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    <Honour and Blood> are a European Based raiding guild who also have US based friends that are with us and raid with us! (We're a great home for every one!)

    We ask that all people joining our guild post a quick introduction / informal application on our forums which can be found here:

    Our current Raid Days are Sunday, Monday and Thursday - Our raids begin at:
    6:30PM UK
    7:30PM EU
    1:30PM EST

    12:30PM Central Time
    Raids typically last for 3.5 hours.

    Whilst we are a raiding guild that is steadily progressing through content on Selos, we also enjoy a relaxed environment which means that we have no Raid Attendance Requirement to join - Though, we do require that a 40% Raid Attendance record is kept to bid over 10DKP on items - This is to qualify you for "Raider" rank, you will not lose this rank once acquired unless you fall below 10% RA . We believe that this is a fair way to reward our core raiders as well as our more casual members still being able to win new loot!

    We DO NOT use Batphone and DO NOT race for Open World Targets - We raid at our own pace and progress steadily, whilst we are not a hard core guild that raids 5-6 days a week we do like to take our raids seriously in order to accomplish everything that we can. Discord is a requirement to raid, whilst we do require every raider to be on Discord to listen to raid instructions, speaking is not an obligation - We are more than happy for you to sit and listen without saying a word. Though, we do invite everyone to speak in Discord we find this is a good way for people to have a laugh (Non raid relevant topics are kept to a minimum whilst raiding)

    Our current raid schedule consists of:
    Raid 1 - CoA / DoN
    Raid 2 - DoDH
    Raid 3 - Prophecy of Ro

    Our recruitment is currently open to ALL CLASSES, we believe in being able to offer a home to everyone that would like to join our family.
    • No Level Requirement
    • No AA Requirement
    • No Gear Requirement
    • No Flag Requirement

    We are open and willing to help newer people to the server with levelling, AA'ing and flagging so that you are able to come and raid with us :)

    Our Raid Member Class needs are currently:
    Bard: High
    Beastlord: Low
    Berserker: Med
    Cleric: High
    Druid: Med
    Enchanter: High
    Magician: Med
    Monk: Low
    Necromancer: High
    Paladin: Med
    Ranger: Low
    Rogue: Med
    Shadowknight: Med
    Shaman: High
    Warrior: High
    Wizard: High

    If you would like to come and join our family driven guild, that also progress through raid content whilst enjoying ourselves please feel free to get ahold of:
    Zumsa, Bruceleeroyy

    PS - If you are currently residing on another server but are interested in the opportunity of coming over to Selos to begin progressing here, please contact us so that we can discuss facilitating helping you with your move.
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    Good group of peeps, +1.
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    I didn't know anyone on selo and the guild basically adopted me and made me feel very welcome. Definitely recommended, even for non euros.
  4. Ajjantis Elder

    Where are all the shamans and enchanter? You arent on Selo? No problem, we can work something out!
  5. Kolei1 New Member

    For sure. I would be more than happy to help any one out that wishes to come over to Selos and play with us!
  6. Kolei1 New Member

    Clerics highly needed!
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    Bump - Clerics, Shamans and Caster DPS Required! :)
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    Still looking for more to join us, all classes accepted though Clerics, Shamans and Caster DPS are needed for sure! :)
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    Still recruiting, come help us take on DoDH Blood raids and demiplane :)!
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    Good guild from Selo was nice friend
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    BUMP - Now working on Prophecy of Ro raids :)!