RoS T1 raids [Seal of Charassis]

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Blitter, Oct 31, 2017.

  1. Ratbo Peep Augur

    Again. TDS Defense of the City - stands as testament to an "entry level raid".
    Good luck with all that.
  2. Cleaver Augur

    Sign cleaverwiz up ;)
  3. Maedhros Augur

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  4. Reval Augur

    People keep trying to justify the difficulty that are in guilds that are above that line with dumb reasons. Did you notice that? It's all arbitrary crap because their goal in posting isn't what's right or wrong, but rather to brag and see if they can get away with the brag.

    Here's my guide for beating queen. Have 6 warriors, 2 sk's, 2 paladins, 8'ish clerics, and then assuming average balance have 3+ shaman, 3 druids, 3+enchanters, 6 bards (maybe 5 if there's an all wizard group, I hear now they don't really benefit much from bards), 3+ beastlords, 3+ berserkers, 3+ rangers, and then a reasonable assortment of necros, wizards, mages, rogues, and monks so as that you have about 54 players with less than 3 characters boxed in the raid. If you have fewer dps of the caster or melee type, be sure to have suitable adps for the dps that you do have, but try not to go lower than 2 caster dps groups (then having 4 melee dps groups), or 2 melee dps groups (then having 4 caster dps groups).

    Make sure the balance isn't off. If you're missing too many of those classes for the appropriate groups, you're probably screwed. Doesn't matter how skilled you are. I try to be skilled, for sure, but I've seen people go down to half their dps when put into the wrong group. So what happens when these weaker guilds can't get half decent players into the required classes to make that happen? That's the strats you guys should be giving to them. How to get a shaman that can click epic every 3 minutes into every melee group. But if you can't, good luck....

    Make sure the groups are formed in a way that provides synergy (this is the part the high enders would emphasize because it makes them sound smart vs fortunate).

    Congratulations. Show me a raid force that has had a setup which falls into those vague guidelines since the expac was released and still hasn't beaten queen or vault at this point, and I'll revoke my sarcastic congratulations.

    Make tiers through different achievements, so that you can experience the expansion even if you stick with old friends or whatnot, but then the top tier of guilds is still challenged. Yes, the weaker guilds won't "experience" the achievement, but at least you aren't designing an expansion meant to exclude them from raiding altogether.
  5. Yinla Augur

    I see where your coming from and I don't fully disagree with you, but sometimes it is nice just to have a look and see what kind of mechanics you will be dealing with and die somewhere different and come back more determined to beat the eventt you have been having trouble with.

    My main problem with the way things are set up at the moment, once those guilds have beaten everything in T3 EOK they still have to wait an additional 6 weeks (ish) before they they can attempt a ROS raid due to the seals. I would like to see changes that allow those guilds playing catch up to be able to attempt ROS once EOK is finished and not have to wait 6 weeks. Lets face it ROS group gear won't be too far of EOK raid gear, they will have an additional 5 levels and more powerful spells and AAs to help them beat EOK raids, as long as they have a decent strat they shouldn't have too many problems. In my opinion T3 raids were easier than Queen & Vault, though I still have a strong dislike for the ancient dragon.

    Being stuck waiting to do ROS raids after beating EOK could be just as damaging as not letting them raid.
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  6. Blitter Elder

    This has got to be the lamest response in this entire thread.

    Mid Tier don't want you elite raiders coming in part time gearing your alts to transfer to FV to sell the loots. Not to mention I highly doubt even you elite raiders could sit through flagging guilds 18x over.

    And even if we did do that. Then according to the cheater (this is such common knowledge) High King we still wouldn't be able to complete any of the RoS T1 raids (again another comment from him - cos whoopee fingers, face, waist, shield locked behind t3 - we have visibiles rotting and i have all 5 slots (missing) eok rares and my guilds also have some slots filled with the rares they are missing - many with skyirons) - because the elite raiders have gone back to FV to sell there loots or gone back to there elite guilds.

    We don't want EoK made easier.

    We just simply want a bad design decision reversed, so that Mid Tier can attempt the early RoS raids, just like we have been able to do in EVERY SINGLE EXPANSION SO FAR. There has always be potential raid content.

    Most midtier have had 3-4 raids ALL year. Access to another 3 would be nice for the following year. Keep the Charisis Seal for T2+.

    There is only one design reason to block out non Kar'Zok guilds from RoS T1 raids. And that is if those raids drop a load of Seal of Charasis. And they don't want them to flag for T2 that way. It would be very unusual if the chests do drop more than 2 flags, as that is what EoK raids drop. But if they only dropped 2 per raid, then thats is 3 weeks per flagging member (if you downed all 3 raids). Hardly an efficent way to gain access to T2.
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  7. bigpapa Augur

    we struggling to kill queen and vault as a full joint raid ( since we only have about 40 players or so when we doing raids by ourself ) we don't have too much problem with LCEA ~ droga and prince .

    we just got destroyed with labs raid ...., over and over ..(ps : we all have methods of sarnak destruction done )
    I just hope ( they usually don't do that ) consider reducing the req of EOK raid needed .

    do we really need all the road blockers.

    *** annoying don't mean fun. goblins with spinturn in droga is a good example ***
  8. Jhenna_BB Augur

    As I stand here at the top of the mountain, looking down on you I wonder - what’s your point?

    Ironic isn’t it?
  9. Nightops Augur

    Whats my point?

    RoS should contain at least two raids (2 out of 9) which do not require EoK seals. I do not care if those raids drop flag parts for RoS T2; as long as the amount needed for T2 is adjusted accordingly. If their current difficulty in beta is deemed 'too difficult for guilds who haven't completed EoK' (by a few beta raid testers); then at least one of them should be tuned down.


