Seeking Aradune and Rizlona dual-boxing advice

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by 3orcs, May 21, 2020.

  1. 3orcs New Member

    Seeking technical advice on the new server choices for dual boxing.

    Greetings and well met fellow Norrathians! Its been such a long time and never thought I might play the original EQ again. With the two new Progression Server DLC servers coming out got me interested in experiencing how it was back in 1999. Back then I was a big First Person Shooter video gamer and AD&D player since 1980. I went to a SciFi convention and visited the video game room where they were running a tournament for a new computer game called Everquest. You win a free copy of the game if you could navigate from Freeport to the oasis. I did it and won the game. Played it in countless guilds and raids until EQ2 came out. Also played DoaC.

    Time-Locked Progression servers Aradune and Rizlona are launching on May 27. It seems that the Aradune Truebox Dedicated Progression and Rizlona Boxed Dedicated Progression. My understanding is that Aradune allows you to "duel box" which means you have to have two PC's and two accounts. That Rizlona only allows two sessions at the same time on one PC?

    Which is the benefits and cons to either style of duel boxing? I watched a lot of ION BLAZE GAMING youtube video's but he doesn't spell out what the differences are between the two and why anyone would pick one over the other. Besides the political reasoning's to play on either. I would like some advice on the technical and game play reasons.

    I have two high end gaming computers with i7 processors and nVidia 1080ti cards. 32GB ram. Cox Cable gigabit service. Also, dual 27" 1440p monitors.

    One last thing, I am buying the Elgato Stream Deck with 15 Customizable LCD hot Keys. It is basically a Macro button machine.
  2. Vumad Augur

    Aradune being true box means you have to use 2 PC. It also limits your boxing to 2 characters. Other truebox servers do not have this limitation, but Aradune limits true-box to 2 characters only.

    Rizlona does not have boxing rules. You can box however you want. You can run 6 instances on 1 PC or 3 PC with 2 each or 6 PC.

    I think for you and your hardware that you best fit the criteria for Aradune. You only want to 2 box and you have 2 PC to do it.

    Rizlona is only an advantage for you if you want to box more than 1 extra (2 total) character.

    As for your hardware, you could run a dozen instances of EQ on each PC. You vastly exceed the hardware requirements of EQ.

    On that last part, your hot keys and macros fall into the category of 3rd party software. It's really a grey area. There are a lot of threads debating what is and what is not allowed. Some software is clearly okay. Some is clearly not okay. Some is okay if you only use certain features. The one definitive factor is not to run your characters AFK, which your keyboard software wont do. I think your keyboard is going to be just fine, but if you want to read more on the topic, then use search. Those threads always devolve and any meaningful advice you could get would be lost to that nonsense.
  3. 3orcs New Member

    Thanks Vumad. Since Aradune limits true-box to 2 characters the first benefit is that it would stop seeing 6box parties and allow for better grouping. I wasn't sure if I wanted to 2 box on one monitor or two. But if I stick to the 1 monitor to run both characters I can use the 2nd monitor for websites and other info resources.

    That new Elgato Stream Deck has 15 macro keys and figured it would help control my two characters on the same PC. So, you are saying that if I only want to use 1 monitor and my stream deck on 1 pc I would have to play my 2 characters on Rizlona. But Rizlona would be overrun by 6-box groups...
  4. 3orcs New Member

    ..searching keyboard macro's...
  5. Jamesasl New Member

    In reading this thread I have a concern in that I understand one computer/one account with a max of two accounts. I am assuming that this is checked though the IP, my problem/question is that my son from time to time joins my wife and myself and if that will screw my wife and I playing on Aradune server?
  6. Barton Augur

    dreamweaver answered this in another thread.

    Last post in the thread

    Now how the GM's are going to resolve that it is in fact you and your family playing together and not just you boxing all the accounts is still unanswered, and it might not be, imo it probably won't be
  7. 3orcs New Member

    Thanks for the advice in this threat but I am confused even more after reading all the threads you guys mentioned. On my only other thread someone said.
    Well, I read a ton of articles and watched youtube vids. But they all talk about controlling two PC's or more with one Monitor and keyboard. Or they talk about controlling 3 to 5 box's on one Monitor.

    But the new Aradune server requirements is 2 PC's with 2 toons. I do have two high end gaming computers with two 27" 1440p gaming monitors. Is there an article that discusses how best to setup two computers to run two toons on this new server?
  8. Vumad Augur

    Those youtube videos are not for truebox servers. If you want to do that, don't play on truebox rulesets.

    This is not complicated. To play on true-box, you need to have 2 computer, 2 monitors (or 1 monitor that accepts 2 inputs), 2 keyboards, 2 mice.

    Each computer has a specific MAC address. The ID card for that computer. Playing 2 characters from 1 mac address is prohibited. Using virtual machines to spoof your your MAC address will get you banned.

    Your IP address is your house. It is suppose to be 2 toons per person, but since you can have 3 people playing 2 toons each, they can't be as strict with IP addresses as they are with MAC addresses. They have no way to limit the number of accounts running per IP address. A lot of that is going to be managed by the honor system as it is hard to, but not impossible, to enforce.

    Stop over analyzing it. 2 toons on 2 separate computers per person is not hard to understand.
  9. 3orcs New Member

    I found someone on the Discord channel to help me figure out the best way to play two toons on two computers. They were of great help. I bought myself a Razer Tartarus Pro Gaming Keypad and should be here today. That will be connected to my 2nd PC so I can keep one hand on that keyboard and the other hand on my 1st pc keyboard.

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