[RP/Story/OOC] A New Ogress Comes To Play

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Tugroka, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. Tugroka Journeyman


    "Me am Tugroka. Me am mighty Ogress Berz -- Buz -- ... uh." She checks a piece of parchment with terrible scribbling on it. "Berz - irk - er. Yes. Me mighty that thing." She throws the parchment into a nearby campfire.

    "Me on big mishion for Oggok. Big and seekrit! So I kant tells you. But I kan tells you dat it inv - vol ... uh." She pulls out another crumpled piece of parchment, reading off of it. "In - vol - viz killing! And smashing!" This parchment is also added to the campfire, the flames crackling and shooting skyward briefly.

    "So ifs you sees me, say hi! Me might be bizy killing doh."


    Hi there! New to EverQuest but not to MMOs. Wanted to try this game out, and what better way to do so on a Free To Play sub!

    So yeah, I made an ogress berserker, as that class sounded different to me when reading about them. Different than the normal ones I play. And come on, who doesn't love a strong woman with ... uh ... really bad makeup and teeth?

    I play on the Xegony server, as a few topics on these forums said there are some guilds orientated on helping new players. So I hope to possibly join one soon.

    So if you see Tugroka around, say hello! I just finished the tutorial and am now in Crescent Reach. Can't wait to see what this game has!
  2. Tugroka Journeyman

    IC: Day 1

    "Me all ready to go on spehshial mishion for Oggok, when stoopid kobold hit me on head. Dat made me angry, so me snap it neck. Stoopid kobold had uder stoopid kobolds wit it, and dey hit me on head too. Me got very sleepy den."

    "Me wake up in tiny bed. Me didnt hav spehshial tings wit me anymore. Dat make me angry. Me had to tink of how to git out of da tiny room. So me pretend to be stoopid so stoopid kobold come and see why me was stoopid. It hard to do. But me did it and stoopid kobold got it neck snapped."

    "Den me find uder tings who had stoopid kobold hit dem on head. Many of dem were squishy foods, but me was nice and me not eat dem. Even da froggies. Me decide to werk with dem to kill many stoopid kobolds and dig tunel out of da cave we wuz in."


    So, got through the tutorial in about 4-5 hours. Surprisingly fast and I got some nice armor and items out of it. I did all the quests I could find (used a wiki for help there) and found my way out of the area to Crescent Reach.

    Is it normal to be level 12 from the tutorial? Will the beginning of the game seem fast for a time? I try to do as much as I can in questing and exploring, and I'd hate to miss anything.
  3. Thomasofold Elder

    Hey nice role play :)

    To answer your question. Yes level 11 and 12 are normal. I only really did the quests and some Plat mining. I didnt really grind, all 3 characters where 12,12 and 11 (my ogre was 11 lol) other 2 where warrior barbs
  4. moogs Augur

    Reading this makes me feel dumber. More please.
  5. Tugroka Journeyman

    IC: Day 2

    "Me find stoopid hooman to heal me. Me wuz gonna eat her, but she say she wuz klerik and kan heal me. So me tink, dat be real gud! So me say me no eat her if she heal me. Me iz very smart ogre!"

    "Me find kat person who be anuder berz-irk-er like me. Kat person happy to see me. Me no eat kat person. Kat person say he train me to bekom stronger berz-irk-er. Me kant wait!"

    "Now, me go around painted dragon people city and find tings to do. Me not kare why me do dese tings. Me told to kill, me kill. Me told to kill and get tings, me do dat. Stoopid human klerik lady say what me dooing make painted dragon people like me more. If so, dat is gud!"


    Wow, already level 20 and still going! I am liking the quest journal and the achievement window that has the Heroes Journey info in it.

