RoS T1 raids [Seal of Charassis]

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Blitter, Oct 31, 2017.

  1. Sancus Augur

    My understanding is RoS T1 raids currently drop 9 EoK T3 backflags. That's half a backflag worth of seals. Given there are 3 T1 raids, that seems more than reasonable.

    I wouldn't have a problem personally if they dropped a full backflag, but I think how it is is fair.
  2. Blitter Elder

    Back flagging in EQ can always be a pain for slower guilds, especially in the later tiers.
    As I pointed out earlier, some guilds have 60+ T2 wins, yet still don't have enough flagged to attempt T3.
    We actually had a problem trying to get everyone into Prince the other day, despite having Droga/Lcea on lockdown for a year.
  3. CrazyLarth Augur

    most T2 raids are great like Prince Identify the easy raids like TBM Emoulidus is the one my guild did for back flaging they give T1 back flag and a T3 flag and Dico upgrades..
    Well get in the classes you need for a win and rotate the none flagged out for the ones who set out to get their coin and flag.

    Guilds can be helped by how they distribution of the back flags by giving flag's to peeps who are the closest done.
    I know that my guild starting adding boxes when we had low numbers. These boxes can now be readded when lowered flagged raids to get more non-flagged in.
    Plus the boxes can now cast TBM higher Dicos, win win.
  4. Fian Augur

    Half a backflag is better than what we have now, so I will take it.
  5. Blitter Elder

    I'm happy they have dropped the Seal of Charassis requirements for T1.

    9 backflags per event is fine. I see on the BETA thread, that Maedros is haemorrhaging about guilds being able to bypass EoK T3.

    Yet on this thread he is adamant guilds that have not beaten T3 EOK cannot win any of the RoS T1 events.

    So which is it ?

    This expansion is sounding like it's a complete turkey. The number of BETA comments this year compared to last is around 1/5. This one thread here has more comments in it than the entire BETA Quest section.

    There have been some very poor design decisions which makes it unappealing.
    No new chase loot is very disappointing. Skycleavers/Taka/Staff are very common for melee DPS groupers to have.
    Requirement of EoK gear to upgrade to RoS. I honestly cannot see them keeping this in. You bring out a special zone with special Sebillisan gear a few months b4 this requirement is announced. I'm sure I'm not the only person that swapped out EoK T2 for Sebillisan gear in some slots. Now I need to go back and re-camp them.
    EoTD1 progression. Annoyance factor, again limiting to casual players.

    Anyways, despite that, I've brought RoS and looking forward to seeing some of the RoS T1 raids and getting my bu-tt kicked.
  6. Cleaver Augur

    Why post when you don't feel your feedback in beta is being read ? The class section says it all. AA dev hasn't posted anything in the beta section in over a month and only 3 post the entire beta. 140 threads created and you got a dev reply in one of them.

    This is off topic but entire ROS beta is an unorganized mess with almost no communication with the players/customers at all.
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  7. adetia Augur

    To be fair, that's not entirely true. There are certainly threads that have gone without commentary. I don't know why, but I'm sure it goes something along the lines that some devs are more keen to interact then others, and some have more time to do so then others. Public relations and message board postings, while they serve as an acknowledgement and we as players appreciate it, are not necessarily a match for those who have great coding skills or some other talent.

    Many of the devs have been unusually good about responding to concerns and feedback. There have been many examples of items being changed, quests fixed or modified, raids altered, corrected, etc., based on player feedback, which is ultimately what we are there for, and I'd hate to see them less willing to do so because of posts like these.
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  8. Cleaver Augur

    My post was not about quest/items. They have been done well and communication is there. However the same cannot be said about spells/AAs where one of them has not even posted in the beta forums for over a month. You have 140 threads created by players and 1 reply by any dev. The entire class section is unorganized. You need to direct feedback properly you do that by creating a post for each class and all feedback for each class can be done there. That way you don't have multiple threads about the same bug/issue.

    out of 140 threads created by players you got 1 dev post and that was over a month ago. How do players know something is being looked at so i don't need to post about it ?
  9. Xnao Augur

    It used to be that only the spell dev ignored you. Now it is spell and aa. There are also less dev posts in general.
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  10. Derd Augur

    Removing the flag requirement was the best option. Now it is up to us to figure out if we can beat it or not. Maybe we won't but at least we can try. If we can hopefully that will keep the drain of our top players from eliminating any chance of us progressing.
  11. Cicelee Augur

    I wish all guilds, from the best to the most casual, much success and happiness in ROS.

    Being in a higher end guild, and seeing some of the raids in person already, I just personally feel that a guild that currently cannot get past EOK Vault is not going to have any chance at ROS raids. I hope I am proven wrong, but if I was in Vegas going all in then I would have the "no chance" hand than the "has an opportunity" hand. Just like I know my monk/bard combo has no chance at defeating ROS named even if given the opportunity, whereas I know my mage/bard combo can do so (maybe not every named, but I would guess a good portion).

