Rolling on Selos - BST or SK?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Arrakis, Jul 25, 2019.

  1. Arrakis Journeyman

    Curious what people think? What is the most fun long term?
  2. Boze Augur

    I've played a Beast to 90 on TLP and an SK to 100 on test. Both classes have plenty of tools and are consistently fun from where Selo's is onward.Think about what play style you want. Both can solo effectively. Beast changes more across eras, SK's roles and tools are relatively consistent but they get really good at what they do.
    SK Group: Tank, pulls
    SK Raid: Offtank or kite for most events.
    BST Group: Utility, DPS, tank
    BST Raid: Utility, DPS
  3. Arrakis Journeyman

    Change across eras? I've heard BST is pretty subpar DPS until way later - any truth to that?
  4. HoodenShuklak Augur

    they definitely are sub par dps so if you want the limelight then stay away. That being said, if you caen appreciate that a well played support class caen truly elevate a raid then bst is good. They get solid buffs and they can also slow if you're in a small raid. Also there are really never enough feros going out so that's welcome .

    Sk will give you more responsibility and better burst burns.

    Ultimately they're both support but played very differently. Your fun might be buffing and debuffing and some others may like to off tank and get beat up more.
  5. Boze Augur

    I meant more tool-wise. E.g., they get FD eventually. DPS varies by era. I could compete on parse in the 70-75 eras, and can regularly sit at the edge of top 10 since then. Only time an SK should beat you is with intensity + harm touch.
  6. yerm Augur

    An sk is considerably more gear dependant on top of requiring plate. Beastlords can scoop up leather and have both piercing and the usual monk weapon lines. I think people are underselling an sk's value but I still strongly advise against it for an on-the-fence player starting late.

    The dps complaints are crazy talk. Sure, dedicated dps classes will edge out beastlords, who cares. They get the best of the mgb heal variants and a powerful buff for melee, and are a bit more self sufficient than the average damage dealer... so you can stack them very nicely. Sks are a nice class and arguably the best tank to have in overabundance, but like any tank class, if they don't get gear they aren't so valuable. So stacking a plate class that competes for 2h when not tanking vs a leather class that isn't as hurt overall by obsolete weapons and can splash into daggers really favors the bl. If you expect to be high playtime / raid attendance, by all means, go sk. Strong class throughout the eras. If not for any reason I can't recommend.
  7. Arrakis Journeyman

    Are they worthless dps? (bsts) ?
  8. HoodenShuklak Augur

    No they are just middle of the pack dps. They get tools to make raids better though which offsets it.

    Like a rogue will beat them on the parse, but the rogue isn't going to paragon casters every 15 minutes or fero himself.

    Bst is only going to be good for people who like a support role. They just aren't the best at anything, but if you play one well then you know it can be a strong impact.
  9. Arrakis Journeyman

    Would sk be more fun than bst? Feels like warriors tank everything
  10. TLP Addict Augur

    Bst are not worthless dps, their overall contribution to the raid wide dps far exceeds their personal dps. They may not be topping any parses but they contribute more than pretty much all the people above them.

    Rogue, Monk, Wizard add very little in the way of adps or utility
  11. Tierdal Augur

    I am enjoying BST. They do decent DMG and have a ton of utility.
  12. Meridian Elder

    Only you can answer this. What is fun for someone else may not be fun for you.
  13. Spayce Augur

    If you want to tank the main raid mob early in era, you'll need to be a Warrior. Even the mobs in PoTime that cast fear were tanked by 2 Warriors for the first 1-2 months of PoP rather than a fearless knight because they were so much easier to heal while dealing with the agro swapping.

    SKs are fun because you can off tank things with good snap agro, and you can switch to a DPS load out to do respectable DPS (meaning you can make some noise on parses when your disc is up and you aren't mana drained). You could also pull if the Monks/Bards let you, though that seems to be pretty rare since Monks are all ADHD in real life and must be allowed to pull or they will have a stroke.

    Bsts seem to be a bit of a buffing class, and that can get old, in my opinion. Constantly answering tells for mana regen and keeping fero up on several melee doesn't seem like fun at all...and folks WILL complain.

    So as others have said, it all depends on what you think will be fun. Raids run a lot more smoothly when knights do a good job of snapping agro on trash during pulls...especially early in era when those mobs can cause problems. Folks love a couple Bsts, and there are times when an extra slower is nice to have.
  14. Arrakis Journeyman

    do raids past POP really even need knights?
  15. Scruff Elder

    shadow knights from classic to planes of power onward seem to be offtank-dps hybrids that do stupid crazy **** in group scenarios while still allowing you to offtank the occasional non-mega-boss-endgame-dragon in raids. you will have a very good life if you want to be a shadow knight, but not if you want to be the guy yelling at nerds on discord while you position and main tank the [current expansion dragon boss]

    beastlords are weird shamans that want to be monks but the developers forgot to give them actual melee skills for like five expansions after implementing them
  16. Bewts Augur

    No. But you also don’t need many classes to beat raids. I mean you could literally fill a raid with warriors, clerics, monks, one Shaman and one enchanter and have zero problems with 99% of the content; which makes your comment a fairly snide one.
  17. Arrakis Journeyman

    wait what? you dont even need SKs??? Why do they go on raids then?? is BST just better?
  18. Bewts Augur

    Because SK has AE snap aggro on a short cool down which is more effective than warrior aggro with multiple mobs showing up at once.

    Some classes are better than others for certain tasks, but raids can do just fine without SK. Perhaps a bit less efficient at times such as Performer sending 10-12 mobs at once, but lacking an SK wont stop a raid from beating Performer or Mayong for example.

    Believe me, I’m not making a case for my extreme example from earlier. I’d rather have a well developed raid with a full and diverse compliment of classes. I was simply trolling your question.
  19. Arrakis Journeyman

    I guess what I am trying to ascertain is, what is a better class to invest in if I am going to raid hard core long term. Hoping to go to live.
  20. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Then your best bet is to choose the class you want to actually log in and play.

    Getting to Live is a matter of managing your burnout and has nothing to do with the class tools.
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