Selo and Mangler Progression Servers - Coming March 16, 2019!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roxxlyy, Feb 12, 2019.

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  1. Verathor New Member

    I would like to suggest that the best possible progression server would be like Agnarr but with FV loot rules.
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  2. SweetLaxTho Elder

  3. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    With monthly unlocks, you have the chance when these 2 expansions are released to go back and do things you missed or want to do but not had time for, thats what I'm planning on doing. Then when DoDH kicks in back to current things. :)
  4. Kanjien New Member

    Count my voice in the disappointment in the "casual" server. I as a casual player do not have time to raid every night or even twice a week for that matter. A casual server should have long time between unlocks, the longer the better. The experience rate for me is not that important, just the time between expansions that I can see and do the things I want to. True box is good. Start in Classic. That would be good for me. Your mileage may vary.
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  5. Phinigel New Member

    I normally don't chime in on things like this, however I feel that Daybreak has really failed their customers here. The community wants a FV Ruleset casual server and has been extremely vocal about it. I fail to understand how this company continues to ignore their community and expect this project to stay afloat. FV is the most popular Live server for a reason. What a real shame this is.
  6. Rampshaker New Member

    This is a very large disappointment. We really wanted a Firiona Vie ruleset TLP server.
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  7. Beggly Augur

    I really can't stress enough how wrong you are on the Selo unlocks. In order to be a good server for casual players, you need slower unlocks. If I am still playing on Selo 10 years from now and it hasn't unlocked the latest expansion, I'll be ecstatic.

    Oh, and for those who play on test, I do as well, though not often. I started a Mage there, and I'm just getting to L60ish, if I remember, and I've been on it since about 2002. I just think fast is not good. I like slow and easy. Poo on the mega raiders. Give the casuals a chance to shine, why don't you?
  8. Qalliel Journeyman

    I was super excited myself for the new servers, the ideas for these two are interesting but a bit disappointing. I also think there should be an FV Ruleset server, preferably on the casual server as it makes sense for people who don't have all day or days to camp some items. Would also be nice for the casual server to have a bit slower of a unlock that way people who have work, families, etc. can have time to enjoy the content without feeling like your way far behind others. But will say am happy that there will be new progression servers!
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  9. Faelim Lorekeeper

    I feel like Selo's should be a 6week unlock would make a good balance
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  10. Shadows Journeyman

    I kind of thought that "hardcore" could mean "mobs are more difficult"... a spin on 'Mitigation of the Mighty' that enhances a mob's offense rather than defense.

    My understanding (I am not sure) is that TLP raid mobs are already inherently increased in power, but that this adjustment is independent of the MotM buff (which, again if I understand correctly, is strictly defensive).

    You could call it... 'Hope of the Helpless'... or something...

    Extend it to 'rare creatures', even...

    Hardcore mobs for hardcore players.
  11. Kurse23 New Member

    Make Mangler RED!! We need a RED progression server!
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  12. Tomar Journeyman

    Norrath needs to go back to her former days of glory. The true Hardcore can only be PvP.
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  13. Sethiroth Augur

    What you seem to miss is the fact that, if you want to end up well behind the curve with little chance of catching up, you can play on live also.
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  14. xmPradah Not a dude

    Please, throw a bone to those of us who box casually. I understand nobody wants to see a mage army running around... but those of us who multi-box (that aren't mage armies) are likely willing to tolerate it. Or maybe limit the number of accounts you can play at a time, to 3-4?

    I started playing in July 1999. Almost 20 years ago. I dont have the time to come home from work and LFG. I want to create my own group and do the content I can manage on my own. I want to group with just my husband and a friend when we can all manage to be on at the same time.
    I work. I travel. I have kids and a home to take care of. I would never feel like I'm keeping up on a True Box TLP.

    Also, do voting for unlocks, or quarterly. Lower the xp rate if you need to, but monthly on a casual server?

    I think Daybreak is missing out on a huge opportunity here to please a larger playerbase. We have 10 accounts, and only 2 are All Access. You'd quadruple your money, at least, just from us. I'm sure we aren't alone.
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  15. NameAlreadyInUse #CactusGate

    You seem to miss the "fact" that some people are going to be behind the curve no matter what. That's how curves work.

    Trying to artificially slow down the game won't make people who are faster than you slow down. It will make them bored and they will leave. And you end up playing by yourself anyway.
  16. Jadefox Augur

    Or just flip the designations.

    Actually better to just drop hardcore/casual altogether.

    --Dropping Jade
  17. Jedipokey Lorekeeper

    As a casual player, a father and part of the working community, a casual server to me would be increased XP rates since we don't get much play time (AKA Casual), longer lock outs so we have time to go through and enjoy the expansion since we don't get much play time (AKA Casual), and either a FV or AoC raid mechanic to make it easier for us casuals to get gear since we don't get much time (AKA Casual).

    A hardcore server for competitive reasons would be increased XP rates with a quick release of content, maybe 7 to 14 days after current content is beaten. No other mechanics are needed.

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  18. Dagenfehl Journeyman

    I honestly just don't understand what's hard about a Firiona Vie TLP server for "casual". 2-3 month unlocks, with FV rule set. Prepare for the most populated TLP server ever created. Start at Luclin. Boom. Cha-ching. $$

    Not to mention Daybreak would make bank on their potions and Kronos.

    It's not that hard, DBG.
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  19. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Hi folks. We are continuing to review the weekend's feedback today. We don't have any updates yet to share.
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  20. Jadefox Augur

    /checks watch

    How 'bout now?

    --Jade want to know if you got any more of those TLP's
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