Fixed Internally Secondary anchors and jack-o-lantern deleted when I logged in....

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Tatanka, Apr 15, 2020.

  1. forum troll Elder

    Sorry a new mistake? Do you type the code for the patch in by hand each time or once it is working on test then save the work and patch it to live? Im confused

    Edit: 13 hour+ downtime maybe it is by hand
  2. Qbert Gallifreyan

    Whether or not this secondary patch was intended to fix this issue, I don't know . . . but; I wanted to add that I just logged in and yet again a bunch of items were deleted as lore without telling me where they were, etc.
  3. Aanuvane Augur

    :( I've logged back in a couple characters and the stuff deleted from them previously has not been returned. Still afraid to log in my other accounts.

    Why wasn't there a roll back?
  4. niente Developer

    I still need to write a script to reimburse items that were deleted.

    There was no rollback because the server was shut down; rollbacks usually only happen when something crashes. We didn't restore real estate from a previous save. If we do that it will be another patch with a longer downtime period.

    Today's patch included a large conversion of real estate data.
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  5. Fanra

    Has this issue been fixed as far as people logging in now? I know you still need to reimburse items but was the second patch to fix this so no one else has this issue?

    Because the second patch information to us is just, "a fairly major issue discovered that needed to be fixed".

    I'd like to know if I should tell people to not log in if they have items in shared houses or not.
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  6. Morigaine Elder

    Does this mean this script will be executed in short time? I am missing two scalebreaker crates and the 200 items that were in each.
  7. Thunderkiks Augur

    So yeah still hundreds of items are just gone
  8. Aanuvane Augur

  9. niente Developer

    My best recommendation is to go ahead and log in and I'll be reimbursing items. Sincere apologies for all of the problems and the extended downtime.
  10. German Augur

    Thanks for the info Niente. Can you at least notify the community once that is done so we don't overwhelm support with tickets at this time.
  11. Thunderkiks Augur

    So stuff will be returned even if multiple characters had the same name item in crates? One crate is missing 55 items and it was a lore item. So Several different characters had stuff stored there. That's just one also. There are several crates that were destroyed.
  12. IcebergDX Lorekeeper

    I am concerned about what levels/Items might be affected. I am a fairly low level (highest toon is 60) who is just coming back after a long layoff. I don't even know what I have on many of my toons, and don't want stuff to just vanish. is there any way you will be able to track what disappears, because I am going to be rather perturbed if I have to wait several days, or even weeks before I can log back in to get back to playing. (BTW, been a player on and off since Velious.)
  13. Velisaris_MS Augur

    They really just need to make it an AA like the druid/wizard secondary and tertiary bind points. Have something you click to set the primary and secondary anchor points. Problem solved.
  14. niente Developer

    The items that are being deleted from real estate are being logged. I have some ideas, but can't accurately predict if they will be deleted when players log in, so unfortunately they can't be restored preemptively.

    We have backups of the DB I can use to access real estate from before it was deleted.

    After I start restoring items, if you're still missing things, you can send me a PM (or a CS ticket which most likely will eventually get forwarded to me) and I can take another look. If you petition now it may not help, since CS is waiting for me to restore items.
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  15. Morigaine Elder

    Not sure if this info helps, but my bard ended up getting my SK's no-trade items. I had stored my SK's old weapons in the bards scalebreaker crate in the bard's housing plot. When bard logged in, he had two eviction crates. I placed them and opened them. He (the bard) took possession of many no-trade SK items by doing this.

    I deleted the items on the bard because they aren't usable to him and he won't have a mechanism to return them. But something else to consider in the patch debacle.
  16. CatsPaws Devil's Advocate

    Got the message that my Duplicate Band of Minimal Effort was deleted on first log in after patch. Since this item is lore I wasn't sure how that would happen since I would not have had 2 to begin with but I did a "find" on my inventory and saw I still had it in that character's house.

    In my world, each character has his own house with his old armor in it.

    Now I log in and he no longer has ANY "Bands of Minimal Effort" but instead a different character, not even on the same account shows as the owner of the Band. There is no way that character would have anything in the first character's house and where did the first character Band go? Plus I am afraid to log into the second character cause his Band might be gone now too.

    So it might be the bug is reassigning the owner ship of the item.

    Ah well I will try again in the morning and see how things are
  17. Thunderkiks Augur

    I got one crate of eviction myself from my plot. My ranger had put her scalebreaer crate at my house and I put items in it. The crate of eviction looks to have everything in it but my rangers Scalebreaker crate is still gone and she didnt ahve any parcels. The scary thing is it said on the parcel message that it was the scalebreaker storage.

    [Wed Apr 15 18:31:40 2020] Parcel Delivery Liaison hands you the Crate of Eviction that was sent from Maple Country Creek, 103 Market Street, Scalebreaker's Storage .
  18. German Augur

    So the old anchors were back, and the new ones were deleted. That's fine.

    Had a parcel from the contents of the scalebreaker crate (2), but no crate. It may have only sent items to me that I had put in that crate though. It might not be as bad as it sounded at first.
  19. Graves Elder

    Had some trash items returned. No sign of the two missing crates on either the plot owner or crate owner characters.

    And lets not go into the amount of parcels I've lost, DB cash gone, Overseer eating agents on conversion and the exp rolled back. Not EQ's finest week.
  20. Thunderkiks Augur

    Has the script been done yet? Still missing all the times that said they were deleted over several characters. I just want to ask before I start opening several petitions.