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    So, welcome to Circulus Interiorem (a division of Decisive Gamers). A casual primarily EST leveling/casual raiding guild on the Selo server in Everquest.
    The core of the guild is compromised of a group of friends from Decisive Gamers who got tired of looking for a guild in the Everquest TLP communities that never seem to fit our wants and needs. So we decided to create our own. As of right now our focus is to recruit like minded individuals, those who have real lives and are here just to play a video game and play it well, to level with and get to know each other. Those joining the guild are free to use discord as you please, please be respectful and decent to one another in guild and in this discord.

    Raid days/times: Mon/Wed (invites @ 6:30pm EST) 7pm-11/12am EST with an off day of Sunday for random targets etc.

    Loot: Set Cost DKP/Loot Council (loot council used for dkp disputes)

    Raider Status: Set to Raider Trial for a couple weeks until we see active participation as well as improvement of gear (having all gear slots filled) and knowledge outside of raid then moved to Raider where you will then get priority of loot over trials or regular members.

    Must use Discord if raiding.

    You can check the need of classes here: http://ciselo.dkpsystem.com/news.php

    If any further questions you can contact Pappasalt in game or on Twitch Mon-Fri.
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    We are currently in Phase 4 of Time with our first attempt being last week.
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    I wanna feel special at the top of the forums too!
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    No! Me first!
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    Always recruiting more players feel free to send a message to us in game!
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    Bumpity, working our way into GoD stuffs