Semi new player getting fed up with 110 plus

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  1. Legbertoman New Member

    So to start ive been playing EQ for 7 or so months now. For the most part i have enjoyed it. I am 110 now and play mostly solo or in a group everynow and then. Grinding has been fun its been hard and taken forever but hey i like the grind. The thing is now at 110 grinding will get me nowhere so I have to progress through ToV doing Missions Merc quests and partisian quests. or rather the XP from the achievements. But the the thing is 65% of them are bugged broken or Bull****. I think if DBG want to go this way they need to learn to implement them in a way that isnt infuriating. Every post I look up and i mean EVERY goes on about how BB or B they are. Since hitting 110 ya they are all a mess.
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  2. Conq Augur

    All of ToV is doable and working. Or at least, as of last Nov, when I last dragged a new box through them, they were all working. Some parts may necessitate grouping. What server are you on?
  3. Legbertoman New Member

    I am on FV i did the first 2 Partisian quests in EW and both bugged out. The first one I did was so bugged that i had to use a dialogue back at the quest server to reset the mobs that were bugged. Last of the storm boars I believe it was. I read that they implemented a fix by adding the ability reset the mobs by going back to the quest giver to get it done but was a nightmare. I am currently on you cant go back home and ive spent 5 hours looking for Orctooth! Just wish i could grind at a very slow pace instead of a VERY VERY VERY slow pace.
  4. Roxxanna Augur

    Ignore 110+
    ignore the new expansions
    Everything past 110 is a tasteless, stale, dry cracker.
    And the cracker hates you.
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  5. Legbertoman New Member

    And I hate the cracker!
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  6. Alnitak Augur

    Last week I have dragged my newly created alts thorugh ToV progression (Mercenary and Partisan quest). Everything worked flawlessly.
    It wasn't a single single glitch in scripts.
    The last storm boars worked as expected.
    Orctooth was there licking itself waiting to be scooped into the bag.
    Essences dropped from banshees and dorfs. Giants died as prescribed.

    Same deal for Tier 1 ToL progression - everything worked.

    Once the bonus experience kicks in I'll do the missions for those alts.

    Perhaps it is YOU who is doing something wrong. And, by the way, "every post you have looked up" is written by frustrated players like you, those who have done the quests successfully rarely post about it. You are biased in your opinion. You need to chill and calm down.
    Also, if you want to grind - go to GMM, at level 110 is is a very rewarding zone both in experience (fast mob respawn) and items (tier 3 + lvl 110 gear)
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  7. Legbertoman New Member

    The Mercenary quests always work as intended you kill the mob you get credit. If it is based on a loot drop RNG is the only factor. Maybe YOU didnt but I had issues with the partisian quests bugging out sorry Im sorry you cant understand that. I dont have 6 accounts to steamroll through this content over and over again. I am sharing my experience as a new player who was fine with how lvling was until now.
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  8. Legbertoman New Member

    Ill try GMM with bonus xp tmw.
  9. Zeroi New Member

    Are you letting a merc or pet tank the orc that spawns in the giant fort at the start of the partisan quest? There's a known issue that sometimes prevents the task from updating one of the steps correctly if you let a pet or merc tank the undead orc that spawns. Spent a while digging in the forums after the quest bugged out for me 3 times on my shaman before I found a post about the bug. I turned off pet taunt and got a SK to come tank it for me and worked as expected. Outside of the last of the storm boars, everything in ToV worked fine for me, just finished my druid's progression last month.
  10. Conq Augur

    That seems like a mistake.
  11. Legbertoman New Member

    Too late now i like it tho lots of people very populated have a guild where i can get group.
  12. Nennius Curmudgeon

    We must be tolerant of those who make poor choices. All cannot choose to follow the mighty Brell.
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  13. CatsPaws No response to your post cause your on ignore

    I was going to suggest you join one of the friendly guilds on FV to help mentor you thru the higher levels.
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  14. Legbertoman New Member

    Ya im in a Big guild on FV very very helpful.
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  15. Rijacki Just a rare RPer on FV and Oakwynd

    I am currently going through ToV progression with a couple of friends who returned to Live a few months ago. Our only difficulties in ToV EW were getting undead adds when we were not being as observant as we should have been. The Partisan quests were no issues though we had problems finding the cat when we were expressly looking for it but saw it multiple times after while doing other tasks. It can spawn in a variety of locations and kinda does blend with the background. The couple are each 2 boxing with my Vah BST who brings a merc healer. My Vah started the progression 120+ (an alt that had not done any of ToV) and their 3 characters started around 107 or 108. We're now in the Caverns/Mines, moving slowish through the content because of their availability lining up with mine. Their 4 characters are all now 110/111 and we've been having fun together.
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  16. Koutarou_E'ci Elder

    Storm Boars does bug out a lot, have to be willing to ignore sunken cost fallacy and restart it immediately when it shows signs rather than trying to get it to work.
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  17. Legbertoman New Member

    Ya they implemented a restart line you can say to Quest giver i did that and then it worked
  18. Legbertoman New Member

    Im still looking for that damn cat I wonder how far it patrols from the enclosure i spent hours in and around that place tonight. I hope it can be found on track. I might ask a ranger from guild tomorrow to help.
  19. Rijacki Just a rare RPer on FV and Oakwynd

    I think Good's Maps has some of the locations it shows up. When we weren't on the quest, we even saw 2 or 3 of them around that area at the same time.
  20. Legbertoman New Member

    K ill look that map up i think it has a wide range