Seeking a Dev's Feedback (Server Population)

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Jhinx, Jul 30, 2019.

  1. Jhinx Lorekeeper

    Time and time again I see posts from the player-base asking for assistance with the dwindling numbers of the TLP servers, and I am hoping for some sort of dev feedback that gives the impression that DGB is planning to address this.

    With each successive TLP launch the next server cannibalizes the previous one to a certain degree, so there is little reprieve in moving on, as that is little more than a stopgap measure to give the appearance that we are part of a healthy community for the long run.

    tl;dr if a dev could take a moment and give some impression that this issue will be addressed, that would be greatly appreciated
  2. taliefer Augur

    what issue? i feel this gets blown out of proportion. really the only "cashgrab" server was coirnav. every other server served a purpose.

    ragefire and lockjaw showed the demand for a TLP was high.

    phinigel gave us instancing and true box, agnarr was something a significant part of the playerbase (thought) they wanted. and Mangler and Selo are part of the 20th anniversary. there was 0 chance they would NOT do a new server or two for that.

    Coirnav was really the only server that seemed odd to me, cause as i mentioned, there was always going to be some kind of server for the 20th. i feel they could have not launched cornaiv at all. even tho im still playing there myself, its the only cashgrabby server imo
  3. Ghost Of Fippy Elder

    And you propose what for the problem you claim exists?
  4. Imukai Elder

    What's to "address" by the devs? When the servers become unviable financially they will be merged so they can sell off the excess hardware and folks can enjoy having Xs on the end of their names while they LFG. Or is it Zs?
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  5. Hdizzle Augur

    The only unknown is what happens to all these servers once they are into the late expansions. Will there be 4 Fippys (Phin/Rf/Lj/Coirnav)? Sounds bad especially if they are all lame truebox.

    edit* RF/LJ are not truebox.
  6. Radical New Member

    No, that would take some effort for about 10 minutes. So that will never happen.
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  7. Silver-Crow Augur

    To be honest, the solution is fairly simple.
    Allow server transfers to any TLP that is currently ahead of where your existing server is.

    Most of these servers are on a fairly similar ruleset, and if you're going in with gear that's 'lesser' than the max available on the new server, you're never going to break your destination server.

    This also allows choice on whether you move or not, so no enforced merges :)
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  8. Meredyth Elder

    Yeah why don’t they just wave the magic wand right? Sure only thirty players may be left on Fippy and you may think that means they can just have some intern copy 30 characters for them, but you forget about the thousands of characters made on the server on people’s accounts that have not been logged in - those have to be merged too.

    Ten minutes for someone to manually move thousands of accounts worth of characters. Hmm. Not unless they had a working merger script (they tried recently and failed by the way)
  9. Jhinx Lorekeeper

    I agree.

    This was ever the solution in the past when server populations had dwindled down to a point where the servers were approaching ghost town status and appears to be the most widely suggested fix for those that feel that there is a problem to be addressed.

    Not doubt whatsoever that having different rules sets for servers compounds any issues that might exist in the merging process, which is why I am hoping that a dev would take a moment and speak to this issue.
  10. Meredyth Elder

    Yeah dev feedback about this would be great.

    There was a massive plat dupe problem on RF and LJ, and generally speaking server transfers were not allowed from RF and LJ to phinny due to the economy. This was both because of plat and also because transfers would let people bring things like gnome mask, scepter of destruction and such to phinny. I suspect the same rationale of not wanting to mix populations that had access to time locked content like the dark elf mask and Rubicite at different times or at all.
  11. BlueberryWerewolf Augur

    Isn't the stated plan for TLPs that they turn into normal Live servers once they catch up? Presumably that means they would then just be bundled in with the next server merge.

    The Devs have ruled out near-term merges because the last ones revealed problems with the way they worked, but I do believe they have said they are planning merges further down the road once those issues are fixed.
  12. Accipiter Augur


    People have already told you that there's nothing for a dev to respond to. Keep on bangin' that drum, though.
  13. Gremin Augur

    There was never a massive plat dupe on LJ. Thats why when DHS moved from LJ to RF krono prices on LJ where 60k, and RF krono prices where 220k.
  14. Meredyth Elder

    I think the price difference you saw had a lot more to do with supply and demand being affected by RF having a much larger population. I was on LJ when the plat dupe occurred and I recall both servers being affected. There were bans on LJ for it that I heard about but of course that didn’t get the plat that had already been transferred off the toons that were duping. It’s quite likely that the dupe was much larger scale on RF though leading to much more plat entering the economy. Beyond that, more people on RF means more plat entering the economy on a daily basis anyway and more people buying krono with plat both of which would inflate prices faster on RF compared to LJ.

    In any case, the reason server transfers are not allowed is usually related to economic issues such as item availability and also plat. It would also create a market for people to level toons on the newest server and get a bunch of stuff that doesn’t drop anymore on older servers, then transfer to one of those servers and sell the toon. Similar to what LJ people did by transferring to RF with SoDs etc.
  15. Gremin Augur

    Was never aware of that dupe on LJ, was under the impression it occured on RF then people transferred to LJ with the plat in an effort to avoid being detected on RF. Good to know though.

  16. Nolrog Augur

    I'm truly amazed when people think things take "about 10 minutes". It shows they have absolutely no concept of how things work.
  17. Nolrog Augur

    Devs almost never respond to a post saying "Seeing a Dev's Input". Questions around server population have been addressed many times. And finally, please reply with a +1 makes this a forum poll which is against forum rules and will probably get the thread locked.
  18. Radical New Member

    If you think one dev has been working out the issues that prevent them being able to merge servers, I just don't know how to respond to you. Sure it would take longer then ten minutes, maybe more then ten days. But I assure you, they have not spent ten minutes on it. They just keep throwing out more and more and more TLP's without any regard to the future well-being of said servers.

    With that said, I think the devs do a great job and it is quite thankless with forum dwellers. But in the regard of this topic, there has been no developing developments by the devs.
  19. Nolrog Augur

    I don't think anyone has been working on it. But that doesn't mean it something that would take 10 minutes. These things take a lot of time to plan, implement, test, bug fix, etc. Anyone suggesting that it would take 10 minutes means that they have absolutely no clue how things work.
  20. Fluid Augur

    Thanks for the LJ status update. I blundered on there by accident, balky mouse miss click, and decided to have a look around. Virtually deserted now. Conformation bias of course, once a server has been ruint(TM) it will eventually die. I am resolved to the situation while still oddly hopeful for no good reason. Every time there is a new server I tell myself "This time it will be different."

    I'm also not a big fan of server mergers for obvious reasons. I can not think of a server where I don't already have too many characters such that I would be 4-8 slots short in a merge. That and how many [Fluid, Fluidx, ..., Fluidxxxxxxx] would result from a server merge. Not only that, but other people are using the name now. There is the problem with duplicated functions too. I mean I usually start a Druid or Wizard just for the transportation factor. I certainly wouldn't need 7 Druids and a Wizard on one server. Likewise I have expanded my character count on at least one server, I'm not sure the Doll of a Character would carry over to where I would end up.

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