Seemingly excessive nerfing of Sathir's Tomb XP

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Tutankamen, Dec 18, 2019.

  1. Brats New Member

    I used to level a character through level 110 very fast. Now even in the new expansion level 110 has become a hell level. XP has changed everywhere and it's not even good in the new expansion prior to 111.

    Whatever, I have a year to get to 115. I hear that the regular missions are good thou. The missions are giving out like 30-50% xp? I haven't tried them; because I don't like to level using missions and achievements. However; if the achievements really give this much extra xp, then I guess raiders are going to get massive aa's while raiding. There's some positive notes for ya!
  2. Teylana Elder

    I give it two weeks. That should be just enough time for a certain group of people to max out. Then it'll get hit with a Nerf bat the size of a tree.
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  3. 666DPSweDeliver Elder

    Theres nothing to nerf, the missions only give 40% exp once … its for the achievement.
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  4. Vumad Augur

    My 107 mage got 30% XP in a GMM mission while my 111 ENC got 6%ish in the same mission. It is a level curve issue not a zone issue.
  5. Ofearl Augur

    You people...

    Go to the new zones, kill mobs, they are not hard!

    Explore stuff, go get missions, get collections, get tasks done. Use the expansion you paid for.

    Make a group, if you cant fill it, use mercs. I walked around, did stuff, tanked things with a 2hander with out issue useing a junky merc and bad boxing a shaman...
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  6. Tappin Augur

    No thank you. EverQuest has always been about pulling stuff, killing stuff, and looting stuff. I am not about to grind instances.

    Who cares if it takes a bit longer.
  7. Gribble New Member

    Not sure how this thread turned into a ToV XP conversation.

    Anyway, back on topic - can anyone confirm whether or not the XP in T2 RoS has been nerfed (FOR LEVELS 110 AND LOWER) as a result of the new expansion? I've never been to ST. It was next on my list of places to go but i'd rather not waste my time if it's been nerfed.
  8. Sokki Augur

    I'm pretty sure nothing changed in RoS. As others have pointed out, the XP requirements for 111-115 are quite high. So far the best way to lvl seems to be doing progression tasks/missions in ToV.
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  9. Allayna Augur

    #1 Weren’t you the guy who complained about the exp in the GMM mission “Darkness Howls”? Inevitably leading to its nerf of per kill exp? I’ll post it below since you forgot.

    #2 Experience isn’t gained in ToV from “grinding instances” as you put it. It is a massive reward 1 time for completion of things like Hero, Partisan, Mercenary, Conquerer...

    #3 The great thing about EverQUEST is that YOU absolutely don’t have to do the missions, the partisans, any of it. Have fun with the grind of 0.04% per kill experience.

    #4 Can I have your stuff when you inevitably quit? My destroy button needs regularly fed or it gets cranky.
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  10. Ofearl Augur

    Cant wait for people to say the alarin tear is now to hard to evolve cause mobs are grey con. They musta nerfed that exp also!
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  11. Mehdisin Mahn Augur

    at 110 as of yesterday it was giving me the same AA xp as it always has.
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  12. Gribble New Member

    Thank you Sokki and Mehdisin for the replies. I'll give the Tomb a try today.
  13. German Elder

    Do the missions, you can get level 113 from doing the four hero missions. Finishing out the rest will get you most of the way you need through the levels and none of that is sitting around grinding.
  14. ArtremasEQ Elder

    XP seems fine in ToV, The AA per mob is solid. The levels are certainly large XP wise, but I think adequately compensated by the large XP rewards from doing missions / progression quests etc.

    Too easy = booooooring.

    PS: If you want to compare XP between locations, always use AAXP, not regular XP, which is impossible to gauge as you only have a % within a pool of unknown size. (the level).

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