Rotten Skelly and Pained Soul spawn times

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Runes, Sep 13, 2020.

  1. Machen Augur

    It doesn't though. I did the whole key in about fifteen hours this time around. That included a stretch of waiting in line for 3 people ahead of me on rotting skeleton. I did get a little lucky on AJ, got it after only about three hours. But for the most part it's on par with how long it took others in my guild. I guess fifteen hours is two days worth of a full time job, but over the course of 3 months, or even three weeks, should be doable for just about anyone.

    Way, way better than on Phinny where I easily spent thirty hours on the Sonh groundspawn alone.
  2. Trox2010 Augur

    Except you have people regularly 8+ hours for a pained soul or rotting skelly to spawn even once; something is obviously broken. Just because you caught it before something broke (luckily so did I thankfully) doesn't mean something didn't get fubared recently.
  3. Triconix Augur

    It took my buddy 10+ hours alone to get just 2 of the 9 (?) required pieces so you getting the key in 15 hours seems to be against the norm. You either got extremely lucky on getting fairly open camps & spawns of actual key mobs or you used...not so kosher methods of acquiring the keys when other people were there. I'm not going to be accusatory so I'll say it was the former scenario rather than the latter.
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  4. Hadesborne Augur

    All these spawns should be 400% more likely. The time we have in Kunark is 1/4 of original. Math.. it's for those who are insane and can't see past their noses. Yeah I'm looking at you Machen. Stop naysaying things that make sense. Your are WRONG. Get it through your thick head.
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  5. wade_watts Augur

    Nah dude, camp is fine. This plus all the broken epic camps. It's working exactly as intended and has nothing to do with the Dev's being too lazy/inept or leadership being too aloof to address obvious player issues. Please move along.
  6. Trox2010 Augur

    Honestly what they need to do is just double the spawn chance for all these mobs and have them drop 3-6 medallions each time; do that and fix the Wiz, SK, and Chanter epic bottle necks and that would fix about 90% of the toxicity on these servers. And none of those changes would affect Live since these items are only novelty items at best on those servers now.
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  7. Ngreth Thergn Developer

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  8. Tanamil New Member

    this is insane 5 hours no pained soul today.. i mean really this is dumb AF i've literally put in over 30 hours at pained soul camp and nothing. NADA.
  9. Krimmz The Lizard Journeyman

    The best solution is to make all the spawns like bloodgill marauder.

    i was with hicks and the boys this time so got the key no problem but still, i think that would fix the toxicity but still allowing it to be achievable roadblock.
  10. Skuz Augur

    Gotta say I agree with you if you disagree with 90%....

    .....but would it reduce it?

    Yeah I think it would but no idea by how much, I also think it would reduce some of the toxicity on future TLP, I would prefer the difficulty of events serve as a bottleneck than the difficulty of the access - which in this case is made more difficult by the much higher competition for keys than live servers ever saw and even if the keys were made twice as fast across the board & picks can be generated where they couldn't before any camp of PH waiting for spawns that can stretch beyond an entire working day in length are pretty stupid in this day and age, players are not getting younger.
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  11. Trox2010 Augur

    Maybe 90% is too optimistic, but fixing items like this will reduce a lot of the toxicity of these servers; Aradune has already shown that the vast majority of players really don't care about the open world races (which is why there is only one guild that bothers with them any more).
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  12. Tanamil New Member

    what you know 8 hours camping pained soul and Rampage World tour logs in and starts ksing everything and has SK's on stand by this is a damn joke. Something needs to be addressed Daybreak Company!
  13. haaaalp Augur

    It's called EverQuest, not EasyQuest
  14. Foaming Augur

    The biggest issue with most of these spawns is that they're in zones that either require a large amount of people to spawn a single pick let alone multiple or theyre in zones no one goes to so there is never a pick. The individual spawn rates on all of the VP quest is fair except maybe ancient jarsath. If the pick thresholds for outdoor kunark zones was lowered it would help a lot.
  15. Dragnet Sleuth Elder

    So the solution to have less toxicity is to keep it as is? That hasn't been working. Y'all make life harder on yourselves sometimes, I think.
  16. Galaras Lorekeeper

    I'm not disagreeing with you because so many of these are souls crushing, but at the same time much of this is what Classic EQ was/is. There's a reason Wow took off with it's more casual/instanced design where everyone can do whatever they want almost all the time but many of us return to Everquest for the unique way these bad mechanics force community.

    Or maybe we're just masochistic.
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  17. wade_watts Augur

    I don't think any of this is hard on the dev's, they just don't really care about folks on the forum trying to use their product. I agree with your point, but when the dev posts in the thread just mocking the problem I think it speaks for itself. Clearly they see the posts, it's a problem of apathy.
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  18. Dragnet Sleuth Elder

    Too true.
  19. Tanamil New Member

    really professional of them isnt it
  20. Runes Augur

    So you take "slightly increased" to mean its now 75% easier. I finally got my Pained Soul key at 2:00 am pst after starting at 9:30am. Killed non stop the whole time and average respawn was about 7M. Sometimes it popped after 6m and there were other times it went close to 8m. That comes out to about 137 kills of which we saw 3 medallions drop. That works out to about 2% chance.

    I dont care if a Dev posted that they doubled the rate, like they did above on some of the pieces, 4% drop rate would still be a stupidly low rate of return for this camp.

    Especially when there is still at least 3-4 Trak kills needed to get enough keys to get a decent raid going, making the Pained Soul and Rotting Skeleton camps on a fast unlock TLP server take at least 3-4 full days of camping non stop to get, as many people do not have the time to sit 16 straight hours for access to a dungeon that becomes meaningless in 3 months. I would not have done it, except after ten hours gone, I refused to walk away without anything and face having to do another 10+ hour camp for a single key piece.

    I get the whole "make it challenging", so make it really fun and challenging, not just a stupid mindless time sink. Make the quest mobs spawn faster and up their levels to something higher so it really needs a full group to kill, but have the med drop 100% each time. Better yet, let them drop six medallion pieces each time so the entire group can get. That would at least make it fun for all, reduce the toxicity of the camp and make the quest really fun, rather than a second job to get done.

    How hard can it be to up the number of medallions that drop on each kill for the TLP servers, to reflect the far shortened window of time the content stays relevant?
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