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  1. Qbert Gallifreyan

    Unfortunately 95%+ of groupers won't be able to take advantage of/obtain either of these. They are locked away behind doing effectively all of the content (which is fine btw, but shouldn't be used as a selling point is all I'm saying).
  2. WorriedinNorrath Elder

    How many people still hardcore raid anymore? Most of us got that out of our system years ago.
  3. mr. pain New Member

    The problem with that theory is Realm of Insanity and Return of the Exiled types are NOT the bulk of the population. Hard core raider types are the minority and thus not the ones paying Daybreak's bills.
  4. Tucoh Augur

    Weapon procs yeah, but I think you're selling the groupers short. I think most people who got the familiar in RoS and wants the Jann illusion in TBL will get it.
  5. Qbert Gallifreyan

    If you think any measurable amount of groupers (not raiders' alts) got through RoS, great. That was not my experience; I can't beat OT so I can't even attempt the other missions. Perhaps after maxing out gear/aa in TBL I'll have a shot at RoS stuff.
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  6. enclee Augur

    I was thinking the same, what are there like 6 raid encounters? Hardcore raiding used to be 6 nights a week.
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  7. Littlelegs Elder

    i mostly agree here. the higher end guilds sure do get a lot of credit of being listened to. although, this seems to differ somewhat depending on how the "race" turns out as well. rote was lauded by some as regularly posting how overtuned content was, and now are attacked cause they came strong on launch day. iirc it was communicated that content is specifically NOT tuned for the best of the best players (note: not always in the guilds that finish content first), and if it were it would be a *yikes* response.

    my theory: few resources to create, test, and tune in a short amount of time. much like patches that go to test server, the changes are tested to see if they are broken, not if they are all that good. so a large portion of the creation (all? i dunno) goes on behind the scenes prior to beta. then it gets tested and missing npcs are highlighted, bad or missing text, obscure quest objectives, broken mechanics, etc. all the while theoretically doing some tuning?

    based on how much has still been identified as being still broken or missing on launch i don't think there was more than wide sweeping tuning, which is now being cleaned up bit by bit.

    i'm not a big fan of the progression path or a lot of the other things people are noting in these huge threads either. i saw feedback from many players from many guilds talking about over/undertuning and 'working as intended'. some pretty clear trolls, some seem more legit. just like every other thread. and fwiw i imagine there were pms about a lot of these issues vs. forum posts in beta as well.

    ALL that being said, if someone is needed to blame, i'm reasonably confident most of these highly influential and listened to guilds and people (/s) can shoulder the burden. i spent my money. everyone is free to do as they see fit with theirs.
  8. McDougal Augur

    You touch it with a needle.
  9. Vdidar Augur

    at least you wont spend all your plat buying new spells
  10. Dawdle Augur

    I agree with this post. Held off buying the Xpac because getting burned by sales pitches and having high hopes was never my thing.
    You know as far as EQ go's one has to appreciate the the classic era of Kunark, Velious and PoP. Those expansions were so well thought out. Wide open zones, camps for every level and zones that catered to both the casual and hardcore. This game still owes so much of it's success to those early years.

    How hard is it to make a game for all walks of life, for every level of gamer, that appeals to people across a wide range of abilities, play styles and free time? To make solo, group and raid content like SoE had. It needs to be both challenging and rewarding but not for just a certain level of player. RoS had this to some extent but I really feel like after reading these reviews and seeing whats been posted online that TBL is only good for one type of player.

    I am really hoping the next TLP server is one I like but I am also looking to other games for 2019. You know I had high hopes as a returning vet, I put tons of hours back into this chasing that end game and I had a great time doing it but I play in an Asian Pacific time zone and TBL didn't give me anything to do. I am just against buying an Xpac to upgrade a few aa's, gear, and spells for content I already know I won't be playing much of. It's great for those that have solid groups but from what I hear that's about it.

    Lets just talk about other games. What games are coming out in 2019 that might come close to being as epic as EQ once was?
    Days Gone looks like it might be good, if you like the zombie thing, not sure here.
    Cyberpunk 2077 looks amazing, 400 people currently working on it and it's been in production sense 2012. MMORPG by CD Projekt Red. I'm looking forward to this and it wasn't crowd funded... CD Project Red laughs at the thought of micro transactions.

    You know I think the allure of EQ is the immersion that it gave you in the world of Norath. This immersion is something hard to find in games these days. To pull that off and keep it going is a huge undertaking that few have done. FPS are fun but they don't keep my attention long enough. I wanted an expansion that kept me chasing that end game, kept me pushing myself to do things, not a road block. A few road blocks ok but it seems DB didn't take into account the smaller player base. I am sure Cyberpunk will have road blocks but they will also have like a million people playing in my time zone which means people to group with. So as much as I have enjoyed returning to EQ I have to say these reviews are bad and I question why the Devs thought this approach to an Xpac was a good idea.

  11. zhay Journeyman

    To be honest this is a harder expansion then the last few ones - and there is no free loot and no free quest.
    It is harder to play the molo game - or just play the normal box army game in TBL.

    This is group game expansion, you need to make new friends and play with other ppl on server to finish this. So enjoy this opportunity, to try actually playing with other ppl then just your self.

    I play with group gear ppl as well as raid gear ppl - it is possible to progress and get good loot, both in old groups and with ppl you never played with before

    Therefore, in a way thx daybreak for reviving the group game again, as well make quest witch are "no free loot at exit"
  12. Andarriel Augur

    I bought the expansions for the 2 extra shared bank space and the 40 slot bag. Oh and the mercs look cool. pretty sad how much this expansion is locked though not sure why though guess they think everyone is a raider or something.

  13. zhay Journeyman

    go make friends with ppl on your server - form groups and do stuff would be my advice
  14. Flatchy Court Jester

    We heard your advice, not everyone has your mindset mmmm kay? I would be fine with things if they would just open up T1. Someone else stated that some people have no interest in progression paths. BINGO! Some people just want to see the new stuff and gear up. Kind of hard to do when everyone is crammed in one zone.
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  15. WorriedinNorrath Elder

    I agree. I don't want anything to do with the story (progression path) and never have. The alarming trend the last few years is forcing progression down our throats like it's a nasty pill to swallow. They hate us not following their linear progression. They hate us staying in old expansions. It seems to have come to a head this year.

    Some of us just want to log in, check out the new expansion, maybe exp a bit or box a named, get an upgrade, and log out.
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  16. BadPallyGuildLeader Augur

    I box so my friends stay my friends. I find that I can protect my friends from the rough edges of my lack of playtime that way.
  17. Phiyre Augur

    I wouldn't count on Cyberpunk for several more years (heard 2020 is a wishful thinking release). For those waiting, it seems like it will be worth the wait. Witcher 3 was amazing in all aspects. Cyberpunk looks to be as good or better. Projekt Red won't release a half game either so if it isn't quite ready when they say, they are ok pushing the date out more to get the end product they like. Wish other devs felt the same way...
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  18. Brontus Elder

    I just started playing on EQ live servers after being away for 13 years. My highest character is level 95. I have 3 accounts too. There is nothing in this expansion for me. Therefore I will not be purchasing it.

    How hard is it to make content for normal people who are not high-end raiders?
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  19. Nazzden New Member

    what a stupid expansion. lock everything behind hard content....
  20. Herodotus Elder

    After you patch the crack.

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