Semi-Empty Servers and Me! =)

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Miss_Jackie, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. Miss_Jackie Custom Title

    So, lately I've been playing on Brekt. Not because of the gear ruleset. If I wanted the same ruleset, I would have stayed on FV with my 106 wizard.

    Anyway, the biggest thing I love about Brekt is 2 things: super friendly people and the fact that it's quiet. I can go about my day, accomplish what I set out to accomplish and maybe bump into 1-2 people.

    Now, this may seem like anti-social behavior to a lot of you. Are the emptier servers appealing to a lot of you (like Brekt and Trakanon)? Or no?
  2. Belkar_OotS Augur

    As a self sufficient grouper.... sparse servers are great! Don't have to worry about not getting a camp, there are few enough people that a lot of more drama oriented players don't have a reason to hang around, etc etc.

    As a raider.... sparse servers are terrible. While I have heard of someone using a certain program on test to box a full raid, that isn't really a reasonable option for end game raiding in my opinion. Therefore raids need to have enough people to reach critical mass, and enough diligent and skilled players to accomplish the tasks.
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  3. Miss_Jackie Custom Title

    I don't mind the whole "not raiding" part. I've noticed that as I get older, the less tolerance I have for people. :p:p
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  4. Rainbowdash Augur

    If you're looking for lower-end player pop, play Test :p
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  5. High Voltage Augur

    Makes me curious as to why someone wants to play a MMORPG without other people around. There are so many realy good single-player games out there.

    To each his own I guess.
  6. Miss_Jackie Custom Title

    It's not that I hate highly populated servers. I was apart of FV for 14 years. Just getting tired of it, I guess. =)
  7. Aurastrider Augur

    I have always loved EQ for EQ. The people are an added bonus some times. Since I am not end game content wise and probably will never be with the amount of playing time I have this game provides me with unlimited content basically. Its what I have known for literally over half of my life and I have no interest in playing something else. I have a ps2, ps3, Wii, WiiU and several older console systems and the only time I actually play those is when I have company over or if the wife gets the urge to play video games. Even if someone is playing EQ by themselves they can still feel like they are part of their respective community. There are players I talk to in general and tells that I have never played with and in all honesty don't even know what class most of them play. Basically you can play a MMORPG by yourself and still not be alone if you are social. Even if someone is not social EQ is still a great game if someone enjoys the content and play style. I could argue people that play any MMORPG for the social aspect mainly would be better served leaving the depths of their dungeon and actually interacting with people face to face. There is a lot more to socialization than just the written word.
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  8. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    Even if EQ wasn't an MMORPG, I'd probably still go back and play it a lot. It's a great RPG system, classes, races, skills, spells, etc. The combat speed is just right, the spells last for durations that make sense with the speed of combat. The more I play other games and come back, the more I appreciate this one.

    I'd play on an empty server or a full server, whatever it took to be sure I could play it. No other RPG game ever felt quite this right as far as the whole system went. I liked the healing mechanics in WoW, but hated the combat mechanics. DAoC had potential, but they got hung up on spell interruption and ended up making stuff instant cast to compensate. But then it really limited what you could use and which class you would pick based on their instants. Anyway, the point is that EQ is a great RPG, and huge by the standards of non-MMO RPG's. It's worth playing any way you can enjoy it.
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  9. InnerDruid New Member

    Howzabbout Daybreak coming up a guild transfer command? Guild leader issues command to move guild to another server, players are given individual notification and two weeks warning to deguild or else. Only works for guilds over x number of players and is free but can only be done once per year.
  10. itzagame_m8s Journeyman

    I play on busy live servers, even raid there. Mostly Luclin and Xegony. in larger family style guilds and raid guilds as well. My family has at least 2 guild halls and a neighborhood on each for our alts and years of collected decorations, all purchased with the free 500 DBCash from all access membership.

    I play on Phinny. I was in one of the largst guilds on the server at startup, but it poofed, so play unguilded there. It's a busy server, lots of groups always twink gear for sale, slow xp though.

