RoS T1 raids [Seal of Charassis]

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  1. Ghubuk Augur

    Except that for some, they aren't allowed to eat the new food until they have finished their old food.
  2. Thrillho Augur

    No, you aren't allowed to eat a portion of the new food yet. You can still go do all of the group content.
  3. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    How can you seriously call that a "silver lining"?

    I agree with this.
    A huge part of the held-back guild's dilemma is that they meet far more resistance or at least dis-interest in raiding content they can (more or less easily) beat, because the gear to be gained there is outdated.
    It's a Dev-made problem that today, contrary to "back in the day", raiding several expansions old content as we did is no longer viable. I can only guess that is because they want us closer together in power levels so tuning requires that much less effort.
    So Dev's are the only solution too - just not by locking more people out, but less.

    I am sure that you are aware of the flagging nightmare this scenario would be.
    Therefore i am fairly certain that you're not serious about this but sarcastic.

    Right, that's what we're saying: Artificial blocks intended to hold back those who are already are back even more.
    Glad we finally agree on something!
  4. Ogre Warlord New Member

    Since ROS inkludes new lvls gear and spells which would make beating EOK easier for those guilds that already havent, i cant see a huge problem with the seal beeing a requirement for the new raids. The guilds that have already beat EOK had to do this with less overall power.. in all fairness.

    I think though DBG could shorten down the group quest abit to cater to those that havent done it already.

    Another question is if the need for the seal is a wise idea for the overall health of the game, I am not sure. I lean toweards that is is not. People want more freebies in todays games than when eq was new. On a note;even though prior expansions did not require quests from old expansions, you would normally need to have the gear from said old raids to beat the new raids.
  5. Khat_Nip Augur

    6 days from now EoK will have been out for exactly 1 year.
    What have people been doing for an entire year if not progression?
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  6. Sheex Augur

    Complaining on the forums is a full time jerb.
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  7. feeltheburn Augur

  8. Reval Augur

    The group stuff a lot of people can duo or even solo with mercs. I did it almost entirely solo on a char that outside of boots/bracers/pri/sec/ 1 ear is all cotf raid geared or less (minus the raid mimicking missions). The hardest parts I ended up soloing, and taskadding people that had helped me with more grindish but easier parts.

    A full group shouldn't have much trouble with this stuff. I think at that point it's best to reach out and find others. I'm sure there will still be people needing to do these missions now, and you can easily find 1-2 people to do a task. It's a lot easier than finding 5-10 additional raiders to raid long term with you.

    I find it a lot more reasonable to ask for some personal accountability at this level. This ends up being pretty doable.
  9. Cleaver Augur

    this thread is still going on ?
  10. skabe Elder

    At the core of the issue is no one likes to be told that they can't have what they want, when they want it, as they want it ... unless certain conditions are met.
    -Especially if they have been trying to unknowingly meet those conditions for months, and no matter what, they can not seem to meet them. To them it seems like an unreasonable demand and impossible for them, even with the promises of added strength and tools to get the job done.
    -What boils my blood is the self defeating mind set of saying I can't without having even tried once you have acquired those new tools and strength. IE: the Yoda video. The unwillingness to put forth the effort to better yourself, and the people around you, that would enable you to accomplish those tasks so much easier. Many solutions have been offered that would cure all your woes, or at the least lead to a cure, and again and again you refuse to act on the advice given.
    -Ever since PoP, flagging has been an "artificial" block towards progression within an expansion. I don't know of a single raid guild that hasn't ground their teeth in frustration over it. Back flags dropping was a reasonable request to alleviate this issue, and was implemented into the game. RoS is a game changer only in that for the first time flagging from a prior expansion is being carried into a new expansion. Every guild that has completed EoK, the last thing they want to do is go back to get a blocker for a new app/returning member. But they will take the time to get it done and move on, not , moan, complain, and demand for change for as long as some people have in this thread and others.
    -Enrage timers, dps checks, etc. all these things you call "artificial" have been real in EQ since raiding came into the game. Guilds either found a way to get past them or they waited for next expansion to come around to empower them to do so or they simply skipped it and moved on.
    - I look at the past 3 years of EQ as a course adjustment for the direction the game is going. Players have had 3 years to earn levels, AA, gear. For the most part it closed the gap between casual players and the hard core as far as what they could obtain/do within the game. The only distinction between the two now is what THEY, the player, brings to the game and there isn't much the developers can do about that.
    - T.A.N.S.T.A.A.F.L C'est la vie. (There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. That's life.
    - The only difference between a rut and the grave is the depth of the hole you dig for yourself.
    - It all comes down to choices. There is no can or can not, only will or will not.
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  11. Funk Augur

