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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Rotlust, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. Rotlust Augur

    I posted a blurb about this in another thread, but felt like it needed an actual thread.

    Yes, it's another "i would like this sort of TLP" thread, but I think it's a little less niche than the usual.

    Simply put, I understand why DB keeps bringing out new servers once a year. It's extremely profitable, and TLPs see a big drop off around that time.

    Instead of making new servers every year, wouldn't it make more sense to create a server that allows free transfers to other more progressed server after it gets to a certain point, then resetting back to vanilla completely?

    I won't get into the actual details of how long each expac, exp, or when it should reset because that's not the point of the thread (but a big ruleset change for each reset would mix things up I think). I would just like to see less fracturing among the TLP community.

    As a bonus, I would like to see two versions of this at the same time: one true box and one non true box. I think that would be ideal for everyone. I think it would also be fun if you earned cosmetic items, mounts, bags, exp pots, or AA claims by meeting certain milestones on these servers before the reset which could be used for the next reset or on other servers.

    Thanks for reading :)
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  2. Machen Augur

    There is not currently a non-truebox, AoC enabled server for players to transfer to at the end of the seasonal server's lifespan. So they'd need to add one of those too.
  3. Yinla Augur

    This sounds very much like the feeder server suggestion we have had suggested a couple of times.
  4. Gemstoner Lorekeeper

    As I said in the other thread, I really like this idea. I'm one of the nuts that enjoys starting from scratch over and over. Adding some sort of reward structure would be icing on the cake. It might be a safer place for DBG to try out some of their wackier rulesets, although I'd suggest maybe a couple of event servers. One that sticks closer to the classic start formula we know and another to try out weird rulesets.
  5. wade_watts Elder

    This approach would be awesome and it seems like it would be highly profitable for DBG. I have a group of friends that probably generate 20+ active subs when a new TLP comes online just to experience the classic+ nostalgia with so many people (and I'm a loser with very few friends). I probably have a biased view because of that but seems pretty evident that it has to be a revenue boost each time.

    The people that want a path to live would either not play on these or just transfer off. The people that want classic - kunark+ rush and hoards of people would likely keep one or multiple accounts subbed year round... Seems like a win - win .

    I saw Holly in an interview talking (maybe indirectly) about how they view creating new servers and it seemed to be very much a mindset of servers being very long lived, having their own identity, being hands off, etc. Suprisingly, she also talked about how the progression player audience was about the same number of people as live players - I thought that was interesting.

    While I hope to be wrong, given the way it was discussed, I felt fairly sure that they would not create servers that would recycle even if folks could feed into a different server. Would be nice tho!
  6. Rotlust Augur

    I know they had a vote several years back if a server should be seasonal. Around the lockjaw era I believe, so it's not off the table at least.

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