Rolled a druid on Miragul

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  1. Shanarias Augur

    and the first thing I found out was that I am clueless. I have never had a toon at lvl 85 before, and it shows. I know better than to get in a group and get other players killed with my inexperience. It is fun to play Molo, but when I got to some basilisk that conned green, I had to bail, or lose my merc and have both of us croak. This basilisk (rare and named) was lvl 68 or something like that, and was killing me.
    So now that the novelty is wearing off, I am just going to continue on racking up plat, and maybe just work the Bazaar for a while or something. I love this game, but I am terrible at it! :)
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  2. Hinastorm86 Augur

    There are some starter heroic character guides out there.

    But ya, anyone with no experience with EQ past 65 (which includes myself) is going to feel very overwhelmed and lost on miragul. I tried it out, but....nah.
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  4. Funk Augur

    Were you streaming it? I happened upon a druid soloing the mercenary mission in F2 on twitch and I wanted to help with my extremely limited druid knowledge but I was nearly passing out so I went to bed. You'll get better with the class in time, just a lot to take in.
  5. Gana Augur

    Go with your merc to previous expansions, read about and try your skills, find your best heals, support and DPS spells. Try to see which role fits you...and work your way through older content. Start in PoP (if that is where you are comfortable) and you can steamroll that content. Gather TS supplies and sell in the bazaar.
  6. Shanarias Augur

    So far, I LIKE playing a druid, and I have a non heroic one up to 17 in a hurry. I figure I can learn basics on it for a few more days, then see if any of it transfers to playing the heroic druid. It certainly is something new to do, at any rate. :)
  7. Troutfest Augur

    Start charming with the druid. Dont try to save the pet, sic it on mob or two, make sure snare on all and root them by pet, let the mobs almost kill pet, invis with aa if its insta, dont remember for sure. root that pet, dot it with a low dot, preferably the arm clickie if you get it, repeat with one of the other mobs. Snare, root, no mana dot and you will get good exp and its a lot of fun. the undead looking dogs I think were druid charmable, some other stuff also I believe. Eventually you will be doing 4 or 5 mobs on pet at a time and swapping pets as first gets low. Snare, root and low level dot to save mana or the clickie arms.
  8. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    It's a real shame you & others feel like that, I came back in 2015 after quitting in 2008, for sure it was a bit confusing at the beginning but spent an hour or less reading (shock horror) what all the new AA do, another 30 minutes fiddling around with the ui to make it all workable & probably another hour of experimenting whilst actually killing.

    All told I think I spent less than 3 hours re-acclimating to the Heroic characters (I 3 box) on live, and I'm no genius, it wasn't that hard to do & I had a lot of fun until I decided to give Ragefire and Phinigel after that a whirl, now here I am with a bunch of cool people progressing Tier 4 Rain of Fear & having an absolute blast.

    It may be daunting but don't underestimate yourself, you can do it if you just give yourself a bit of time to get used to it, walking away without even having gotten past that initial hurdle is selling yourself short, ans the HoT expansion is in mine & many other players estimation one of the MOST group friendly expansions in the history of this game, and the progression through it was very enjoyable.
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