Selo and Mangler Progression Servers - Coming March 16, 2019!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roxxlyy, Feb 12, 2019.

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  1. Tomar Journeyman

    You’d be better off making that Mangler hardcore server, a real hardcore server by having it be a team PvP TLP server. At least then there’d be more of an interest. Throw in FV rules to make it the best of both worlds too. Plus, I thought I read guild recruitment page showing the “hardcores” aiming for Selos anyways.

    Also, the server name Mangler... is not really paying homage to 20 years worth of Norrath. Please refer back to the trilogy at least or gives us a list to vote on. Thank you.
  2. Preach New Member

  3. Preach New Member

    I don't get it, does daybreak have some sort of pact with the dev's for project 1999? why keep making the same boring progression servers when it's pretty clear that a lot of us want a trilogy server? I mean you're missing out on a metric ton of money by not doing just that. stop, just stop.
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  4. Damsen New Member

    Well I have played EQ on and off since 1999. I played Truebox for one server. I wont do it again. I suspect you are trying to kill EQ once and for all because I am already hanging by a tread. I play 6 accounts. I wont play 6 computers again. Once was enough. Good luck. Back to finding a new game. I was hoping for something to draw me back in again.
  5. superman Augur

    Man I was so frekin excited reading selo's ..... launch at luclin FREKIN A!!!........"expansions will unlock the first Wednesday of every month" what????? that is not casual dbg. everything else is a win for selo's in my book make selo's 3 month unlock like the others servers and its my home until live :)
  6. Tomar Journeyman

    or rename the hardcore server Khati Sha after the corrupted Bard to match the casual server named after the Bard Selo
  7. Evantil Drop Bear Journeyman

    " Also, the server name Mangler... is not really paying homage to 20 years worth of Norrath. Please refer back to the trilogy at least or gives us a list to vote on. Thank you. "

    The name is from Classic and you can find Mangler in Rivervale. He guards a room in one of the merchants homes and will attack anyone that enters the backroom. He has claimed the lives of many a newbie.
  8. javiere New Member

    I find it hilarious how many people seem to think that a nice little tour of expacs on Selo's isn't anything but casual, there is no raid unlock requirements, it's a casual mindset - you are projecting a raid race mentality onto the timeframes, when it is the casual server. Get over it.

    I love it, as an aussie who literally can't raid as no aussie guilds exist, I will be there at Selo day 1 and I think they have done a bang up job on the new rulesets. I have done my years of hard yards in early years live - and again for years in p99, I don't need that again.

    The fact it will overtake Phinny is nice, touring the content with mates who have never seen lategame EQ is good, but even 3 months a pop is treacle when you want some later game features ... like 3.5 years for real xtarg? Ugh.
  9. Craftbrews New Member

    I have to agree with everyone here.

    I am bringing back a guild of 30 people for the new servers who want to experience Classic, Kunark, and Velious. 12 people in our guild have never played EQ before and we sold them on rolling on new TLP servers expressly anticipating that Classic, Kunark, and Velious would be playable. Mangler is off the table because of the XP rates and the fact that no one will be playing on that server within 4 months.

    Here are the rules we'd be excited for on Selo:

    Casual Server Wishlist:
    • Classic or Kunark Start
    • 8 - 12 week unlocks
    • FV loot/character limit rules
    • Fast (agnarr or better) experience rate
    • Fast faction gain
    If there aren't major changes to the Selo server ruleset, we're not going to sub or roll on TLP. We'll just wait for Classic WoW to release in the summer.


    I also liked someone's suggestion of relabeling Mangler the casual server and Selo the hardcore server. Up the XP rate gain on Mangler to Agnarr or Agnarr+ levels, do a Classic start with 8 week expansion unlocks and we will dump money in your laps. Selo is so far from what we want as casual players, it's way better suited to hardcore progression junkies..
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  10. Evade Augur

    Yes! 1
    I hope Daybreak sees this. Would absolutely love a 6 month expansion rotation with the planned exp bonus. I'd be able to do everything I ever wanted to do in EQ but never had the time commitment to achieve it. Here's hoping...
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  11. Kalamir Journeyman

    So you sold a 30 person guild on something that wasn't even announced yet and are demanding major changes or else you're taking them to WoW? Bummer.

    Rather than giving DBG an ultimatum/threatening to go play WoW instead, consider rolling on Agnarr (or similar) and take the guild on an in-era travel through expansions. Start in classic X months, then 'unlock' Kunark, etc... set rules that you can only level/equip items from in-era loot and go after raid targets in those eras. There's been a handful of guilds on other servers dedicated to doing era-locked content and ignoring the future content and features until a date they set. Officers keep track of gear and where people are, so that no one is 'cheating' otherwise they are immediately removed. It's a pretty popular theme. There is no reason you can't play your way if the server is already out there and all it takes is your guild to agree to progress that way.

    Just some extra food for thought.
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  12. Kahna Augur

    Ummm, What? Aussie raiding guilds most definitely exist. I am in one. Eastern Coalition on Coirnav. We have plenty of Aussies in the mix.

