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  1. Duality Augur

    What are they fixing? Didn't see any thing on test notes. The only problem I had in that defenders of the faith task, once I got to that point, the named spawned just as I tagged the 16th. Had a much bigger problem with Seraphina in force the forceful. Wasn't so fun when half of my dps is melee when this put them within low hp agro and it seemed to be procced every 10s.

    1: Knockback (2) and Toss Up (2)
    2: Decrease Hitpoints by 79222. Max: None. Calculates to current max level.
    3: Decrease Current Mana by 47007 (L1) to 265545 (L115)
  2. Rage Lorekeeper

    I don't remember defenders of faith being challenging. The only missions I found fairly hard to box were damsel of decay and enslaver of souls. I do main a warrior though. From what I've heard TBM is rough on people who use tank mercs.
  3. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    Prathun fixed HA spell damage, he was planning to do the changes to mob level, mob damage tables & hp/ac but he left before those fixes were worked on and after he & 2 other devs left the work required got put on the backburner I guess as they have not been done yet and have not appeared on any patches live or test since.

    Yeah, the 2 Adan's ripped through my Tank Merc & then me (Raid geared zerk) really fast, group geared tank with defensives would likely still find it very hard with merc healers in era, but tank mercs were basically almost guarateed to go splat even with mob slowed. The group geared warrior I eventually did it with got poleaxed & I ended up tanking it the last 50% on armor of experience, dragon glyph & all my zerk defensive running.
  4. Rhadamanthus New Member

    They should look into adding new levels of heroic characters.
  5. Accipiter Old Timer

    I never did do that mission. "The Handmaiden" was bad enough.
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  6. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    One of the devs did say that they will be creating more Heroic upgrades but that they had no plan for when they would do it.

    I think they definitely need to do it in 2021 before December, ToV was the last level raise where the max level was within XP range (max 30 levels) of a Heroic 85.
  7. Zinth Augur

    whats wrong with 12/8? some of the later expansions 8 is way too little... for some expansions where for other they can just be skipped (looking at you TBM since you were broke 4 of the 8 weeks we had you on Phinny)
  8. Zinth Augur

    I don't understand the hate for OoW, DoN, DoDH... Yes PoR just sucked and it ruined Freeport
    I loved OoW, it is one of my favorite OLD expansions... and hey epics both for groupers and those elite raiders! lots of nice zones (there are other places than just WoS-MPG-RSS) as a necro I fully enjoyed this expansion, it was lots of fun.
    DoN was a bit meh as a raider, back on live I just played it as a grouper and really enjoyed it and I still enjoy the group missions (there ARE other missions than just Creator which is what most only see in DoN)
    I loved DoDH because that was where I really got to use my utilities as a necro, pulling hard missions with one of those "evil boxers" (he was boxing 5, he was really nice and he let the little necro join, grow and shine and we had a blast together)
    PoR the zones were just bad, the raids horrible and any time wasted on it on TLP is a misery..., slap it in together with DoDH then we can live with it.
  9. Zinth Augur

    as a raid geared tank with 2 boxes and 3 mercs, I still got ripped a new one and the amount of HP on those mobs made it really hard for missions made for 3 chars + 3 mercs... since they had more hp and way more dps than they should have had...
  10. FranktheBank Augur

    12 is really unnecessary for the first 90% of the game. I think Phinny just pushed for a 12 week EoK? So that's something they could look at. There is absolutely no reason to stay 12 weeks in the first 20 expacs.

    Have you done that lvl 70 stretch on a TLP? It's probably the worst stretch of the game. OoW was my favorite expac back in the day. It's really, really easy now (We almost never succeeded on mask clicks on OMM and killed him).
    DoN originally added a lot of content for non-raiders, but now it's really not worth it because of how easy it is to raid.
    DoDH is a ballllllller expac. The flagging is a bit tedious, but it has some amazing zones. Demiplane is in my top 3 overall raid zones.
    PoR is trash.
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  11. Zinth Augur

    uhm yeah? (Phinny) still playing... only part that was horrible was PoR... rest I enjoyed a lot
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  12. Rasper Helpdesk The Original Helpdesk

    This is one reason I advocate the "release all of a level cap at once" notion. As raiders you can get anguish on farm instantly for easy gear and 2.0 orbs, mostly skip DoN (unless people want to do it on off nights for the aa), enjoy DoDH, and ignore PoR. Without getting bored to tears.

