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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by redline, Jan 19, 2018.

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  1. mackal Augur

    Yes, the devs do know every item an item is looted.
  2. Khat_Nip Meow

    I do understand the difference and while unlikely it is still entirely possible, just as a coin toss could land on heads 100 times out of 100 flips, or 0 out of 100, or 51 times out of 100. There's nothing impossible about any of those scenarios.

    Something with the drop rate could very well be amiss but just because there have been so few doesn't rule out, 'the luck of the draw' as it were.
  3. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Ok, then i shall be that one i guess.
    After camping quite some time (my friend is insane) for his SHM, he had gotten the T2 drops for his SHM (all slots, visibles included), so we "had to" go to T1 zones yesterday.
    For a change we had good named-spawnrates and from those 3 different T1-nameds, we had not all visible slots, but many of them (bracers+legs especially) drop multiple times.
    Even back when we were camping Needle did we get some visible well above 25% of the kills off the corpses.
    So for us, overall droprate was well in line with the 75% mentioned.
    Also that the droprate seemed lower on T2 nameds i can confirm so far.
    Although of course our sample size is far too small to qualify for a reference, it correlates with the above info given by Ngreth.
  4. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    It's also "possible" that the servers simply run on affected Pentiums.

    On the other hand, it's more probable that the sample you derived your opinion on is simply too small and/or skewed.
    Most won't report a drop-rate that "feels right" - and certainly hardly anyone would report a 100% droprate (but too many would exploit it instead).

    So those finding themselves in a "streak of bad luck" come here to post and find themselves confirmed.
    From that, they draw the illegal deduction that "it must be so".
    Elsewhere, that's called a "filter bubble" or selective perception perhaps...
    Don't forget that Magelo too only gets info by a portion of the players and not continually either - only from those that actually happen to have the item-collector running, and that's not many as can plainly be seen by some very wrong (or rather: incomplete) data on Magelo.
    But i personally love Magelo for misleading people (and people blindly trusting -Magelo) - i usually get "my stuff" uncamped simply because i do my own research, lol...
  5. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Thank you for giving me my 2nd ROFL moment of the day - and probably the best of my week!
    This so much reminds me of the Y2K problem and pressing a julian date into 2bytes because "size matters!"...
    (yes it is "possible", yes it was done - which was why we had a Y2K problem - and yes, i am that old lol)

    I had thought EQ was a game of the 1990's, not the 1890's...
    You guys use flat files too much :)
    Now THAT would be a "worthy" task for a "fix", not HA-scaling :p
  6. Tatanka Joe Schmo

    I never said otherwise.

    My point was, you can't just dismiss it out of hand when you only hear of samples which are too low.

    And was vindicated when someone followed up with, the drop rate WAS low before the patch.

    So, basically, the cliffs notes are: The drop rate was too low before the Jan patch. People are still complaining because they're remembering what they saw before the patch, and looking at cumulative data which is partially filled with data points from before the patch.
  7. Gialana Augur

    My group killed 3 more named in OT last night. All 3 dropped a facet.
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  8. redline Lorekeeper

    I must have bad luck. Killed 4 named last night, zero armor pieces. Even if I get lucky and a vis armor piece drops. I still have to roll against all the players in our group.

    As more and more of my what use to be every day players stop playing because of the not so fun changes and other issues, it is getting hard for the solo players...
  9. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    You didn't say what zone you are in. Only Overthere and Skyfire will see the 75% for a T1 facet other zones are at 20% for a T2 facet. 4 with none at 20% is reasonably probable (seeing if the averages come out perfectly you have to kill 5 to get 1)

    Nope. Not at all. I know how the code works.

    • NPC spawns
    • NPC has a list of Treasure tables on it
    • Starts a loop of the treasure tables.
    • It rolls a 100 RNG for each, checking against the percentage (75 in the case of vis)
    • If it hits, it then rolls against the Item List. The item list totals to 100%. We get an error and the zone export fails if that total is not 100. Thus if it gets to this point, it is going to attempt to add an item to the NPC and the only way this will fail is if the NPC is full.
    • Continue to loop until there are no more treasure tables.
    • Loop through the global loot that is available in the zone and see if it matches any of the restrictions for the global loot.
    • if it does, roll the chance for the global loot (this is NOT a d100, as we can put very small percentages in global loot... see Ultra Rare raid drops in group content)
    • If it hits, it then rolls against the Item List. The item list totals to 100%. We get an error and the zone export fails if that total is not 100. Thus if it gets to this point, it is going to attempt to add an item to the NPC and the only way this will fail is if the NPC is full.
    The designer that asked for the command that outputs the loot with the individual item percentages wanted to see individual item percentages, so had them calculate it out. The system does not roll those individual item percentages, it is calculated information.

    At this point, It feels like you (collective you of the folks continuing to argue) are trolling, or that you (same collective you) assume that anything I say is a lie or wrong so further discussion is not productive. Closing.
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