Rogues need something in TLP's

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  1. Kutsuu Augur

    Rogues dominating underfoot parses:

    Combined: Kilrek the Cleaner (+full event 5 trash) on 5/15/2019 in 1161sec

    --- DMG: 194614781 @ 167626 sdps (167626 dps in 1161s) [100%]

    --- DMG: 11066117 @ 9531 sdps (9622 dps in 1150s) [5.69%]

    --- DMG: 10675834 @ 9195 sdps (9687 dps in 1102s) [5.49%]

    --- DMG: 9741047 @ 8390 sdps (8470 dps in 1150s) [5.01%]

    --- DMG: 8893695 @ 7660 sdps (7753 dps in 1147s) [4.57%]

    --- DMG: 8379159 @ 7217 sdps (7395 dps in 1133s) [4.31%]

    --- DMG: 8342179 @ 7185 sdps (7279 dps in 1146s) [4.29%]

    --- DMG: 7745239 @ 6671 sdps (6817 dps in 1136s) [3.98%]

    --- DMG: 7275571 @ 6266 sdps (7916 dps in 919s) [3.74%]

    --- DMG: 7003557 @ 6032 sdps (6192 dps in 1131s) [3.6%]

    --- DMG: 6575141 @ 5663 sdps (6371 dps in 1032s) [3.38%]

    --- DMG: 6518343 @ 5614 sdps (5697 dps in 1144s) [3.35%]

    --- DMG: 6381665 @ 5496 sdps (5652 dps in 1129s) [3.28%]

    --- DMG: 5143458 @ 4430 sdps (4596 dps in 1119s) [2.64%]
  2. Lumiens Augur

    I don't know anything about Underfoot but I thought I had heard that casters are strong by then. Did you filter them out of your parse for this list?
  3. Kutsuu Augur

    Wizards are strong in short burns. Not so good on sustained like above. I did however filter two wizards out of the parse.

    edit: added a more typical 120s burn with wizards included:

    Kilrek the Cleaner on 5/15/2019 in 120sec

    --- DMG: 60000735 @ 500006 sdps (500006 dps in 120s) [100%]

    --- DMG: 3472159 @ 28934 sdps (30457 dps in 114s) [5.79%]

    --- DMG: 3179828 @ 26498 sdps (27412 dps in 116s) [5.3%]

    --- DMG: 2881364 @ 24011 sdps (26928 dps in 107s) [4.8%]

    --- DMG: 2674281 @ 22285 sdps (23458 dps in 114s) [4.46%]

    --- DMG: 2585293 @ 21544 sdps (25852 dps in 100s) [4.31%]

    --- DMG: 2512158 @ 20934 sdps (21844 dps in 115s) [4.19%]

    --- DMG: 2456739 @ 20472 sdps (20997 dps in 117s) [4.09%]
  4. Lumiens Augur

    The Bard parse is crazy
  5. Kutsuu Augur

    Bards are really good atm.

    The Gatekeeper on 5/15/2019 in 286sec

    --- DMG: 55322525 @ 193435 sdps (193435 dps in 286s) [100%]

    --- DMG: 4962046 @ 17349 sdps (17785 dps in 279s) [8.97%]

    --- DMG: 4892967 @ 17108 sdps (17857 dps in 274s) [8.84%]

    --- DMG: 4289359 @ 14997 sdps (15374 dps in 279s) [7.75%]

    --- DMG: 3909402 @ 13669 sdps (13962 dps in 280s) [7.07%]

    --- DMG: 3477005 @ 12157 sdps (12462 dps in 279s) [6.28%]

    --- DMG: 3315635 @ 11593 sdps (11757 dps in 282s) [5.99%]
  6. Telak New Member

    I'd just like to see rogues improved to the point where people don't actively tell me I am dumb for rolling a bad class.

    But seriously, why are people actively spend time lobbying against a fix? What benefit or purpose does it serve you? If rogues go from being 75% to 90% of the worst, they are still the worst, but less worse overall. I don't care what fix they provide, again, I'd just like people to stop telling me I'm bad for making a rogue. I haven't had this happen on any other character.

