Rustbottom raid (GMM raid 1)

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Ofearl, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. Ofearl Augur

    This raid is lag city!!

    Who agrees!? I (we) are mashing buttons for burns and such yet it litterly seems like it takes forever for stuff fire.

    My questions for a Dev or equal... What time zone are the physical servers located? Does distance from server to my computer affect this? When we do other raids there aren't these issues. Can this get looked at? I mean come on please!
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  2. Axxius Augur

    Any static raid with a massive boss burn is a lag city. GMM1, GMM 3, Stratos final boss, Smoke final boss (if you do the Blizzard last), Aalishai - the amount of server side lag on those events is obscene. Spell casting delays, unresponsive clickies, etc.

    When the whole raid is burning 1 boss, the game lags like hell. And it's not new in TBL. Sathir's Tomb #3 was exactly the same in RoS. It probably has to do with the absurd amount of hits that 54 players can generate these days with all the procs and stuff.
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  3. ClubersMS New Member

    I literally can barely burn once we start this event. My ping is at 50 and my FPS is over 120 and when I mash buttons nothing happens. It takes 20 clicks to finally click a burn. Whats up with this garbage server?
  4. Ofearl Augur

    100% concur on this. Only for most in our guild it is gmm1 and 3 that we seem to have the most lag. Even in all of RoS raids we never saw it as bad. Palace Gate raid is another we go all out burn on and again we don't see this kind of lag.
  5. Raccoo Augur

    Use all the tricks to reduce. /loginterval 1, /afk on, chat filters hide damage, etc. I noticed a huge difference with just the loginterval 1 instead of 0.

    However, this one as well as many other raids this expansion have GINA so lagged out it is useless. I hear emotes for running away after we've almost finished doing loot!
  6. Bigstomp Augur

    I haven't noticed on GMM 1. Seems sane to me. GMM 2 with the boar was rubber banding tonight though. Others said it ran smoothly so maybe I just caught it at a bad time (I was the first person called out so maybe that matters)

    Clicking buttons is slow as hell - the UI even seems laggy. If it's an important button, assign it a hotkey and use your keyboard.
  7. Allayna Augur

    A lot of nice suggestions from the player base. Most in a top end guild know how to reduce the lag to the minimal amount and most don't have any in any situation.

    However, there are definite instances/events that are more bogged down than others. The Ralafin raid is fine, but the General's often miss their mark from rubber banding?
    The Mearatas raid is notoriously laggy, more likely imo from 1/3 of the raid changing form every 45 seconds. And his unlock emote vs. his actual unlock time is ridiculous.
    GMM 1 has considerable lag as well as 3, but 2 is fine?
    We rarely see any lag in Aalishai so I will have to disagree that it is related to straight up burn fights.

    All events are not created equal it seems and what I think the player base is asking for here is a developer to look into the severe amount of time delay on hotbars/spells/discs etc during certain events.
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  8. Karhar Augur

    Some folks/computers just lag more than others, none of these raids give me significant amount of lag other than server lag.
  9. Allayna Augur

    That's the lag we're talking about.
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  10. Odiiusx Lorekeeper

    There is something more going on in those raids that can be seen if you are using game parse and loading the html files to your website. Most raids sit around 5mb and below. The raids mentioned above; UEE, GMM, Fire are sitting at 15ish mb. Now, it could be we are all closer to each other in those raids, thus getting more information to process at once...if that were the case, the other close events would have the same big files, but they don't. Just a thought.
  11. Raccoo Augur

    Are there two main types of lag? Lag from boss being DPSed like crazy vs client side from spam from the dps? I had problems pressing buttons on one GMM1 and changed loginterval to 1, it fixed the button pressing, but it was still laggy. GINA lags like crazy, even on Reparm, where we have multiple targets.
  12. Fooba Elder

    GMM 1 is straight up broken. The emotes on GMM 1 go off like 60 seconds after they are supposed to. Nothing to do with burns, log intervals, or chat filters.
  13. skabe Elder

    I really don't have the technical know how to analyze it but I have often wondered how much lag is blamed on server side or other issues when the problem really is packet size issues due to modem settings.
    Like I read in the past about issues with bus speeds acting as a choke points for GPUs and causing reductions in performance.
  14. Drogba Augur

    even if i turn logs off and other melee/spells off, GMM1 is lag city. Oddly i find that pressing /clearall social between every single spell cast allows me to actually cast spells.. or else it can take 6 seconds
  15. Allayna Augur

    I've seen a couple threads referencing the /clear all command now. This was not an issue before this expansion, nor was it an issue before the implementation of chat tabs. (Blink is set to off, nothing is minimized btw, before someone suggests making those changes).
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  16. Raccoo Augur

    Other things they've added recently are faction links, and spell links. So since faction isn't always happening on raids, it might be the spell links?
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  17. Dhurgan Elder

    You either have too many triggers active or your triggers need optimizing.
  18. Kurage_of_Luclin Augur

    If the window that you send all your spam or Damage oriented info to is minimized you will get substantial lag every time a raid burn occurs. If it is not minimized , then the lag seems much less.
  19. Zaknaffein Augur


    There has been something done to the game after the release of TBL that has significantly increased lag. Nothing has changed with my GINA triggers and I have not added any new ones since whatever changes occurred. It seems to be from when the chat tabs and faction/spell info stuff was implemented but I can't be certain. I had zero problems with GINA for any event in TBL until recent patches.

    There are specific events where I have to turn GINA off now because of how far behind it lags, it has become a detriment to use on those events. I turn GINA off now for GMM 1, GMM 2, Meratas, and Generals. Those are the usual ones that I can think of off the top of my head, there are other events that lag behind as well.

    You can go watch any of my Streams from raids to see what I speak of.

    This also applies to the overall server lag that everyone experiences now, especially during a burn.

    * The lag also can be felt in game play as well, or really in any aspect of the game. Auto follow has never been good in EQ, but it has definitely become worse since these changes.
  20. Lisard Augur

    the day they introduced chat tabs was the day all my atrocious lag began in EQ
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