    Do I need to use other weapons? I really am enjoying the 2 handed slashing swords and axes, and I got a really cute deadly axe skin for it. To me, berserkers use big axes and not, like, spears and such. Will that really affect me later on?
  6. Elvinia New Member


    Greetings! Your story telling and information is fantastic so thank you for helping me choose which server to go to. I am returning player from way back when *cough* :) I will be making a Drakin SK tank like I had before It would be a pleasure to join you on hunts etc ICly and/or OOCLY
  7. moogs Augur

    You'll be using really cute deadly axes for many years to come. Sometimes swords, but mostly axes.
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  8. Tugroka Journeyman

    IC: Day 3

    "Me fite veree tuff skeleton. It wuz skeleton of ogre cheef. Me use all me no to beet it, and me win! Stoopif hooman klerik lady made sure me wuz healed, so me not eat her. Me took skul of ded ogre cheef for trofee."

    "Me den see six painted dragon people. Dey have me do tings. Me not kare y. Me have stoopid hooman kraft tings and find tings doh. Dat boring. Me smart ogre, make stoopid hooman do stoopid tings. But me do da killing! Da six painted dragon people like me now. Me smart!"


    Holy cow, that skeleton chief was my first really tough opponent. Punching me for 88 dmg! I can't even get that high with my axe yet, lol. But I won. It was scary when I tried to back up and throw axes at it because it summoned me (from what the text said).

    Working for the Council was neat as I found out stuff about Crescent Reach, which Tugroka couldn't care less about. So overall a good time.
  9. Gyurika Godofwar Augur

    Your story telling is great and has me laughing while reading it! If you want to come check us out on Test we'd be glad to help you out and there are a lot of benefits to the server.

    You can copy your current characters over by typing /testcopy and then log on to Test by clicking the gear icon on the Launchpad and clicking Test under Servers to patch for Test.
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  10. Tugroka Journeyman

    Glad I could help in server choice! If you ever see me online in the Crescent Reach area, I'd be happy to give a hand where I can.

    I don't think I've ever played on a Test server, except to test things. Hm. I"ll look into it. Thanks the the info and compliments!
  11. Tugroka Journeyman

    IC: Day 4

    "Me now find me way into da Moors. It smel like hom. Me like it dere. Dere be lots of tings to kill and squish!"

    "Me hav stoopid hooman klerik reed bored ta get me tings da do. Me kill rats and snakes to find shiny ting. Me kill nolls and take dere tings. Me hav stoopid hooman klerik make map of noll kaves as me no draw well. But me kill well!"

    "Da Moors much bigger den da swamp back hom. Me even see trees dat walk, and gators. Even big kats. Me kill kats for pelts. Pelts gud blanket in kold."


    So, time for me to head to the Blightfire Moors. Yikes. I got lost! Realized there was no in game map, so found some from Brewall and installed them.

    Found out gnolls like to backstab me from the front, which is weird. That and when I attack one, they like to bring their whole school band (toot toot!). Things got a bit hairy for a time. They were blue conned to me, and when my healer merc tried to heal me, they went after her. Yikes.

    But there are lots of things to do here, so can't wait to do more!
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  12. Thomasofold Elder

    To answer your weapons question; I keep all my weapon skills up just incase I find something.

    My first character was 1H Slashing only, and that was a big mistake. Couldnt find any good weapons and eventually trained my 1H blunt up and it took forever...

    Long story short all my characters are now leveling all there weapons :)

    Its less important on a popular server where you can buy good things at the bazaar...My first character was on trakanon lol.
  13. Tugroka Journeyman

    So, I found my way to the Plane of Knowledge (wow the lag on my laptop lol) and am now talking to the Tutorial lady, Secalna. I took her quests, but I notice some are still stuck on there, but even though I can technically take them again, I can't finish them (like the Using The Marketplace quest).

    Is this a bug? Could it be lag?
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  14. Just_Another_SK Elder

    I am honestly not sure if its for all access members only or if it works for free to play aswell, however in the marketplace there is an item "Complimentary bottle of adventure" search for it and buy it if you can as free to play (its cost is 0 so you don't need to spend any money to buy it, ) its a 4 hour duration 10% increase to experience gain potion, claimable once per character... its been a long time since I did the tutorial quests but i believe *Buying* that free item updates that quest for you.

