Seeing (or not seeing) invisible player characters

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  1. Droctrebor Journeyman

    Hello all, I have a question but will first explain the situation....

    Okay, so for about 24 hours straight and probably 36 of the past 40 hours this player/bot has had a highly desirable named mob camped in one of the Hardcore Heritage zones. I keep popping in and this person is always there and literally moves nowhere else. I would stab out my eyes if I only killed one mob every 24 minutes for 24 hours.straight... whilst staying at the computer.

    So, long story short, at first I would never see her, only her mercs, yet a "/who all" would say she is in the zone. So i decide to just sit there and watch the spawn point to see what is going on. So... no sign of her anywhere and the minute the spawn pops, she pops out of thin air and kills it and loots it almost before it drops to the ground and a 1/2 second later is invisible again..... yet I have her targeted on my cursor (which has now just become a dark blue targetting circle)..... but no physical form to be seen. Interestingly enough, when she vanishes there is no "so and so casts a spell" and there is no "so and so steps into the shadows" , nothing like that, just gone. I know I run around and see people with ( this is me ) around their names indicating that they are invisible and that I can see them. I have an Alt Rogue that I can see when he is in Hide/Sneak mode. What is it that she is using that I suddenly can't see her in her invis form ? Or is she running a program and warping ?

    I am not sure of her class but she is either a BL or a Rogue if that matters. I am not well rounded in the various classes as i play my main 99% of the time , so I am not sure of other class abilities. But, one thing is for sure, I could have sworn that I could see all invisible mobs and PC's with my see invis AA's and Faerune.

    Any one care to chime in on what may be going on ? Just curious because it has been years and years and years since I thought I couldn't see all invis'd PC's.

    On the flip side I will say this. The minute I was almost certain that she was running a script, something happened to make me question it. Her and her merc had an "add" that turned in to a runner at low health and she did chase it down which was only a few steps away but nonetheless, she did chase it down, killed it and then returned to her spot to loot the named PH and poof in to thin air again.

    Just curious as I mentioned. .... although the constant camping is annoying. However, if she is doing it legal, more power to her, she is a better man than I =)

    Regards all,
  2. Lighteningrod Augur

    You can't see SoS rogues out of group.
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  3. Droctrebor Journeyman

    Thanks for the answer, I figured it had to be something like that. I just don't get the resilience though to be there that long and literally do nothing. I watched several spawns and they were all the same, as soon as the mob popped, she popped out attacking. Which would mean she is literally sitting there staring at her computer. Either way, thanks for the insight, i learned something new today..... I thought all PC's were always visible now if you had a see invis ability.

  4. FcsevenXIII Augur

    They should be. If I remember correctly the only reason rogues have the ability to be invis to other players is due to a failed attempt at revamping the whole invisible structure back during tss. I see no reason why a class should have an ability like that at all.
  5. Beimeith Lord of the Game

    Invis has multiple levels. They can set an ability to a certain level and unless you have the equivalent level of see invis, it will be invisible to you.

    Normal invis is level 1. Normal see invis is level1.
    SoS is level 2. Special see invis spells like the druid/ranger one and the Eye of Zomm caster one are level 2 and can see an SoS rogue.

    The ghost alaran in the center of Pillars of Alara has invis level 40. You cannot see him until you do the quests. If you stand near him and have done the quests, you receive an aura of see invis level 40 and can then see him.
  6. Uxtalzon Augur

    The way you describe it, if true, is most likely a botter. And I suspect you're in The Grounds, because as soon as it became a hotzone the botters rolled in and set up shop, either in a corner near the mausoleum or right at zone-in, auto-pulling and killing for hours or days on end.

    You can type up a report and petition, but unfortunately, it will feel like a wasted effort most of the time because apparently botters have a right to some privacy as to whether any action was taken against them or if any confirmation that they are botting.

    One botting group I observed in The Grounds was so efficient and sat there for so long, they made enough platinum from the loot to buy multiple krono within just a few days.
  7. Oranges Augur

    There are people who have scripts that can run to a mob, move back to a preset location and kill it. The script knows exactly when the mob has spawned.

    I saw someone do it in loping plains. She sat there...doing nothing...then she ran out, tagged a mob ran back to her 2 alts and killed was strange since she was so fast at seeing a mob spawn and ran straight to it in a straight line every time. She also made these jerk turns, when a mob spawned her character would instantly flip so she would be facing the mob.

    So I sent her a tell, no response..I stood in front of her and hailed her, no response.

    So I trained 2 mobs on her to see what would happen....she stood there and died with her 2 alts....never casting a spell or knowing the mob was there...she was botting....with a pretty advanced bot script.
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  8. Nylrem Augur

    There is some way for a player character to get a higher invis than Eye of Zomm. I have run across it several times in the bazaar. I have tried to purchase items from sellers that I can target, find, and see a ring around, the path disappears when I get to them, yet I cannot see them to click on and buy from them even using Eye (I am a magician).

    I do not know if it's a bug or what, but it can be done.

    I believe the reason rogues keeping invis when SoS and out of group is for PvP purposes.

    The situation you describe does sound like this is likely a rogue being run as a bot. Try sending a tell to them and asking how much longer they going to be camping that mob, IMO.
  9. Lighteningrod Augur

    I suspect your suspecting skills aren't what you think they are.
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  10. Beimeith Lord of the Game

    Do you have sellers set to hide in the bazaar window?
  11. Gragas Augur

    Who cares to be honest, go find something else to camp?
  12. Droctrebor Journeyman

    Hey Gragas, thanks for the enlightening post. Had you read my post more carefully, you would have figured out "I cared" because I wanted to learn something. My question was "what was she using that made it so I couldn't see her" .? I never asked about getting her banned or whining about anything. I could have easily KS'd the mob from her had I wanted to...... even if she was running a script or something. Either way , no biggie, I believe my question was answered above. Thanks all for the answers.

  13. Lily Augur

    You cared enough to respond.
  14. Gragas Augur

    Not grouped with an SOS player and not being able to see them is somewhat common knowledge? Maybe I spent too much in Bloodmoon Keep to know you can't see SOS NPC's or PC's and there is a range to actually see spell casts or they can be filtered off? The fact that you think that someone is "cheating" because you don't know what they are doing and decided to post on an open forum to call them out on your uninformed observations. To be honest, stopped reading at about the point you claimed someone was warping instead of realizing mercs don't hang out by themselves except in guild lobby.
  15. Mykaylla Augur

    Incidentally, if you do not have one of the abilities to see SoS or a Tobrin's Mystical Eyepatch clicky, if you are in a group (one other person and a merc will do) and have leadership AAs, you can wait until they decloak off starboard bow to attack that mob, target them, and "Group Mark NPC 1."
    You can then go to your mark list, and/or put them on your extended target window, and see their target ring on the ground until one of you leaves the zone.
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  16. Gragas Augur

    Guess I need to "stalk" people more often in EQ to learn these tricks.
  17. Illusionist_Innania Augur

    If a person knows the respawn time in a zone, it's no problem to set the in-game timer to just buz right before the mob is going to spawn.
  18. Mykaylla Augur

    PVP- as soon as you see a rogue enter the arena, you get them on your target and can see if they go for your back once they go SoS.
  19. Sebbina Augur

    Rogues have Sneak and Hide abilities that can skill high enough to work while moving, and with the AA Shroud of Stealth, they can only be seen by group members or special mobs.
  20. Feradach Augur timer?