Sacred Serillis Prayer Shawl

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by krozman, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. krozman Augur

    Still wearing mine. Any tanks replace it yet?
  2. Hatsee Augur

    Tanks I would hope have, anyone with mana probably wont be taking it off for a while though.
  3. Eaiana Elder

    Paladin here, replaced mine this week with a T1 RoF drop. I had wanted to upgrade to a T4 VoA one, but just never got around to it. It was a little sad bagging the shawl, I was always proud of having one, but I just couldn't justify the heroics losses any longer.
  4. SpamFactory Augur

    replaced mine on a tank and then transferred it to my cleric (after converting it to the priest version) who will be wearing it for a while still. (FV)
  5. Rouan Augur

    Bring up something that'd be nice for the sort of dedication that went into the thing. If it's not getting upgraded anytime soon, it'd be a decent candidate for an Heirloom tag.
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  6. Kurayami Augur

    I'd be more in favor of there being a way to turn my shawl into an aug. I will likely never ditch my raid shawl from my belt slot, would be awesome if we could just aug it though. We used 300 in all TS to craft it, why not be able to use our amazing TSness to transform it's special effect into a slot 3 aug?
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  7. Rouan Augur

    Yeah, that'd be the other route that'd be nice.

    Either way, you're dedicating serious time and money to 300 all tradeskills and then do a bunch of high fail combines that can set you far back. THEN you need a raid drop that didn't even always drop.
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  8. Silv Augur

    What's worse is now there is a very low chance of someone getting the final shawl unless they're top end and willing to get a few groups to burn through Convorteum. I don't want to discount anyone's hard work but it would be nice if there was an alternative for groupers (and even raiders at this point). Due to never getting the raid version (no one is going to clear Convo for my box), I stopped at Shawl #6 on my Druid because it returns more mana than the 7th.

    If anything there should be a new "9/10th shawl" upgrade for current groupers and raiders respectively. Make a 7.5/8.5 quest to be eligible so Convorteum doesn't CB the majority of the player base. Kindof how they handled the epic weapons. I doubt we will ever see a full new shawl series due to the extensive amount of work to implement it- kindof falls in the same basket as Epics I would imagine. The other possibility is that they want to phase out the focus effect so it is intentionally terminal.

    If anything... I got a toon to 300 on all TS? Yay?
  9. Qwestwic Augur

    We've been doing Convo for shawls since Underfoot, and still do it now. It's worth it for anyone that can actually get use out of it. I'd imagine Paladins still use it, but as far as SK's or Warriors go, I doubt it.
  10. Trajet D'Or Augur

    Zalifur Scale Belt Armor ID: 133176
    Slot: Waist
    AC: 112 HP: 2159 + 3/tick MANA: 2258 + 2/tick END: 2115 ATK: 18
    STA: 30 + 10 STR: 20 + 6 WIS: 23 + 9 INT: 23 + 9 DEX: 20 + 6 AGI: 26 + 8 CHA: 24 + 8
    Heal Amount: 18 Spell Dmg: 19 Clairvoyance: 33
    Focus Effect: Sympathetic Force of Corruption VII
    1: Cast on Spell Use: Force of Corruption VII (10% Chance)
    Click Effect: Expanding Mind VII (Must be NEC, WIZ, MAG, ENC) Casting Time: 0.5
    4: Increase Max Mana by 900
    Slot 1, type 7: empty
    Slot 2, type 3: empty
    Required level of 98.
    Class: NEC, WIZ, MAG, ENC

    That's the item that implies Shawl will be replaced eventually even if Shawl 3.0 doesn't come out.
  11. Kathylynn_Unity Augur

    As a wizard the shawl went from Amazing (UF) to Great (HoT) to Good (VoA) and with RoF I would still say it is worth using, but it has been almost entirely marginalized. I currently only recommend it to people that have a history of being into the long tradeskill quests. I believe whenever the next level increase occurs this item will finally see its retirement for me.

    It was a pretty good run though, going on 4 years of use. I have retired many items I thought I would never replace over the years. At some point you just have to move on and put it in the history book.
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  12. Silv Augur

    I'm totally missing something here... how does that imply it will be replaced? Serious question.
  13. Kurayami Augur

    Well I can see how he would say that from this item, at least for wiz/enc/nec/mag. Doesn't have the mana return and does a little less damage though at the moment. Wouldn't happen to have a link to a mysterious tank like item w/ defending courage of brell would you Trejet? :)
  14. Shang Augur

  15. Coruth Augur

    If the damage on a sympathetic damage proc + the higher mana amount the item has might out do the amount of damage the returned mana proc will offer

    Will be a parsing issue for sure eventually..
  16. Coruth Augur

    On another note. They should just make a group mob that gives u the final raid mob head. Call it a corrupted image of the first creation.

    Then put a new raid level head on final boss of an expansion.

    Rinse and Repeat each expansion.
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  17. roguerunner Augur

    If you get to turn shawl into aug, then I think necro's might be a little mad at that haha
  18. Strumph New Member

    I think it would be great if they could upgrade it or at least make it into an aug. Also making the head easier to get or possibly drop from current raid mobs would be a great idea.
  19. Kurayami Augur

    Would be nice if they would turn the necro 2.0 into an aug as well, as nice as it is to see necroes eternally holding their 2.0s or 2.5s. Shawl is definitely more aug worthy though, it takes a heck of a lot more work to get the shawl than it does any 2.0. Believe I got my necro's 2.0 done from start to finish, in the course of several hours over ONE day, this included the 1.5 and 1.5 prequest. Time it took for me to get all TSes to 300, forever for Jewelcrafting/Smithing/Tailoring/Jewelcraft/Pottery/Baking/Brewing + infinity Fletching on a non ranger char.
  20. Shmid New Member

    I'd say make another step in the quest where you take apart the shawl, read the glyphs that are embedded into its materials and then use Research skill to re-write them into the shawls essence, giving you a aug with its focus. Don't get the stats or anything, just a slot 3 aug with the rune / melee buff / mana return / nuke thingie proc focus.

    Would require all those who did the shawl to also do research skill, which is you are not a int caster, is painful as heck to max. Groupers could be allowed to break apart the final grouper version down for its focus as well.

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