Runed Potion Vial - MIA?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by findar, Jun 19, 2016.

  1. findar New Member

    This was previously available on alchemy vendors but I went on a search and wasn't able to find it in Freeport, Thurg, or Inno Swamp. Anyone know if there is a vendor that still carries it or if it's just vanished for good?
  2. Catashe Augur

    There a reason you want it? poison making? Probably got to make it through pottery now
  3. findar New Member

    Illusion potions for halfling hijinks.
  4. Semah Augur

    Illusion potions are using the old-style recipes: wormwood + meat. Vials are, sadly, not in game ATM except for one or two varieties.
  5. Xangulus New Member

    its been 6 months they are still gone off the server
  6. Bobbybick Augur

    And I imagine the recipes are still the old versions.
  7. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Which server? What's Unlocked?
    I haven't delved further, but the creation date of this item is 10/26/2005 or a month after Depths of Darkhollow. it was worked on until 2/17/2006 which is probably when recipes that use that vial was released, a few days before PoR...
    When it is set to release. So... You are waiting for PoR.
  8. Olostin New Member

    ROFL, I love how you guys lock this kind of stuff to expansions. This is used in the revamped alchemy system and wasn't part of some expansion, if your going this route you should revert the whole alchemy system to the old one including the 5 and 10 dose potions and remove all out of era potions. And since spell research was revamped as well you need to revert that back to the old system using pages, runes and words. This whole cherry picking of what you guys consider a QoL update vs. expansion content is ridiculous. While your at it also might as well bring back coin weight, disable in-game maps, disable the "find" feature, remove all in-game item info, and bring back having to get your equipment from your corpse.
  9. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    All distillate potions should be removed from Agnarr entirely. They have no place on that server. A lot of the potions on Agnarr are classic ones like Ant Potion, Unlife Potion and Blood of the Wolf. While they aren't the single charge non-stack, 5 or 10 dose versions, they function the same.

    On Phinigel they should already be available on a merchant because we are in DoN, and they should be craftable in PoR.
  10. Pexar New Member

  11. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Have you tried the combine with instead?

    That was the original combine. Even then it didn't come in until LoY I think.
  12. Ngreth Thergn Developer

  13. Pexar New Member

    Thank you, it's all we ask for :D
  14. Ravanta Suffer Elder

    I will mention that a lot of us on Agnarr were looking forward to some new potions that can be made from items that drop in Luclin such as tonic of efficiency affinity 3 (requires a dropped item from shades in Luclin from zones such as Umbral Plains, VT, and maybe Grieg's End). I just wanted to mention this, because it's not just about the tradeskill trophy items.
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  15. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Are you sure?
    I show that Tonic of Benefit Affinity II uses Simple Potion Vial, not Runed Potion Vial. At this time, I'm not comfortable with the items that DO use a Runed Potion Vial being readily available. (Except the illusions... they would be fine... but also don't want to change the recipe just for them)

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