S.H.I.P. pet bug

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by andross77, Mar 21, 2020.

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    This is taken from a ZAM comment (from 10 years ago) on the Ocular Scout Control Unit which is a rare zonewide drop in the zone S.H.I.P. within 2 group task instances. I have had this bug happening to my necro pet as recently as today:

    Incidently, there are sentries that come down the ramp and attack you from time to time (If you are by the ramp, duh). They don't wander the room, and if there's nothing at the base of the ramp, they just walk back up again. If you are attacked, though - or if you attack them - these sentries sometimes seem to "call" their friends. I've had 1 of them, then suddenly, had 3 more sentries run down the ramp to help out their pal. They have a really neat trick, too. They gank your pet. They don't charm it, because it doesn't attack you. It doesn't do "anything" at all. It does show up on the extended target window as an "enemy", but once the sentry dies, your pet just poofs. Your mage geared, haste masked, kick *** pet... just poofs. I finally gave up gearing them. I'd lose about 1 pet a session or so due to this bug/feature. I eventually learned just to not fight anything by the ramp, if I could help it. After a while, you can get the spawn timer down, and pretty much go 'round and 'round and pick 'em off. My suggestion, if you are a pet class is to stay away from that ramp and don't bother with the sentries.