RoS DPS Rankings

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  1. Rolaque Ancient

    I would offer my opinion, but, hey, what do I know?
  2. Oakenblade Former ForumQuest Champion

    But sir, if I spend so much time reviewing my own parses and considering my own abilities, how will I find the time to call for the nerfs of others??
  3. ClassBalance New Member

    Surely you aren't implying that on a raid where everyone can accurately parse damage, that 3 druids being slots #1 2 and 3 all bursting for 800k+ is acceptable? Surely you are not so dense that you actually think the current dps abilities of priests, a class intended primarily for healing, is perfectly fine? Casting 3 dots and basically being able to go afk and win every parse and brag about it is a joke when there's necromancer out here that actually have to cast 20+ dots, play incredibly well and flawless, and still come no where near what priest primarily druid sustain dps or burst is capable of.

    These are classes that are actually intended to pump out dps, nothing else. Priest type classes, even Enchanters doing these types of numbers is nothing short of a joke except it's a reality. Mages work their off to do great numbers sure. But still get dumped on by a priest at the end of the day. That is the dumbest I've ever seen.

    There is no justification for this type of overpowered trash. Cut it how you want it, it's outrageous and needs to be nerfed by 50%, no more like 60%. How do you flag this thread for a dev to see? I hope they hit Enchanters and druids and shamans at the same time.
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  4. kizant Augur

    The Elemental Union update was pretty nice though.
  5. Sokki Still Won't Buff You!!

    You do realize Shaman's have been nerfed multiple times and had our best 2 DoT's stagnated with RoS. I don't see why people are still hating on Shaman's, have you seen shaman's parses lately, it's no where near what we were before all the nerfs kicked in.
  6. Fyuri Journeyman

    I think the group game badly badly needs more support classes and healers, especially enchanters, and this is how they tried to achieve that. Not how I would approach it but I find it all quite hilarious, frankly, and it might work.

    Around PoP enchanters were gnarly charm soloists and godly damage-mitigation and chain pulling/cc experts, they were really something to behold even when doing no damage at all, in the right hands. In the following years they were really made quite crappy and everything was designed for brute force without the need for cc.

    Many of the cc abilities, stun abilities, and pulling abilities were given to other classes and enchanters became somewhat redundant. With the introduction of mercs and beast lord slows they failed to be critical to a group in 98% of content, I know, I Main'd one. Further, gearing yourself in group content is incredibly incredibly challenging when you're not a critical class. You don't need to find just a tank, but also a healer, and DPS. Which means you need to find 3 players to group with as opposed to 2, and roll against them all for gear.

    Nearly every ability the enchanter had was given to half a dozen other classes. Now the enchanter has 1 of those classes abilities and everyone's up in arms. Really? Try being redundant in groups for 7-8 years then complain, alright?

    Playing 3 mages now, I still have serious friction and challenges in RoS T2 zones, and I can't find a main-enchanter... Ever? That says the class is undervalued and a boost may really be necessary. Like I said, I don't know that this is the way to go about it, but if it works, it works.

    Now that I think about it, you know what's crazy? I returned to game 5 weeks ago, I box so I'm happy to have any active player join me and I always put "zone" grind group, room for more"... In general chat. In 5 weeks I've never once grouped with a Druid, enchanter, or cleric. I have grouped with every other class, except maybe a paladin? But never any of those support classes. They almost don't exist in the group game, that I think suggests there's a problem, if people aren't playing them, and if they're not, it makes the game less interesting and less fun.
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  7. Oakenblade Former ForumQuest Champion

    "I'll take things that never happened for $500 Alex"

    Who said they're all meant primarily for healing? If that was the case, why have shamans and druids? What's to keep everyone from simply rolling cleric to have the best heals?

    And this is where any and all credibility you MAY have been able to salvage disappears. You've slipped past "inaccurate" and tumbled right into the territory of absurdity.

    By doing this, you invalidate anything you've said thus far, and anything you intend to say henceforth.

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  8. ClassBalance New Member

    Wrong wrong wrong. Try to hide it as you may Mr. Skilless but you'll be back to being a nobody and only having a small identity/opinion on the forums shortly.

