Sell us AA's for plat!

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Stageguy, Nov 16, 2020.

  1. Tegila Augur

    ANY group? just what is the killspeed, gear, and as count of this "any" group trouncing directly into tov? How long have they been gone? I mean, an expansion is intended to be played on the previous expansion or twos aas, not 5,6,7 expansions back plus the tiny autogrants(I got like...200 or so, maybe up to 500 autogrants out of the entire deal myself on top of my RoF maxed aas. Out of 50k(30kmissing). Now, I haven't tried going out to ToV to kill with 1-2 toons, and see the killspeed there, but in tov t1 gear I took my group to TBL(which I know was tuned badly, but should be comparable to ToV I'd guess, not harder) and the killrate was excruciating. All I went to do was work progression to try to farm some posmoke collectibles, I quit after the first quest(kill 5 or 6 mobs) I understand the xp per kill is phenomenal, at least in tov, but I wasn't testing that. The kill rate was just painful, so much so that even at 2 aas per mob, there's not a chance I could do 80 aas in an hour without potions. Is ToV that much easier? Or are you basing your assumptions off people that have been here the entire time, not the returnees who are the subject of the request.
  2. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Well if you got your prportions rights it might help, SKs max out at 51848 in TOV so you are not missing 60% of your AA.

    Usually around 10K AA are garbage for each class, so your possibly missing less that 10K AA. If you have put your AAs in defense you should be tanking perfectly fine in TOV.

    *Edit* ToV is easier than TBL
  3. ryby2012 New Member

    No. EQ doesn't need P2W mechanics like this.
  4. KrakenReality Augur

    EQ has always been pay to win. It’s how I got a down payment for my first duplex, which led into subsequent deals.
  5. Thraine Augur

    so the expansion drops, you buy a few krono to sell for plat, buy all your AAs .. then what do you even do for the rest of the year?

    sorry but this idea is lame, go play wow or the other hundred wow clones out there, most of them are pay2win
  6. Elskidor Augur

    I'm always amused when a millennial about millennials and but don't realize they are one. I'm sure Gen Z loves that their parents get blamed for all the stuff their generation does though.
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  7. smash Augur

    So basically you wanna encourage botting/plat farming.

    Answer: NO!!
  8. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    Its funny that everyone I know that came back seemed to have no trouble catching up if they actually logged in regularly to play.

    If you play casual, expect casual results. I don't know what more to say.

    You do not "need" all those spell focus AA. They just make you do more damage more efficiently. Might as well complain that rank 3 spells for all old expansions should be on vendors because it takes too much effort to go back and do raids from old content with gear no one wants but that still requires 20 people to do.

    There is nothing stopping someone that comes back at level 105 to level up to 115, and play effectively in ToV with ZERO new aa, and then earn more aa as they level and choose where to put it. This game is not about letting you constantly quit every 2 years then come back every 2 years and max out in a few months so you can compete in the dps parse with people in your guild that have paid for and played the game daily while you were off playing other games or doing more important things in life. (the general "you")

    My wife quit in Underfoot to go back to school, then finishing school while working, plus having kids, and working meant she never came back. But I kept her characters *leveled* by letting them leech exp, but I never grinded them AA. Got them gear here and there but I have level 115 alts of hers that are still in RoF droppable group gear (the random stuff that dropped while mass killing way back when).

    She started playing a little this year, and took her 115 shaman, 110 sk and was boxing in GMM and having a ball. The shaman in raid gear (but it was the EoK diamond gear so like 5k hp stuff), the sk in group gear (full suit of snowbound I gave it). The shaman had 13k aa (clicked auto grant on it at some point), and her sk had 4k aa (never clicked auto grant). SK tanked just fine. Could it tank ToV missions? Probably be pretty darn rough without a full group of people to carry it through. But can it tank Tov trash mobs like in EW where they all come solo and no crazy abilities? Definitely.