    Anywho, my expectation is nothing is done, so worst case I'm not gonna be surprised.
  7. Captain Video Augur

    Simple truth: The devs are already overburdened with a long-promised to-do list for rebalancing classes on Live servers (read any of the est. 3700 threads in the Veteran's forum about Necro DoTs, for example). They aren't going to be able to budget any time for tweaking class balance issues in Classic that only affect a few players, and for which known corrections will be unlocked in an expansion or two. Rogues will get better on TLPs; your choices are to roll now and gut it out for a little while, or play something else now and roll your rogue in Luclin or PoP.
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  8. Random newb Augur

    I'll concede that telling the devs the way to do it isn't going to help. However opening and voting on the issue tracker is best way to get traction on it.
  9. Aegir Augur

    Add an AA poison to the rogues from lv 30 available in classic - with 5 min cooldown, that makes the rogue's target Immune to mind-control spells.
  10. Machentoo Augur

    Oh really? Why then in his first sentence does he bring up the aa boost that doesn't even aply to either classic or "early kunark"?

    The OP was not clear at all about what eras he wanted rogues to be boosted.

    That you have specific ideas about when they need help doesn't change that.

    The title of the thread is "Rogues need something in TLP's." The fact is that for the vast majority of expansions, on the vast majority of TLP servers, they don't need much. A small boost maybe. Not anything major. Changing balance in classic is something that should not be done if it impacts later expansions. Adding bite of the shissar in classic is change that impacts every expansion from classic to Underfoot. Most of those expansions, rogues don't need a boost.
  11. Machentoo Augur

    Not on class balance issues.
  12. Machentoo Augur

    This is the first new and creative idea I've seen in a long time on the rogue situation. It would give rogues a huge advantage that matches pretty closely expansion wise with their dps issues. Doesn't fix anything in raid scenarios though.
  13. Tierdal Augur

    There is a fix. See MOnk on character creation
  14. Telak New Member

    This is the exact problem I would like solved. This stupid *** joke needs to stop. That is the only fix I care about happening is for this joke to not actually make sense.
  15. HoodenShuklak Augur

    short and sweet.

    Hate to face the facts, but our old eq game simply doesn't have a robust dev team. If necros still dont have a dot fix when there is an enormous precedent then why hold out for some unique rogue fix?

    If you enjoy the playstyle and lack of general responsibility on raids then roll rogue.

    But if you want to top the parse its simply playing hardmode... if its even possible.
  16. Thalliius Augur

    That is not the strategy to take with game development, you never want to nerf classes unless absolutely necessary. It is by far the better strategy to buff weaker classes/mechanics than to nerf other ones.. this is something we learned in my 11 years working for a game development company. People get upset with nerfs, but only a few jealous people get upset when something is buffed

    Although I’m honestly not sure why they haven’t put a target limit on chanters AE stun.. this is something they did for magicians, wizards, druids and even bards but for some reason they think it’s perfectly balanced for chanters to be able to kill like 50 mobs at a time and level 50x faster than everyone else
  17. Random newb Augur

    I'm not looking at it as class balance issue, they've done what they can in later eras by adding stuff.

    I'm approaching it as a quality of life request, bring some of the balances back without reitemizing the early game by adding some augs to increase backstab damage or give a fixed damage poison at level 50 60 65 70 etc until the good poisons come in.
  18. That0neguy Augur

    /GU Innoruuk in 239s, 1915k @8013
    Wiz 92335
    Rog 88486
    Rng 85706
    Rog 76834
    Mnk 74696
    Nec 69350
    Rng 68659
    Mnk 60826
    Rng 58891

    and you can see in POP there doesn't seem to be an issue. We ignore the add's for this fight so its a straight up burn fight on Inny. Taking into account for gear/skill everyone seems to be on par.

    /GU Bertoxxulous in 226s, 2018k @8929
    Rog 94263
    Mnk 80340
    Wiz 73977 {X}
    Rng 69838
    Rog 68958
    Rog 67783
    Mnk 66007
    Rog 60625

    /GU Vallon Zek in 169s, 1417k @8385
    Rog 65343
    Rog 59401
    Mnk 54474
    Rog 48994
    Rng 48483
    Rog 47277
    Mnk 45854
    Wiz 38596
    Nec 38468
  19. Spayce Augur

    You are a dev workflow expert just like you are an airplane wifi expert...

    TLPs are the cash cow keeping EQ alive. Simple fixes like adding 2-3 augs to boost the early power of Rogues is probably a very wise use of resources.
  20. Old Man Lorekeeper

    Maybe this is true, but I'm not a rogue, and I can't SOS, pick a lock, disarm a trap, or shrug off aggro.

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