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Discussion in 'Melee' started by Trynal, Mar 21, 2020.

  1. Trynal New Member

    im playing an iksar monk on selo should i be using Flying Kick and Tiger Claw or Tail rake ? and whats the reasoning for the choice. We are also going into Underfoot soon and was wondering if it was worth swapping autoskills for Drunken Monkey. thanks in advance
  2. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    Honestly, most of us cannot really say what would work best for that era. The first time through our Specials timer had not been split into Kicks and Strikes yet. When that content was current the AA Technique of Master Wu would could trigger an additional random special attack which could also trigger another additional random attack such. So we only used FK but via ToMW it could trigger a Kick, Tiger Claw, Round Kick, Eagle Strike, or Flying Kick (Dragon Punch was excluded as at the time it had a knockback effect tied to it still). Since then they have changed it such that Wu will only trigger additional specials of the type that it triggered off of, so FK only add additional FKs, and TC only add additional TCs; and after that they eventually put our Kicks (Kick, Round Kick, & Flying Kick) on one timer and our Strikes (Tiger Claw, Eagle Strike, and Dragon Punch) on a second timer. I don't think that they backfilled items with +Tiger claw, but they might have changed the older versions of Cleave to include Tiger Claw but not Dragon Punch. So you might look up the the version of Cleave you have on your armor set and see if it favors TC of DP with regard to crits. If they are both equal, then I would think that DP would be better since its base dmg would be higher. But as you get into the later game TC gets more passive DPS bonuses for it.

    As far as DMS, if you are willing to min/max to that extreme. Then changing between the skills will get your more dps. At least changing between the Strikes. The disparity between FK and the other two kicks is so great that it really isn't ever worth not using FK as the autoskill.
  3. Trynal New Member

    Thanks for the info ! yea we dont have any gear with TC dmg on it yet or any of the AA for it quite yet. what heroics are you prioritizing. a lot of monks here are giving up ac/hp augs for pure hStr augs.
  4. forum troll Elder

    Flllllyyyiiiiiiiiiinnnnggggggg KiiiiiiccccccccccccK *Wu Cha*
  5. Heajol Augur

    Sorry to derail but is there a point to use Dragon Punch anymore? I use Eagle Strike mostly because at later levels (not sure at 85) it adds an endurance boost. Tiger Claw does the most damage I think? Again not sure about at level 85 sorry.
  6. Szilent Augur

    The endurance return on Eagle Strike is pretty pathetic. Go with Tiger Claw for the atk debuff imo
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