screen is so dark now after update

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Christopher12821, Jan 17, 2024.

  1. Christopher12821 New Member

    today i logged on after the servers came up after the patch today on 17Jan2024. the gamma no longer works and my screen is so dark that i can no longer see many things in the game. i was wondering how i can fix this? this is a terrible update if it removes gamma
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  2. Histamine Journeyman

    Def an issue, have to crank my display brightness up to be able to see well. Nvidia RTX2060 Driver 536.99
  3. Christopher12821 New Member

    my gpu is a nvidia 1050. unfortunately i have cranked screen brightness to 100% and its still too dark to play.
  4. laller Lorekeeper

    still searching for the old options to make it brighter feel like that 1 game of trone episode
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  5. thantoas New Member

    is it gamma or maybe a texture issue?

    For me Pok is fine, but other zones are pitch black almost...I think it is a texture issue on my end...but it is very dark in some zones...
  6. Christopher12821 New Member

    For me every zone is nearly pitch black
  7. Chaoslayer Journeyman

    Lots of people I have spoken to are also having the darkness issues. I have two computers both with different video cards that everything is dark but playable. I logged in on my wife’s laptop just to see and it is so dark I would not want to play on that not that we use it for EQ.
  8. Lineater Augur

    If you use a custom UI make sure it's updated. "Gamma slider" bar in display options changed to "enhance vision" bar. I hadn't updated Sparxx and still had the "Gamma Slider" bar which didn't do anything (stayed at 0 and didn't increase brightness).