    Having said that, the reason why I quoted was the comment about your top talent leaving for other guilds. I would truly hope that guilds not past EOK Vault are taking the opportunity on December 12 to do Vault, Kor Sha, Dragon and Atrebe with the new levels/AA/gear/etc. To me this is the best use of a guild's time and energy for progression. If the guild wants to make an attempt, sure. But I would imagine that if I was a talented player in a guild that is repeatedly doing ROS T1 and wiping every single attempt for several weeks with no progress whatsoever on the raid, not even once getting through 10% of the event, that that would be far more disheartening than winning at EOK T3.

    Players want to be successful, and they want to have an opportunity to achieve success. I don't bring my monk/bard combo to ROS currently because I know that I am not going to be successful. I know my limitations, and I accept that (at least for the monk) I am going to need to level up first then go back and finish EOK before moving onto ROS (unless I get a group to help with ROS).

    Again I wish all guilds and players happiness and success. Just know your limitations and go after that which you can be successful with :)
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  12. Derd Augur

    When I say attempt I'm assuming at least a month or so from launch. We also take exp release nights off. Many of our members will take weeks to level to 110, some months. Our focus will be on queen as our next win hopefully.
  13. segap Augur

    The thing is, it should not be what you or anyone else feels is best for them. It should be what they actually feel is best for them. Sometimes, just being able to do something different, regardless of outcome, is what people need. We're all adults. We don't need someone arbitrarily protecting us from ourselves.
  14. matouoli Lorekeeper

    our joint guild got about 20 or so Queen kills , but we still struggling to kill that one ( we were not able last week ) and about 15 or so vault wins. { destroyed in t3 }.

    well for the 1st time since I play EQ I don't expect to get any RK 3 spells ( in ROS ) until several ( many months ).
    and I am usually the 1st one to get a spell drop { if it's a buff one } .

    1st T1 raid should be "" easy "" to beat and going harder as we progress , so even weaker guild could have a chance to at least beat " one " ros raid,

    we are a decent guild " I guess " who still fail on queen kill ( about a 35 % success rate ), we do better at vault than queen.

    atm I don't have much hope killing 1st ros raid until all in guild are level 110, and not even sure we will.

    INC another 6 months raiding in EOK I guess, hoping to not giving up , already tired of EOK, at least group content won't be that bad I guess, from what I see , beside the annoying fire aura at random players in skyfire , won't kill much in that zone after task / hunter done there .
  15. Khat_Nip Augur

  16. Tarvas Augur

    I do not feel entitled to jump immediately into the raid scene when a new expansion drops. EOK raid gear should hopefully be better than ROS group gear thus providing an incentive to continue progressing through that content. When the next expansion drops they can drop the flagging requirements for ROS.
  17. Natal Augur

    A far easier solution is not to require dozens of wins to get flagged. One should be sufficient.

    The original purpose of putting flag counters in Kunark was to slow progression down in order to extend the lifetime of the content, otherwise the top guilds would roll over everything in a week then claim they were bored. That might be fine for regulating the top guilds, but as the expansion ages it becomes a serious gating block for guilds that are progressing more slowly because of things like numbers and turnover.

    If the devs want to ration raid content to extend the content lifespan, what they should do is release the raids over time rather than use flag counters. In other words, open one new raid a month and force the top guilds to slow down that way.
  18. Natal Augur

    What purpose does having flagging requirements from the previous expansion serve? If people have paid for the expansion they should have access to the opening raids of that expansion. Why should second tier raiders have to subsidize top tier raiders through artificial means?

    Guilds that are stuck behind the EoK flag block already have most slots filled with EoK raid gear, so being forced to raid content that provides little or no incentive is just going to kill those guilds. The fact that EoK raid gear is better than RoS group gear is completely irrelevant, because there is no incentive if those players already have EoK raid gear, which they got in the earlier expansion the previous year.

    The only criteria for determining if you can proceed in an expansion should be that you can beat the content within the expansion. Every expansion should provide some content that is both meaningful and achievable for all players, be they solo, group, casual raiders, second tier raiders or top tier raiders. As things stand the only people who are being catered to in this expansion are pure group players and top tier raiders. The middle is getting no meaningful content, even though they paid just as much as the other two groups.
  19. Bobsmith Augur

    Backflags are in t1 ros chest, and 1st 3 raids require no previous expansion flagging, congrats. Good luck on beating ros raids.
    Please lock this thread
  20. Natal Augur

    Thank you for your concern, but we will be the best judge of how our time is best used. Requiring us to spend 6 months in tier 3 just to get enough people keyed to try raids. Remember, second tier guilds have higher attrition, raid less frequently and lower average attendance than top tier guilds, so they require WAY more flagging runs to get a flagged raid force ready, at least twice as many if not more. It is very easy to get into a situation where you are forced to spend all your time simply on flagging and not on progressing to new challenges.

    I have a better idea. How about requiring a really difficult instanced mission that has to be soloed for a one time key in order to enter a raid zone. Each time you raid, then you get to go fetch another key. That way you personally will get to experience the sort of pain we have to live with, and not just comment about it as if you know anything.

    It is easy to have a "let them eat cake" attitude, when you have no idea about the logistical challenges those guilds face. An artificial mechanic that was designed to slow YOU down can stop US dead in our tracks simply because the logistics we face are different. That is the problem, one you obviously fail to understand.

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