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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Rhyagelle, Aug 8, 2020.

  1. Rhyagelle New Member

    After being gone for several years, I got the EQ itch again, and thought to play once in a while at the low level. The game is so huge, there's plenty of places I never went at the right level, content I never really could appreciate. So, I decided to play around in the old world, with a character of every class, of every race, and almost every deity. (16, 16, 17, doesn't *quite* work out.)

    Planning to stay close to home as long as possible for each character, and hit most or all older zones. Probably won't play beyond 50 or 60 on most of these characters, since they'll all end up in the same zones eventually, I'll just pick a few I enjoyed most to go higher.

    So, they question here is, what are some older quests that I definitely shouldn't miss? Or zones people forget exist, that are worth a look? Note that I'm not planning on boxing (though nothing is set in stone there), but I am allowing myself modern conveniences, such as mercs (as needed) and PoK. I'm mainly looking at quests from the base game, Kunark, Velious, and Luclin, but as above, I might have some characters going beyond that, so fire away if you love a higher level quest.

    If anyone is wondering, my planned characters are going to come out something like this:

    Iskar, Cazic, Monk
    Vah Shir, Agnostic, Beastlord
    Drakkin, Veeshan, Ranger
    Barbarian, Tribunal, Shaman
    Froglok, Mithaniel, Cleric
    Halfling, Karana, Druid
    Troll, Innoruuk, Shadowknight
    High Elf, Tunare, Enchanter
    Erudite, Prexus, Magician
    Gnome, Betoxxulous, Necromancer
    Dwarf, Brell, Berserker
    Wood Elf, Bristlebane, Rogue
    Dark Elf, Solusek Ro, Wizard
    Half Elf, Erollisi, Paladin
    Human, Rodcet, Bard
    Ogre, Rallos, Warrior

    Had to axe Quellious, as there just aren't enough classes to use every deity. Might drop Tunare, too, since chanters, iirc, are better off agnostic in the old world. (Mainly threw Deity in the mix just to see if I could do it without overlap, anyway.)

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts!
  2. Captain Video Augur

    The best old-school quests are the ones that don't work on P99.
  3. Yinla Augur

    Drakkin level up doing all the quests in TSS, there are a lot, my fav is level 1 from Boawb and the 2nd quest in the chain.

    Vah Shir do the citizen quest for your class.
  4. Cencamia Journeyman

    Necro Skull quest line out of West Cabilis. Faction may be a slight problem, but can be fixed.

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