    To think guilds which are currently on Queen / Vault will be flagged and into RoS within a few months is unrealistic even with an increase to 110 and new AAs. If the things mentioned in Beta hold, then low-mid tier guilds will not raid RoS until May at the earliest.

    Here is the timetable that I expect to experience as a mid-tier raid force
    --Now until RoS - finish T2 seal and work on Vault. (we just got our 18/19th T2 fragment but due to raiders with ~50% attendance & recruits most are closer to 10.)
    --RoS launch until mid Jan - Work on vault; due to holidays, patches, and exploration; not much progression.
    --Mid Jan - end of Feb - work T3 EoK raids. I don't know if we will get a win in all 3 due to EoTD2 blockers.
    --Mar - end of April - work T3 fragments and EoTD2 blockers.

    Start into RoS by May; Just in time for the spring / summer attendance decline.
  10. Seldom Augur

    No offense Nightops, but if predicting that the raid force you're with will BEGIN raiding RoS during May 2018, then there's zero chance it's a Midtier force. If you have not yet even begun downing T3 towards very end of expansion while mostly EoK raid geared, that's definitely family/low tier raiding crew. EoK has multiple easy events, you're raid crew mostly geared up with them and is still struggling. Do you really think that it would do your guild justice to have multiple easy events in RoS with no flag requirements, so they can mostly gear up relaxed yet again and then be stuck on all the more difficult stuff and be unable to complete until another new expansion? You deem that route superior to saying we have a problem and have to improve on some stuff? Seems like a very unfun cycle. I give you credit regardless though, I recall you making a thread asking for advice on how to best train, new struggling raiders etc. I hope your force has been improving with the effort you've put in
  11. Millianna Augur

    There isn't any logical reason to have the new expansion's raids contingent on completing the prior expansions raid progression. Anyone who is arguing that is case, I have a compound word for you.
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  12. Cleaver Augur

    Really ? you dont see the logic in it ? ROS is a continuation of EOK in every sense. It isnt really that hard to see. Its really quite simple.

    Droga/Gore T1
    Chardok T2
    Korsha T3
    T1 ROS = T4
    T2 ROS = T5
    T3 ROS = T6

    Both Expansions share the same storyline,mobs,continent. If ROS wasn't kunark related I would understand your argument.

    Bunch of people crying when 5 more levels and AA should easily give you the new power to beat EOK Tier 2/3 if you havent already.
  13. Seldom Augur

    RoS is a continuation of EoK. If you feel that fact alone doesn't merit plenty of logical reason for contingency on prior content, then that's ok. However, realize, that won't change the fact that it makes plenty of sense and that's the way it is currently designed ;). Regardless, a guild that finds themselves habitually stuck on the easiest raids of an expansion for 12 months or more is going to find themselves in a poor spot. Asking for the first couple of RoS raids to be unlocked makes zero sense without first asking for them to be made far easier. RoS raids are more difficult than EoK, any of us in beta will tell you this. Guilds in a bad spot currently won't be aided by wiping on RoS stuff repeatedly instead of working on their struggles in EoK. That logic definitely isn't going to be doing them any favors
  14. Millianna Augur

    This is so much funz! Either EoK and RoS is not the same expansion and the raid progression isn't contingent on the former raid progression OR they are the same expansion that DBG wants us to pay twice for. You cannot have it both ways.
  15. Ratbo Peep Augur

    Hi M!
    Understood, but that's like what? 2 guilds per live server? (ish)
    Just looking at CT, that's when guilds started folding en masse.
    HFC, Good Old Boys, Stone Coven, and on and on began to vanish starting with TDS.
    I understand your point (in another post) that it's that kind of Darwinism that feeds the Uber Guilds recruiting efforts. But my point is that starting with TDS_1, there was a huge leap in the definition of what "Get Gud" meant.
    PS: Correct me if I'm wrong (please) but aren't you and SR the only two "beat 'em all" outfits left on Cazic right now?
  16. Cleaver Augur

    Or they're 2 expansions that follow the same storyline i know its hard to understand that concept.

    As a developer you create content with an eye toward the future of the game. When they made EOK they knew the next expansion would be a continuation of this story so they planned for it obviously. What about that do people not understand ?
  17. Ratbo Peep Augur

    People understand that new expansions (storyline or not) do not require previous expansion's progression to play or raid in.
    Mill's argument was cleverly worded - but he has a good point.
    The Uber guilds will never feel this - but it's one more stab in the back to the lesser guilds.
  18. Gnomereaper Augur

    Expectations and results coincide with proper time investment and available resources built through accumulation. Self improvement. Continuous strenuous life style. The need to explore, the need to see that next wave. To greet the dawn.

    That is what is meant to be an adventurer. The only thing we truly control is ourselves and learn from our failures, and embrace the goal and drive to seek out that next horizon. It is most glorious to see the next phase, the next wave.

    It's a change. A bad precedence.
  19. Yinla Augur

    Omens of War was a continuation of Gates of Discord
    Rain of Fear was a continuation of Veil of Alaris

    Neither had raids or any needed progression locked behind the previous expansions. The closest to needing any progression from the previous expansion was Rain of Fear, but the Alaran language was solved in the 2nd Shards Landing Partisan quest, meaning no one had to go back and complete any quests to get access to it.

    Devs have always wanted us playing in the latest expansion, for some reason ROS goes against that.
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  20. Smokezz Augur

    Try again man. GoD. Underfoot. VoA. Just because YOU can't field a half decent raid force doesn't mean everything has to be dumbed down. *YOU* are in the minority for raiding guilds. If it were to be dumbed down so every single guild could beat everything, the exodus from the game would be FAR bigger. FFS.

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