Self resetting server TLP idea

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  1. Panikker Elder

    Self resetting server TLP idea;

    Make a server that goes all the way to TSS level 75range expansion Same rules as mischief. Then hold the last expansion for 4 or 6 months. Hold a final event then server resets all characters to 1 , No guilds, no items , plat saved.(cant get rid of krono lol but I wish) .All gone puff. The player keeps the characters for him or her to dispose or level again from 1. It's like a self resetting TLP. Where you don't loose characters just progression. No more hopping to other TLPs ..
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  2. SoandsoForumUser Augur

    That's literally just hopping to a new TLP that happens to have the same name just with way more steps and work for the devs. Also resetting the server when it finally starts getting worth playing is chef's kiss.
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  3. Dre. Augur

    I love the idea of a self resetting TLP. 4-6 months is good for a leveling run to 75. But then upon reset, it dumps your characters to a live server
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  4. Appren Gnomercy

    Oh yeah, you don't lose your characters...they just get deleveled to 1, and lose all items. It is still the character you have worked hard on!

    As it is still early in the year, I nominate this to "Worst TLP idea of the year" award, close in front of pvp TLP server!
  5. Triconx Augur

    You don't lose your char, just all the AAs, gear, levels, and the accompany hours to acquire said things. Great idea.
  6. Vicus Augur

    The only way I see this server working is if there was some type of achievement or "past lives" system like Dungeon and Dragons Online. If when the server reset, you were able to keep special server only achievements that gave progression the second time through a little more enjoyable/different/easy ect.

    Or if there was a "Past lives" system where upon the restart your character became permanently stronger that was innate, like more AC or Heroic Int/Wis/Str/Sta that your character starts with. This system could be part of a normal server also, where once you hit a certain level/aa you can restart your character over with a past live boost. It allows you to continue to progress your character even after max aa'.

    But if you are just talking a pure server restart every 6-12 months....with nothing to show for it, pass.
  7. Eaedyilye Augur

    Lets see a Mischief rule server that resets and you lose everything except your character. On a Mischief rule server people tend to buy Krono and purchase gear. I'm sure after the server resets and you lose said gear that you may have paid 100's or more for, you would be extremely happy. This server would be incredibly popular. :rolleyes:
  8. Runes Augur

    Is this a troll? if not, why would anyone play on a doomed server where you pay hundreds of dollars just to have all your work and effort zeroed out after years of play?

    New servers come out every year doing exactly what you want so every year you can start fresh from level 1, on the new server. The only server close to this concept were special event servers for short periods of time and even then you got a reward you could claim on any server after.
  9. code-zero Augur

    I suspect that this is a backdoor strategy to not have to struggle to get your "name". This way "Droopy the Druid" will be ready to go on logon.
  10. jeskola pheerie

    also make it self-playing, today's preferred style, then it can just be a fully autonomous server.
  11. Sebbina Augur

    Aren't TLP basically designed as terminating at some point- merged. The point of a resetting server is that players who have the home they want, do not have to move just be reborn every time period.
  12. Maverix1804 New Member

    My ideal TLC servers would be: Create a few servers locked to specific expansions and players decide when to progress to the next server (set of expansions)

    Server 1 - Classic / Kunark / Velious
    Server 2 - Luclin / PoP / Ykesha
    Server 3 - LDoN / GoD / OoW / DoN / DoD
    Server 4 - Start from PoR until live

    Rules: In order to play on Server 2, 3 and 4 you have to start on server 1. Upon reaching level cap on server one a character can decide when to move to server 2. Same rules applies to move to next servers.

    As for any other rules set .. I am ok with anything.

    The first 3 servers would be always up and new TLCs would start on Server 4. Any time a new TLC is announced we could progress thru servers 1, 2, 3 and wait until the new TLC is open and join the new server right away.
  13. Triconx Augur

    So you have 3 servers covering content 10 expansions then 1 server to cover the final 18 expansions? That's a bit bias and selfish. What about people who want a TSS locked server? How about an SOF locked server? The difference between POR and Live gameplay is absolutely massive. More different than classic and POR.

    Your prejudice in this idea obvious and the break downs don't even make sense. Why is Luclin, a level 60 expansion, tied with the level 65 expansions? Same with LDoN/GoD with OOW-DODH. Who the heck is doing LDON during DODH? Why isn't POR in that cluster? It's literally a continuation of DODH storyline.
  14. Maverix1804 New Member

    Well, I am just throwing an initial idea. The important part is to spread expansion into servers and the ability to move thru them as we like. What expansion will be in each server is not set on stone. Someone with better knowledge than me can make a better suggestion on how to group them. Feel free to make your suggestion on how to group them.

    I just hope DEVs see some applicability here and see if players like the idea (or not).
  15. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    They keep merging servers when they reach live or hit low population level and that makes me wonder why they would want to keep these servers around that would reduce the amount of other servers they could keep running.
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  16. SoandsoForumUser Augur

    That just feels like you'd have a couple of ghost town leveling servers and one parking lot server waiting on a new top server. You'd just get the worst of both parts of regular TLPs and expansion locked TLPs. Agnarr works because there's no escape for those people so once they're invested in it they have to stay there if they want to come back to those characters. If they could press a button as soon they were 'done' with PoP a good portion of them would vanish and you'd have a death spiral.
  17. Maverix1804 New Member

    I see a couple reason:

    1- There are some niche there. There are groups of people (like me) that would like to spend more time on specific expansion. There are others that do not level up and progress fast enough and would like to spend some time on certain expansions. Its just that some people just dont want to speed thru expansions. They just want to enjoy and explore. From my example, server one would definitely grab a lot of folks from P99. And like P99. There are people that want to stop on a specific expansion.

    2- In the end everyone will reach Live. The difference from current TLC servers is that a players would not be locked on a set timeline. Players would be on control when to move to next expansion. There will be no merges, just players moving from server to server until reach a live server.
  18. Maverix1804 New Member

    What happens when people get tired from doing the same raids over and over again. Or feel like achieved everything they wanted? Couldn't we give them the ability to move on to next expansion and have new challenges and goals?

    As for the ghost towns. The current system are full of them .. since there are no new players joining servers .. low level areas are going to be empty anyways. In this system I am suggesting you would have to start from server one. So any time someone decides to play will be starting in one server .. not spread in different ones.
  19. SoandsoForumUser Augur

    Are you talking about TLPs or locked servers? If the former, then your comment makes no sense, because the next expansion releases and you just do the new stuff. If it was the latter it also makes no sense because you just said 'what if the locked server wasn't locked?' They explicitly joined the server because they don't want to move on and do new things, if they did they'd just play on live on a TLP. If TLPs are too fast play on live, but making them any slower than 8/12 turns away most people because that's an interminable slog.
  20. Norfestra New Member

    Why do that when (a) then you can play that character for free, and (b) they can just charge you to transfer your character out?