    I play on Agnarr, just started now. We waited until pre-pop because I couldn't handle Phiny AND Agnarr at the same time. everything up to PoP we've done to death, and recently. PoP flagging incoming!

    We all also play on...


    The emptiest server ever. It's like having a private eq sever that we can free transfer a developed toon off.

    It's brilliant.

    A server we can 2 or 3 box on, kill decades old stuff noone cares about and build a character worthy of playing with others, have a family owned set of buffing toons for every buff in the game, never step on anyone's toes and never have to struggle for bottlenecks on dated content. We keep one guild hall for level 71+, and a separate guild tag for our lowbies. (Guild bank space issues vs defiant gear AND twinkage)

    Having a variety of servers is way better than merging.
  11. snailish Augur

    I enjoyed playing my necro on Vulak into the high 70s until the lack of economy felt like a barrier to doing things. If I boxed I probably would have gone higher.

    Brekt trade rules would help with that a lot. I have characters sitting there mostly unplayed. If I lose interest in progression Brekt is probably my destination.

    I'm caught in a next to no time to play situation due to real life lately, so Agnarr has suited my goals. I'm hoping it holds some population though as the solo xp on progressions is painful, especially with no LotD.
  12. Aurastrider Augur

    This would cause so much grief it isn't funny. Someone who has to step away from the game for what ever reason comes back and now they are on a new server. Maybe they had some toons in said guild that moved and some toons not guilded and now they have toons on two servers. Not a very good idea at all. Even if it did an afk check and did not move people who have been inactive for a certain amount of time this would leave people homeless when they return to the game. Guild neighborhoods would vanish so what would happen to peoples houses that left behind?
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  13. Cloudia Augur

    Bleagh! What a poor idea.
    Any large successful guild would have little reason to change servers. Only a guild that had so offended everyone else on the server or run by a megalomaniac would likely to be so inclined. So what we would get is a server being gifted with a large collection of people that had not been welcome on their prior server due to their behavior.
    A small guild that wanted to get away from a server dominated by a few tightly controlled large guilds would still be SoL. If the required number was low then it would be an invasion route for Bot armies to find new grazing once they have reduced previous server to a desert.
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  14. 22wplkj Lorekeeper

    FV has become so popular it would be great if they opened transfers from FV to Brekt. Maybe put a limit on how much plat you could transfer with you so Brekt economy isn't wrecked.
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  15. Tatanka Augur

    Yes, and EQ is one of them. With the added bonus, that you CAN play with others when you have the time or feel so inclined.
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  16. Geroblue Augur

    The advice I used to give was to create a player on all the blue servers, in the times you want to play, and see how busy or few players there are.

    Check again when school iso ut in the summer, and around major holidays.

    Use that info to decide what server you want to game on.

    Or do what I did. Have toons on all blue servers on my main account, and toons on my various other accounts but not on all servers. I'm down to about 150 characters.

    I do like it quiet as many zones simply don't have enough mobs for even 2 small groups. Maybe an increase in mobs when more characrters show up ?
  17. Geroblue Augur

    Welcome to my world.
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  18. snailish Augur

    I have 3 characters on FV with epic 1.0 that are under level 85 (aka a heroic would surpass them in nearly every thing aside from some tedious faction work) that I would pay to move to Brekt even if all I could keep is the 1.0 on them. Sentimental reasons not logical.

    Let me move them with their toys... I move 5-6 characters to Brekt.
  19. Miss_Jackie Custom Title

    You should see me grumble when I have to get on a public bus FILLED with school kids. *shakes tiny fist*
  20. Geroblue Augur

    I was at a sf/gaming convention a few years ago. I had been going to it since 1982. Someone came up to me, welcomed me to the convention, and stopped when a number of nearby people started laughing.

    I politely pointed out it wasn't my first year and I hadn't been to it in a several years. But I wasn't new. Thanks anyway.