    As for the servers themselves... I... they... just... No. Just no.
  13. Kalamir Journeyman

    I agree the unlocks are far too fast for Selo's. However I can't seem to wrap my head around why everyone feels that because content unlocks, they have to do it all immediately? Back in the days when PoP was current for instance, my guild was in contention with one other for the first into PoTime. I had friends that happily called themselves casual or part of family style raid guilds that were only going to PoP for leveling and were still trying to kill Luclin raid bosses (or even NToV in some cases).

    Current MMORPG's have changed the mindset of 'casual' players. We feel like if we're not just on the edge of keeping up with everyone else, then it's not worth doing. Why? Why can't we be trying to kill Emperor Ssra in Luclin while the top guild(s) are already trying to kill Quarm in Time before the next unlock? Why do we care where other guilds are at progression wise or what they are doing as long as your guild is having fun at their own pace.
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  14. Yinla Augur

    Love the sound of selo. Just wish it wasn't truebox and that there was longer to complete stuff before the next expansion unlocks, .month and a half before unlock next would be better than 2 weeks.

    Winner for me is starting a Luclin.
  15. ForumBoss Augur

    I get what you mean, and agree with the sentiment personally. It's difficult to retain guild members when you are aren't killing content in era, as flawed as this is logically. If people felt that way in large numbers, we could just join progression guilds on live (but I wish live had AoC). I feel like this server would mesh well with free trade rules, so the more casual players could buy some strategic pieces of previous expansion raid gear if they wanted to stay a little more competitive.

    I still think 2 month for level cap expansions, 1 for non level cap is better than 1 month for all though.
  16. GurneyHalleck New Member

    Definitely on the FV/Brekt loot rule-sets for Selo, and maybe slightly slower unlocks and/or removal of MotM?

    But totally +1 to the trade rules, especially for a "casual" server, let people share their spoils with their friends and spread the love around a bit.
  17. Beggly Augur

    I have to agree with most of these guys who think you should swap the expansion opening dates for these servers. The fact is, most of the true casual players like to pokey along, not go at super speed. The fact that we are casual has dictated this style of play. When you must solo most of the time, instance lockouts are superfluous. Raiding is superfluous. Doing any content that requires larger than a single group is usually out of bounds for most casual players. Not saying that these things are impossible, just uncommon.

    In the last several years of playing, I have only been in a group a few times, mostly because I have given up mostly even looking for one. I don't play peak hours, I can't stick it out for more than a couple of hours, and as a result, I must solo.

    If you don't think this is a common thing, check all the comments above.

    Rather than shorter lockouts, you should consider lowering number requirements. It's not hard to get a duo going. It's not impossible to box a duo on two computers. Once you get Mercs, it's even easier. But I haven't done an LDON in so long it hurts, and that is one of my favorite expansions. I just don't box well, so I don't do them.

    Perhaps you need to rethink a few things, but overall, I like the idea. I got no problem with the Mangler Server. I won't play on it. I gave up on Coirnav already, so another one like that isn't likely to attract me. I'll do the casual, even if you don't change the unlocks. But right now, I'm happiest on Lockjaw. Even if it is a ghost town a lot of the time.
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  18. Aelen Augur

    Selo seems akin to the seasonal concept, which I do like.

    Stuff I like here:
    Boosted XP
    Boosted rares
    Boosted Faction
    Shortened Lockouts

    Stuff I could take or leave here:
    Luclin start
    1 month unlocks

    I get that many people were asking to skip past classic, so it does make some sense one option had that. But that’d make a bit more sense to me if this was actually a seasonal gimmick, with it’s own specialized achievements or something. Same for the 1-month unlocks. The Ultra-Casual thing you’re advertising with it though, doesn’t make so much sense.

    Ultra Casual would tend to want to be able to take it slow, I’d think, and not really be penalized for that. To get that group to self-select in, and hardcore types to self-select out, it kinda makes sense that you’d set up content consumption for the casuals in such a way that hardcore players would be more likely to run out of things to do on such a server in the allotted time, whereas the casuals wouldn’t.

    I like the classic start and unlocks that mangler has, the slower character pacing less so. I don’t think I’m interested enough in the next round of TLPs to want to put in the time for Mangler.

    Selo’s is probably close enough that I’m going to look at it here and there on off nights, and it’s not too far off from fusing the concept with some of the Quarm idea. But as an “Ultra Casual” progression server, I don’t think it quite fits the bill for what I was expecting.

    As a secondary issue, it’d be kinda nice from my perspective if there were an in-between option on the True Box concept. 6, or especially 18 and 30 boxers are pretty obnoxious, but I do like being able to 2-box here and there in a somewhat convenient fashion. I also get that tying it to an I.P creates problems for people who play with family or room-mates. I’d just be interested in an in-between quota system on boxing for some types of TLP or Event servers.
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  19. The_Phoenix Journeyman

    Selos - I get that people are sick of 9 months doing Classic - Velious, but I don't understand why you would reduce unlocks to one month AND start in luclin? Surely, the extremely fast unlock fixes the problem and starting from classic is more in keeping with the concept of a progression server celebrating 20 years of the game (not 16).

    Mangler - Increase the exp rate and then make this the casual server
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  20. Xanadas Augur

    What a load. Both truebox servers? Guess I won't be resubbing in March after all.... what's this like 5 truebox servers in a row now without a single new non-truebox server?
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