities elsewhere without needing your random attack in here to accomplish it.
  11. Varisath Elder

    You're right, it's probably as simple as clicking a checkbox. Prathun just has to scroll down a little ways in this convenient drop-down box and click "Enable General AA's on Progression Servers during the Velious Expansion" and then voila, we have AA's.

    You spam too much here yerm. You had a few "brilliant" posts and I feel like it got to your head and now you think you need to 1-up Vaclav on post count now.
  12. yerm Augur

    While the LDON+GOD idea is certainly light years better than GOD+OOW, it's still not ideal. POP is actually more of a raider elite expansion it's just GOD happens to be trickier raids. You really want to have LDON with POP in order to provide a progression path that's not a rigid linear raid structure, and have something other than the same couple zones to exclusively want to level in. Getting that charm to 100 is a nice long-term project outside of raiding.

    I think better of DBG than you all I guess. I think we can push for POP and LDON to go together - as I believe was promised to us - and still get them to reverse the GOD+OOW mistake they have planned. If they're scared of lost subs when GOD hits, there's non-OOW ideas we can throw around separately - putting in fabled, massive xp boosts, etc. We shouldn't have to make POP into 3 months of awful just to try to save GOD from being ruined.
  13. KeystoneFoH New Member

    If you unlock the ability to begin accumulating at least some AA during velious it could help alleviate the issue as well. That seems to be pretty much the universal concern is that there is "nothing" to do outside of raiding during velious, whereas in Luclin there is a huge amount of AA to grind. If you were to let people begin banking AAs during Velious it would provide us with something meaningful to do to expand our characters in that era outside of raiding. This could be as simple as unlocking the first tab of AAs or whatever the generic ones are now to be purchased, and increasing the number that can be banked to 30 or so.

    This solution essentially provides players with meaningful progression, while allowing you to still artificially slow the timeline. It also grants the ability to explore level 60 experience spots within Velious, which is something that traditionally no one would ever have had a reason to do due to going into the expansion already level capped with no reason to grind.
  14. Catashe Augur

    You guys are so set for your 3 month releases but between the problems listed in the Sense Heading post about not having enough time to instance PoP correctly.. You guys are missing the biggest point... This damn server ain't going to stay alive much longer after PoP anyway.. Personally I'd rather have a longer PoP era.. Maybe people will hang around longer.. Personally I love the PoP expansion and want to enjoy it..

    But the thread creator is from AoS, so no surprise he wants the expansions out as fast as they can be simply cause they "beat" each expansion the first week...
  15. yerm Augur

    You don't know. It could be switching the era from Luclin to Velious for one to three AA blocks. It could be impossible. It could be doable but time consuming. I'm not suggesting I know the answer, I'm asking you not to dismiss one of dozens of proposed ideas out of hand without knowing either, followed by flaming a guy totally out of left field.

    I don't have anything personal against you; sorry you feel that way about me.
  16. SqueeshSqueesh Augur

    People said the same thing about RF/LJ unlock schedule. They wanted to play the game for "as long as possible" before PoP. Look what happened as soon as a shorter unlock server opened the majority of the population mass exodus for the brand new thing. There is already 2 servers for people that want long unlocks. Makes no sense to advertise for a fast one, then back pedal after 2 expansions and make a 3rd slow one.
  17. Batbener Augur

    Vulak had two raid guilds at DoN, and Fippy is 3 xpacs away from live. I am not really sure why you think this server wont make it that far past PoP. Sure, there are a lot of "here till GoD" people on the server, but it's not enough to kill the server once we hit GoD. A lot of the "here till GoD" crowd were against GoD specifically because of instanced raiding. Since there are about 15+ guilds that have completed classic, I am guessing a lot of them saw the light.

    The only way I don't see this server catching live is if they make the unlocks last longer, which I don't see happening post PoP.
  18. QuasiGnome Journeyman

    I'm on Phinny for the True Box code and Raid Instancing.

    Would love faster xp, longer unlocks, or both.
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  19. Finchy Augur

    i have this feeling that RadarX has been active today...this thread went from 18 to 21 pages, and seems to have merged some threads. damn it, i had to re-read 3 pages to figure out what was going on :(
  20. Syrup Augur

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