ROS raid diamonds vs TBL/TOV nuggets

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Fian, Jul 15, 2020.

  1. Neale Povar Journeyman

    another option is to keep regular raid loot as is, and the "ore" or "muhbis" or whatever makes augs, Not lore either so that you can have as many as you want.

    It is the same system in a way...except you dont have to tribute the old gear when you make your new TS just drop in that uber aug
  2. Allayna Augur

    Machin Shin has 223 nuggets from chests to date. If beta remains as previous years, we have another ~ 3 months of gearing drops at 9 targets x 2 nuggets per chest x 12 weeks = 216 nuggets. We have also been doing 3-4 targets on our second raid night on alts so lets say another 8 nuggets per night.

    Most 100% attendance raiders will not spend a cent on a nugget because coin has increased and will increase again, and if you planned well, can gear 1 full toon in nuggets without ever looting from a raid chest all year.

    I personally like the tradeskills being a step above the dropped loot, and my rationale is that it requires time outside of raids doing tradeskills + raid drop whereas the alternative requires just looting a drop from the chest.

    By comparison Machin Shin has 326 muhbis from raid chests and that includes the occasional time going back and doing achievements or raiding on alts to get dissident upgrades etc in 2020.

    If I had a vote, I'd probably follow a similar pattern to Adetia's suggestion:
    T1 - 1 TS drop, doesn't increase, neither does the coin from doing T1
    T2 - 2 TS drops, doesn't increase, neither does the coin but it starts as double from T1
    T3 - 3 TS drops, doesn't increase, neither does the coin but it starts as double from T2

    Similar to the way TBM worked for coin. In my head, that only works if the expansion actually increases in difficulty and isn't the loot pinata of ToV. Each tier should have a mini boss IMHO that drops some unique item as well.

    I hope that evolving items continue and in different slots or continuation of those current items as well.
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  3. Bigstomp Augur

    I'd like to see a hybrid of RoS/ToV. Make the tradeskill container generic between group and raid like ToV, and make a raid drop turn it into T1 raid gear. Make the actual dropped raid gear T2.
  4. Zeelot Journeyman

    I don't mind the current system, but I believe there should be better rewards for tier 3 raids. For example, gear progression could be like this: T1 -> T2/Trade-skill -> T3.

    I feel like risk/difficulty vs. reward is not balanced like it used to be in older expansions before the introduction of brilliance/vigor/adroitness trade skill items.

    On another note, not sure if this fits here, I feel there should be more variation in itemization rather than a slight difference in heroic stats. It would also be nice if single class-only weapons are introduced again which have effects that compliment that class. For example, Greenmist, Blindfoe, Morguecaller, Cudgel of Venomous Hatred, Soul Leech, Rheumguls, Dark Reaver, Soul Binder, Soul Defiler etc..
  5. Fian Augur

    This thread is devolving off topic. On first page, we established that no one wants to go back to the 2 raid diamond approach where a TSer has to loot one to make the container for the non-TSer to use the 2nd raid diamond to make the item. TBL and TOV improved on that, and no one is asking for that to be brought back.

    The purpose of this thread is whether we should follow the example of ROS where the TS item was less than the standard raid drop, or the TBL/TOV method where the TS item was BiS.
  6. Lianeb Augur

    It doesn't matter.
    The gear that has the better stats will be the set that drops less often in a chest.

    The problem is the TS item can make any slot you want, if you are able to make any slot it should not be the most commonly "wanted" item. The unique, better stat, and more desired items should not be a "generic" pick your slot item.
  7. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    I am not sure having 2 entire sets of gear that will rot as people wait for the final tier of gear is a good idea.
  8. Sokki Augur

    Yeah, I don't see them going back to a 3 tier system for Raid Armor. It works good in the group game since you have the tradeable tier the dropped tier and then the TS tier. Like Waring said, doing that for the raid tier will just mean more rotting gear as raiders won't even consider the 1st of 3 tiers.

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