    I suggest anyone enjoying these benefits pick up a real class and learn to play everquest to begin with. Or stick to being inadequate at all points. Either way I've exposed this travesty and it will be dealt with most harshly. Carry onward.
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  9. Fyuri Journeyman

    IN many ways, all of the complaints of the difficulty of RoS content stem from a lack of CC and support classes, that, I think, is part of this boost in their abilities, we've all gotten too used to brute forcing our way through stuff. I liked the game better when support classes were played in group and were essential, not buff bots and "cleric-lite".

    People have gotten so used to shoving a massive square peg through a round hole they've sort of forgotten that's not how it's supposed to be done, this expansion has made the hole a lot smaller and people still just want to slam the wrong solution through, the devs seeing this, I think, decided just to incentivize people to play the classes that make this content doable, and all anyone wants to do is ask them to make the hole larger again.

    Rather than asking for nerfs, how about making a friend or 2 and appreciating what these classes can bring to your game.
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  10. mmats Augur

    Druid healing is seriously lacking now compared to the dps output they can generate. We are looking at over 1 million dps druid parses, so its only fair to bump their base heals by 300% to balance them out. If were being honest, then they really could use some plate armor and higher ac softcap as well. There is no reason they shouldnt be able to fill multiple roles like they were designed to do.
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  11. Mortium Elder

    I'm sure I'm not the best zerker out there in terms of DPS. One thing that screws melee dps big time is finding and getting to the mobs, and in RoS raids it tends to be that there is a lot of moving around and avoiding things.

    That pretty much wipes out two of our burn abilities since they root and blind us.

    Just today we did Sathir's Tomb and we had necro at the top with over 350k dps and druid not far behind. I was 6th with about 200k dps and I even had full adps support.
  12. ClassBalance New Member

    How about now Oakenblade? You feeling me yet? Or are druids still just perfectly fine? Everyone is tired of this b.s.. so quit trying to hide your opness. It's dumb and silly and needs correction. And correction is coming believe me. I'm keeping this thread alive. Like blitzcrank, as long as it takes.
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  13. DruidCT Augur

    If I go over 200k dps my mana is gone in nothing flat. I'm just a group geared Druid. In my usual group I am the only one struggling with mana. Maybe I just suck. But seemed to me the choice to up dps at the cost of mana seemed pretty fair. But maybe I just don't know how to play my toon or raid gear, rk3 spells and adps quadruples dps. If so nerf those factors not the base group capabilities.
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  14. tnot Elder

    And all you're doing is sounding like a crying loser who can't stand that they're not #1 all the time. You sound really, really pathetically vain and vindictive. I bet you're the annoying -heel who switches classes every expansion, gearing multiple characters and sucking up dkp so you can share your #1 parse to a guild that largely doesn't give a .

    Get. Over. It.
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  15. ClassBalance New Member

    The nerf will happen. Until then carry onward with your salty attacks.
  16. Slippry Augur

    The guy who made an anon forums account to post in one thread is calling someone salty.
  17. Maxxbuff1 Elder

    This is disturbing! Please do not do this. I understand and respect balance. Any class, if played well, will put up great dps numbers with the exception of a cleric or paladin (not counting undead). In this expansion, I have yet to see any enchanters abilities be very useful. Maybe charm a pitiful catctus? Nothing mezzes thus far.

    One great motivation to raid, is if I work really hard, I may out parse one of those dps classes that are slacking. The same holds true for most classes.
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  18. ClassBalance New Member

    Standard procedure for any nerfs to take place. Thought you guys already knew?
  19. Slippry Augur

    Drogbaa gets plenty of nerfs done without anon posting.
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  20. Seldom Augur

    Necros one of the best group classes? Druids one of the best solo classes? Wow, this thread has a ton of misinformation. OP said he predominantly plays in group game. Yet, folks are naming what a few bleeding edge raiders are able to pull off at a veiled attempt to get some classes nerfed. I understood the cries for tank nerfs last expansion and even supported most of them despite raiding on a Pal, War and SK. These complaints are beyond silly though. So it's all good when priest aren't needed in vast majority of scenarios by clicking merc cleric button for many YEARS. It's all good in vast majority of scenarios when no mezz or cc is needed for YEARS. Yet when these classes are given more dps so they actually have a valid role and meaningful contribution it's a problem for a couple folks upset about getting beat on a parse. Yeah, devs aren't going to fall for that so easily. There's a reason why nearly all these classes(shm,dru,enc) have been popular alts/buff bots for years and are bordering extinction in group game. All the while you see armies of Shadowknights, Magi's etc. running around
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