    If you want to max out, put in the effort.
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  9. Svann2 The Magnificent

    Bad idea. Say you max your aa's - then whatya gonna do?
  10. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    This is my worry with CoV with so few AA. :rolleyes:
  11. KrakenReality Augur

    Same thing I’ve always done farm enough for glyphs, play some alts, go play a different game on non-raid nights. Max AA isn’t new.
  12. Flatchy Court Jester

    Every expansion I max my AA out about half the Year I am getting No experience and do not even bother with LOTD. Not on all my toons mind you but on the 3 I am usually on yeah.
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  13. trakk Lorekeeper

    20k out of 50k IS missing 60%. Not missing 20k, HAVE 20K(The cap in RoF was right around this number for SKs and RGRs) Now, if you say 10k are trash, let's hear a list of those 10k aas. A good 3-4k are easily tradeskill, but what about the rest? Even then, with 10k trash aas, and the so max is actually over 50k(52ish?) The 20k maxed in RoF was is still not quite halfway there as there'd still be about 22k left that aren't "garbage"

    FYI: this is all in response to the request for autogrant to be 2 not 4 expacs back, NOT aas for plat, that's just silly. Autogrant aas are pretty meh anyway, and they assume if it's autogrant, everyone has them maxed out despite the 4 expacs gap..because they're supposed to be the most basic necessity aas for everyone, not the "must have to do my specific job" aas. That is taken into account, so why even bother with the autogrants, just add the power etc of those ranks directly into levelling so there's a more realistic picture of what there really is to buy or not buy. I know I'm a bit hesitant to buy some lines bc I'm not sure if they will or won't be autod in 2 weeks, so focusing on what I KNOW is both useful and definitely not autogranted.

    To the guy with the 4k as wife: haven't been to GMM yet, sounds like a good place to farm said aas if the xp is good, or does it match the ease of tanking? I'm definitely not buying a 4k as so like that tanking in tov..but if you say tov is easier than TBL, I'll take your word for it and check it out myself(might have been someone else said that) But, I think there are a lot of ppl here that really aren't talking about what they think they're talking about, like the guy saying any 2 toons can walk into tov and get 80aas an hour(120 now with bonus). I would hope personally, that any 2 toons that played in current content every expansion in recent years, could walk into tov with a Merc or two and successfully kill...but that's staying up to date, and says nothing about the kill speed. DPS is kinda a necessity for fast xp lol, and 2 toons, certainly not without mercs since 1 would be healing and 1 tanking..isn't gonna hit that threshold, and I doubt 2+2mercs would either unless those 2 toons we're maxed out and in TBL raid gear, or at least RoS raid gear. Generalizations only work in general. Returnees aren't part of the general pop, they're a group called returnees for a reason, and could be any number of years behind.

    Edit: idk why this keeps shrinking my font, probably a phone thing...but the one you're responding to said flat out maxed RoF. That includes all defensives of course..max aa in RoF was 20k, idk where you were getting that she was only MISSING 20k aas, but even with a solid 10k "garbage" as you say, that's still 53% in the hole(20k of 42k)

    And I'm glad if tov is easier than TBL. RoS wasn't that big a stretch to do after a return from RoF, and TBL was immediately after so the difficulty jump there is greatly concerning, but if tov backtracks some, then that sounds about right.
  14. Bigstomp Augur

    Just play the game. You will have the AA's that matter in no time. I earn 2 per kill on average on toons that can still earn aa without lesson or anything.
  15. Veteran_BetaTester Augur

    When this takes place. I QUIT EQ.
    Just a fyi.
  16. Ranger Danger New Member

    Plat will buy you levels and AA's right now, today, in game.

    Taskadds in ToV are huge xp bonuses that will get a character from 113 to 115 in just a few minutes for less than 2M plat. Taskadds for other expansions show up in general chat quite often as well for plat. I am sure there will be another round of new taskadds shouted the day after CoV comes out... all selling for plat or krono.

    Someone with money can buy a stack of Krono and have their characters leveled to 115 with max AA without ever playing a minute on the character. PL services are shouted in general chat all day every day because they do get customers. If this is such a bad idea then why don't we just stop selling Krono's.

    Or maybe it's just the bot crews that have problems with it.
  17. KrakenReality Augur

    You can buy Glyphs from the Loyalty Vendor. Can I have your stuff now?
  18. Veteran_BetaTester Augur

    100% different topic. You can't ' buy ' with $ Loyalty points.
  19. KrakenReality Augur

    Try again with your edit? I don't understand what you're saying.
  20. trakk Lorekeeper

    This is about real $$ being able to buy aas/xp. Loyalty doesn't work that way (not to mention glyphs add to aa spent but can't be traded for other aas, if they could, or if they ever allowed resetting and responding as(I'd like it being behind, but I can see definite abuse) then it'd be a different story.

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