    I was still excited to gain 5 levels and new aa's and spells and be able to hopefully stomp Queen and Vault and get into T3 and on to RoS eventually......until I heard about these new possible monster nerfs to hybrids on test server, hope they don't make it to live cause it pretty much neutralizes that excitement.
  12. Warpeace Augur

    They are not possible nerfs, they are fact. As of today in beta there is nothing to replace or offset the change to hybrids.

    You should see them on live servers next week Wednesday.

    So for guilds still working on EoK and wanting to still raid into RoS you probably need to get people onto the test server and see how those changes will affect your play.
  13. Ghubuk Augur

    I am sorry to say, but in all the years I have played EQ, this is the first year that I have seriously been worried about the future longevity of the game.
  14. Fian Augur

    Thrillho,on page 27 I gave you a proposal on how to easily solve the issue. It would keep the existing flags and raids the same, but give enough reward to mid tier guilds to continue to raid the old expansion. Even that isn't an ideal solution for guilds stuck on EOK T1, but it seems like it would serve the needs of most guilds.
  15. Reval Augur

    Unrealistic. You can't use your unaided fist to punch through a 12 inch thick wall made of solid diamond. You can't jump to the sun. You can't take your legitimate level 1 character, and start soloing in plane of valor at level 1. You can't do a lot of things. There are realistic limitations in life. It's not a will or will not. You just can't. The people on your side of this are posting out of ego. They aren't posting for a better future or for realism. They just want to flex in front of a mirror, but there aren't any around I guess so they use a monitor.

  16. Bigstomp Augur

    There are enough guilds that have finished things I'm fairly sure it's not impossible.
  17. Reval Augur

    I'm glad you've done nothing to prove me wrong here. It's all just bragging. "Nothing is impossible" ok Shia. I'm a better player than probably 99% of the posters on the other side of this one, so it's hilarious to see worse players pull that stuff and brag. But stop being funny and start being realistic.

    A responsible society isn't going to focus on "not impossible", but rather on reasonable. If we're losing viable raiding guilds left and right, maybe listen to reason.

    I've outlined a way to provide challenge to the people seeking challenge, and not kill off the people that don't want to be killed off. The other side is only here to be egotistical and see if they can manage to hide it. Read the thread if you don't believe me. They've offered no viable solutions to these guys that are struggling. The closest thing to a solution is "try harder, I did it, so can you". As a guy that's done it all, I see past that pretty easily. Let me know when one of them actually offers what you would call a good solution. I haven't seen one that holds up yet.

    And don't get me wrong at all. There's a ton of stuff they COULD say that suits their view but still addresses this.

    "Hey, maybe Daybreak should do some sort of advertising for eq, many people don't know it still exists that would play, and this would bolster the prospects for lower tier guilds to recruit."

    "Hey, maybe Daybreak should have some sort of official or even just officially recognized tutorials on how to play x class, so that people can get up to par a bit easier."

    "Hey, maybe Daybreak could provide single person missions with merc like characters that give a badge of sorts, and would indicate that a person of x class is probably ready to be on a raid? Make them use all of their abilities, really make them explore what the class is capable of" - was that suggested? honestly might have been. If so, great.

    "Hey if Daybreak allowed cross server instances, these guilds may be a lot more likely to receive help"
  18. Xnao Augur

    Well, making the game easier has not retained the playerbase.

    The same people just threaten quit on a yearly basis.

    Maybe this is a new approach to cull the weak and bring back the disaffected nobility.
  19. Reval Augur

    But again, you can make it challenging for the people that want challenge while not driving others out of the game. I've illustrated that path. I want challenge, but I don't want other people that enjoy this game to lose friends over my desires. This can be achieved.
  20. Xnao Augur

    The hostage situation has only been going on for 12 days. Yes it is longer than average but the longest I could find is 60 days.

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