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  1. Legionarius - Xegony Elder

    Hello all. I play a rogue on the Selos server. I’ve been saving my Backstab damage mod items (Tacvi Legs etc etc). I’m now confronted with deciding on whether or not I should be upgrading my inferior 285hp 2hdex /w 25 bs dmg on it with some 450hp 4hdex plus other stats legs. I feel like not having the BS mods will lower my dps. Thoughts? Ps I am hdex (accuracy) capped whether I have the new or old legs.
  2. HoodenShuklak Augur

    You really just need to run parses, there are too many changes that happen from TLP to TLP and in this particular era of EQ, I think the most recent TLP is only Phinny.

    All things being equal, if that aug only adds flat 25 dmg it's obviously better dps than 0, but if that comes at the expense of using a 285 hp piece of gear then it's probably getting replaced in SoF anyways because the gear is going to be really jumping up a lot. Then in 4 weeks we get level 85, so the server speed really assists us in making certain decisions that deter a min/max attitude.
  3. Legionarius - Xegony Elder

    No they are legs with 25bs mod on them not an aug. I’m just not sure when general stats yield more dps than the very old 5 expansions back legs. The thing is, I’m looking forward and there’s not a lot of stuff that has BS mod on them beyond TBS.
  4. Rasper Helpdesk Augur

    Keep in mind that from SoF forward Ferocity is tied to leg slot. So either you have to forgo upgrading your fero, get a new "last blood" aug each expansion, or ditch the legs anyway.
  5. Zipe Augur

    I assume we all agree that Everquest character power is the sum of lots of small things. Backstab mod is one of this examples.
    That mod is irrelevant and unoticable, but maxing it will, obviously, make you do 0,00005% more dps than a rogue without it maxed.
    My advice is to try to stack it but not to go mad about it. If you happen to care; during SoD u'll get slot 3 augs that will suffice to max it forever.
    But again, the dps gain is irrelevant. I mean, it would be relevant dps incrase during classic, but not during the late eras.
    All that maters is Backstab DMG mod on your equipped primary dagger.
    Fare thee well.
  6. Legionarius - Xegony Elder

    So no one knows more than me. Got it!
  7. Bobbybick Augur

  8. Legionarius - Xegony Elder

    Bobby! How can you find time between raiding all the time and live streaming to post spellchecks?? Incidentally, where you been? I heard there was a big VMware ban going out. Totally unrelated I’m sure. Hope to see you soon! * fish lips peace sign *
  9. WaitingforMoreEQ Augur

    I'm not 100% sure on this but i believe those mods are flat 25dmg per backstab. Parse % of backstabs you land. 25 times the percent divided by the number of seconds between backstabs and that's the DPS it would add.Then decided if you're personally willing to give up that much DPS for the extra hp ect.

    TBH though it doesn't really matter and is personal preference.
  10. Legionarius - Xegony Elder

    I know what it does. I didn’t ask that. I was asking when new armor without +backstab dmg on it becomes a better choice for my dps. Forget it. I’ll have to parse it out.
  11. Rage New Member

    2 hdex is very, very roughly 0.05% dps increase to your melee dps. More while burning, bit less if you don't have a berserker in group. Poster above showed you how to calculate the bs mod value. You should be able to work it out.

    That said its gonna be so close you won't be able to parse it and with SoF content having some prety nasty AE rampage you probably want the higher HP/AC.

    Either way by SoD you want the new legs for fero9, its the only slot with the top fero focus.
  12. Pumpernickel Journeyman

    Have you tried parsing it?
  13. Coppercoz Augur

    You can try popping on the legs for certain boss parse fights, but IMO, +25 BS damage is pretty trivial where Selo is at. +BS dmg caps at a low number (I forget exact number). Don't get me wrong, max it where you can, but don't go out of your way (i.e. wear inferior armor 2-3 expansions old) to do it. Besides, your white damage received a huge boost in TBS when weapons started to decouple base dmg from BS damage. I think you'd have to parse a lot just to see any difference.

    I only made it through the end of TBS on my rogue on Phinny(ended with both solteris daggers) before RL got in the way, but I imagine it only gets even more trivial going forward.
  14. Bobbybick Augur

    I'm still logging in and raiding like I always was don't worry, I would never use work VMs.
  15. Legionarius - Xegony Elder

    Great point Coppercoz, Backstab damage is devalued from TBS and on. I feel much better about using the new-ish legs. Yeah I’m rocking Throatslitter primary and Smildering Jagged Longsword for an offhand at the moment. Hope to get seer’s dagger but we have so many rogues I’ll be happy with the one I have for a bit.
  16. Machen Augur

    BS damage is a small part of your overall damage. It isn't modified by anything, +25 bs just flat adds 25 to every backstab you land. You can look at parses and see the average # of backstabs landed per minute and calculate exactly how much dps it is adding. Each time I've done this, it's been a pretty miniscule amount of dps (but still, any dps increase helps.) The impact definitely gets smaller and smaller as you progress in expansions and overall dps gets higher and higher (and +bs gets to be a smaller and smaller % of total dps.) At some point you'll for sure want to swap out flat +bs augs for almosts anything else, but I don't recall the exact point in progression where that makes sense.
  17. Baldur Augur

    You do get the type 3 backstab augs in SoD.

    Like everyone else has said it's very minor, it's just a flat add to every bs, after multipliers and all that. You can easily calculate the dps gained from 25 backstab damage. If BS refresh is 10 seconds you get an extra 25 damage every 10 seconds, that's an added 2.5 dps.

    2 hdex is very minor as well. It's around 725 dex per 1% increase in crit chance. Harder to calculate an exact dps boost, but very minor.

    As long as you're at the 37 hdex soft cap, then it really doesn't matter until you hit 400 for more of the combat effects/accuracy mod2s.
  18. Machen Augur

    It's not that simple. You only get it on backstabs that hit, but rogues get double and triple backstabs and discs that increase backstab refresh and accuracy. It is calculable but you have to look at the rate of actual backstab hits from your parses.
  19. Legionarius - Xegony Elder

    From what I understood, and correct me if I’m wrong but The backstab damage is added before any backstab multipliers so it actually adds more when all is said and done
  20. Machen Augur

    This is not correct. It is added after all modifiers, so it is a fixed amount. +25 backstab mod will add exactly 25 damage to every backstab.
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