    Non-raiders can xp in OoW, do DoN missions for crystals, and DoDH missions for great cursor loot, all at the same time.
  13. FranktheBank Augur

    You would probably be an exception then. Most the guild that I am in, even at 1 month each, feels like the lvl 70 stretch is painstakingly long. So much anguish describes the content and emotion lol.

    Yeah, we've talked about 'what ifs' and combining stuff.
    PoP-LDoN, OoW + DoN, then DoDH + PoR. TSS + TBS.

    I dont think I would want SoD + UF combined. They both have enough content on their own.
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  14. Rasper Helpdesk The Original Helpdesk

    SoD progression is unhindered up until Korafax so a guild could easily blitz up to that point in a day or two, but then you get to farm those three targets over an over to get Tower access (unless you can accelerate it via split raids, but that isn't always feasible and shouldn't be required). If you combined SoD with UF a guild could do the 3 Korafax targets, then knock out some UF targets while on lockout since you don't need Tower gear to do t6 UF. By the time you have enough Tower keys you should be in t7 UF and the Tower loot can help push you through the Trials.

    For the non raiders, they can jump to t4 or t5 group gear in SoD easily and then smoothly transition to UF.
  15. Duality Augur

    I don't mind that idea up to TSS, but after that I think I'd be better with 4-6 weeks per expansion. And I'm not a fan of the classic start.. Too condensed... If they had to start in classic again, definitely 4 weeks tops.
  16. Rage Lorekeeper

    UF group gear is on par with tower raid gear though. Especially if you are not gonna split Korafax to get into tower in 1 clear it's gonna be much quicker to just do UF group progression and skip SoD raids. Plus UF has double loots so focusing on it makes much more sense. People tend to focus on doing what progresses them fastest and if you release SoD and UF together people will skip lots of SoD.

    It would be even worse at 105. EoK group gear blows TDS raid gear away. Most people would just skip TDS and gear up in EoK.

    Pairing PoP/LDoN, OoW/DoN and DoDH/PoR works because there is reason to farm both of the expansions being released. Releasing all the 70s at once would probably work ok but for some later expansions doing level based releases would be bad. I also think releasing too many expansions at once would exacerbate the differences in how fast people consume content. Some people would be largely done with the 70s in 6 weeks, others would want at least 6 months.

    If I had a choice on a new TLP it would be a super fast server. Selo rules, maybe double exp instead of 50% increase, 2 week unlocks, Luclin start. Every flagging mob drops enough to flag the entire raid. You'd be very gear starved so stuff would be challenging and you would reach live in just under a year.
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  17. Machen Augur

    This would be a terrible solution. SoD is one of the easiest expansions there is, no need to make it even easier by unlocking Underfoot with it.
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  18. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    I think the level locking concept has merit, but I also happen to think it has a shelf life and that it would work well in the early eras & work very badly in later ones.

    I opted to stop it at GoD in my TLP server idea as after that I don't think its the best way forward.
  19. HoodenShuklak Augur

    If there is 1 thing eq players are bad at its moderation. Release expacs in separate waves, just make the durations make sense. Por doesn't need to be long, and I imagine ifthe community had to rate expacs as 4, 8 or 12 weeks they would be able to get a fairly clear picture, at least for the 4 vs 12 weekend.

    But just replace 4 8 12 with a generic 1 2 or 3 since some people would just be adamant that nothing be X weeks.
  20. Tweakfour17 Augur

    Yeah, one size doesn't fit all and a more thought out approach (especially since Phinny and Selo will make it to live next year they have some real data vs "feelings") makes more sense.
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