    Hope that helps and keep up the posts! Reminds me of how the game made me feel and still does at times :)

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  15. Tugroka Journeyman

    IC: Day 5

    "Me veri sad. Stoopid hooman klerik ladee ran away last nite wen me wuz sleepin. She nice enuff to rite me note, but me not no how to reed. So me find anudder stoopid hooman to reed it fer me. It say klerik ladee went hom to see dere mudder and fadder. Dat wuz nice of dem."

    "So me need to luuk for new partner. Me find big, strong paint fase man. He say he lik big wummin and he kan no smell anyting since he brok his noze. So he no mind me smell! Me veri happi!"

    "Me tak Gerr wit me to Moors. Me kall him Gerr bekauz me kant say his reel name rite. Me help Gerr fite mani tings so we git stronger, lik stoopid nolls and kats, and treez dat walk around."


    Holy cow. What a crazy day yesterday.

    First, I was lagging really bad, more than normal for my laptop, so I check a few things, and find out that I had three installations of EverQuest in my laptop! I'm like, how the heck did I do that? So I uninstalled each one, cleaned up the stuff and reinstalled it.

    Then, it said I was missing a .dll file (UGH) so I did a repair and it added more files until I finally got the game running again. Fixing up my UI and the like, the game runs a bit smoother now.

    I also switched mercs, because as I read more info on the Berserker, I found out that it's a DPS class more than a Tank class. I'm like, oops! So I picked up a Barbarian Tank as a Journeyman (I bought All Access yesterday) and my goodness. He can handle 4 red mobs as I run to the zone line ... cause you know ... testing and all >.>

    Almost to level 30, so I need to focus on getting more plat to do the merc upkeep and try to find some Rough Defiant gear for a Berserker. If anyone has extra stuff and wouldn't mind sending it to me, feel free! My name is Tugroka. :D
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  16. moogs Augur

    Have you tried out /barter for making some easy plat?
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  17. Tugroka Journeyman

    Yup! After doing the tutorials in PoK I learned about /barter, so have been saving what I got out there and see if anyone needs them. Was able to make enough to get 2 more pieces of Defiant in the Bazaar!
  18. Tugroka Journeyman

    IC: Day 6

    "Gerr veri useful! He seem ta lik ta fite wit mani enemi around him. Me veri imp-impr ... happi to see! We kill mani dead tings and walking tree tings."

    "Gerr is strange doh. When we go bak ta citi, he always lik change his beerd. Me not no y, but me not kare. He kill guud."

    "Me here about bee ladees dat live in da moor. Me never see ba dadee befor. Me wunder if dey make crunch lik udder tings. Me hope ta find out!"


    Level 40 in 4 days! So crazy. But I am having so much fun!

    The tank merc is amazing. And yes, everytime we zoned, my merc's beard would change! It is so weird. Heh.

    I did find a good place to fight and get some plat, where those undead giants are. 12 plat sometimes a kill was really good. And following the Hero's Journey got me some more nice armor and finally a better 2 handed weapon!

    One question I have is, what is a good way to get skills up? Since I got the tank merc, my Defense and Parry isn't going up. Guessing because I'm not being hit or something? I have my merc on Assist so he helps me fight what I am targeting.
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  19. moogs Augur

    They greatly increased leveling speed to help new and returning players catch up. One side effect is that skills do not have time to reach their new per-level caps. The most obvious one is Defense. As the pace of leveling slows down, you'll see that increase more (if you're taking hits). If you want to keep that topped off, you'll have to pull out a healer merc and let some blue cons beat on you for a while or duel in the arena.
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  20. Tugroka Journeyman

    Thanks for the info! I spent a few dollars to unlock another merc slot, so now I can switch between a tank and a healer when needed.

    Even at level 43 I'm having trouble with a mob named Defan. I can do the first part when handing over the symbols and getting it to teleport to the roof of the tower, but then I die. I light the brazier in the middle, which is supposed to weaken him. But once he starts to constantly summon bats and stuff, my tank merc runs, and I can't handle the tanking with a healer. Also, sadly on my laptop I lag bad with all that on screen.

    Any suggestions? I moved on for now, but would like to get that quest and achievement done if I can.

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