Secret to caster adps

Discussion in 'Casters' started by Elemental, Oct 3, 2021.

  1. Elemental Elder

    Rangers check out apex buff from rangers and you will see why
  2. Sancus Augur

    [Mon Oct 04 17:38:11 2021] You hit Test Ten for 475085 points of fire damage by Spear of Molten Komatiite Rk. III. (Critical Twincast)
    [Mon Oct 04 17:38:26 2021] You focus on the apex of the pathfinders.
    [Mon Oct 04 17:38:31 2021] You hit Test Ten for 508965 points of fire damage by Spear of Molten Komatiite Rk. III. (Critical Twincast)

    This is with variable foci (Arms) removed.

    Without Apex (200% Base + 355% Crit Dmg from DF):
    Trunc(Trunc(48676 * 141%) * 555% + Trunc(Trunc(48676 * 141%) * 9%) * 555% + (3477 * 555%) + Trunc(3592 * (3.5 + 9) / 7) * 555%) + 5000 = 475085

    With Apex (200% Base + 355% Crit Dmg from DF + 40% from Apex):
    Trunc(Trunc(48676 * 141%) * 595% + Trunc(Trunc(48676 * 141%) * 9%) * 595% + (3477 * 595%) + Trunc(3592 * (3.5 + 9) / 7) * 595%) + 5000 = 508965

    As far as I can tell, Apex of the Pathfinders is working exactly like other SPA 170 modifiers. It'll definitely add some DPS, but less so than a lot of other ADPS abilities (Illusions of Grandeur, Group Spirit of the Great Wolf, et al.).
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  3. Elemental Elder

    Try it with enc adps buffs, synergy procs going and you will see a massive difference.
  4. Szilent Augur

    can you show us from your testing what you've seen?
  5. Elemental Elder

  6. Elemental Elder

    with TOV focus also
  7. Szilent Augur

    That shows the difference between a full stack of stuff *plus* Chromatic Haze, to that same stack of stuff *without* Chromatic Haze. It doesn't show anything about Apex of the Pathfinders.
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  8. Elemental Elder

    Maybe I'll show you the parse where my other mage nukes for 8mil + all with TOV focus and Rk2's. Goofball lol you ask for proof I show you proof, then you try to discredit it. Get a life bluebie. Any more information from me will cost you 1 krono.
  9. Elemental Elder

    Zek is like swimming in the deep end of the ocean. You have to watch out for Sharks, But hey who wants to stay in the kiddie pool all their life?
  10. Szilent Augur

    but you didn't show proof.

    you showed that Chromatic Haze is powerful. That's trivially acknowledged. Chromatic Haze is powerful. Apex of the Pathfinders is not Chromatic Haze.
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  11. Elemental Elder

    I showed you the numbers now its up to you to figure out how to get there. Knowledge is power and knowledge is $$. Nothing in life is free.
  12. Szilent Augur

    there's no secrets. "how to get there" is "click Chromatic Haze". Apex of the Pathfinders is a red herring.
  13. Elemental Elder

    For you the price is now 10 krono. Holding Webinar this weekend to teach everyone how to dps. Admission is 1 krono per person, excluding Silent Redemption. Silent Redemption price of admission is 10 krono.
  14. Ryedough New Member

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  15. Raccoo Augur

  16. Elemental Elder

    Those are some cute pictures you made of me, it makes me feel very good knowing that you took the time out of your day specifically caused by myself. But, next time you might want to get the spelling correct.
  17. Ryedough New Member

    No U

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  18. Elemental Elder


    That's a pretty cute troll account you got there, and your other one too. Its pretty pathetic that you would log into multiple accounts to try and make it seem like you are different people. You really like your own post with separate accounts.
  19. Ryedough New Member

    *Gasp*, Libel and Slander sir! You'd think someone with such a bigbrain for sniffing out sekret ranger adps would substantiate his claim with at least like, a chat log or something

    100% an alt account

    100% not Raccoo lmao
  20. Lisard Augur

    oh i wanna play.

    I'm Scornfire
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